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The Bayliens – Crop Circles (Album Review)

The Bayliens
Crop Circles (2007, LivenFire Records)
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The Bayliens album was given to me by Audio1, for the single purpose of reviewing on Friday. Since then, I have bumped it salaciously all over my neighborhood. Now that its Sunday, I am at home somewhat tired and recovering from over drinking and being mind-controlled by these Bayliens. I can finally write this review. This is hot. The album is completely submerged in the Bay Area sound and the album itself matures more as it goes closer to the end. Its been a while since I’ve been the ride for the night out and havent changed a CD. My favorite moments were getting the comments “WHO IS THIS? What is this song?” When I’d twitch the volume to red on Ol Boy Ol Boil, Night Life Hookup, or Get Gone… I would write more, but as Ive said, Im recovering.

-Timm (Live from the 9-1-6)

Hip Hop Violin – Paul Dateh and Inka One

Just when people thought Miri Ben-Ari was the only one on the violin tip, We have the duo of Violinist Paul Dateh and Turntablist Inka One. All we can say is: AMAZING!

Zimbabwe Legit – House Of Stone

Zimbabwe Legit

Evil That Men Do (feat. Prince Po & Sticman) Download
Where I’m At (feat. Mike G of The Jungle Bros.) Download
from House of Stone (2007, PH Music)
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The pioneering duo of Zimbabwe Legit return with a hard hitting and incisive album, House of Stone. As one publication put it, “The first African rap group to truly reach an international audience, Zimbabwe Legit came equipped with an amazing sense of humor, fierce politics, and a sharp understanding of history.” Ain’t a damn thing changed.The group continues to make their mark on this album with thought provoking lyrics over a backdrop of rugged beats. As an added bonus, this time out they brought along a who’s who cast of emcees including, YZ, Mike G (Jungle Brothers), Breez Evahflowin’, Vast Aire, Asheru (Unspoken Heard), (Dead Prez), Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Cadence, Chubb Rock, Apani and Skillz.

Doin’ Damage In My Native Language (Shadow’s Legitimate Mix) Download

Blue Scholars – Joe Metro EP

Blue Scholars

Joe Metro Download
North By Northwest (Jake One Remix)
from Joe Metro EP (2007, MassLine / Rawkus)
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In the midst of a five-year run that has seen the release of two full-length albums, an EP, and countless packed shows, Seattle’s Blue Scholars continue to the carry the torch for the Pacific Northwest’s burgeoning Hip-Hop scene. With their latest release Bayani leaving an indelible mark on 2007, the duo has built on the momentum of their critically-lauded album with a restless schedule of national and regional touring. In further efforts to stay in motion, Blue Scholars have hit the studio to record their new digital-only EP, Joe Metro, before embarking on their upcoming third full-length.

With equal attention paid to the stage and the studio, Emcee Geologic and DJ/producer Sabzi bring an innovative yet familiar sound distinguishable from what’s currently blasted on MTV or BET. Prior to the duo’s formation, Geo made local rounds as a battle emcee and spoken-word performer, while Sabzi honed his skills as a classical and jazz-trained pianist while coming up in the indie ska and punk scene. This unlikely partnership set the precedent for what distinguishes the group from the vast sea of independent hip-hop artists – the ability to strike a balance between worlds usually seen distant from one another. Poetic lyricism with beats you can dance to; Marxist theory with Baha’i spirituality with musical influences ranging from Thelonius Monk and Aphex Twin to Marvin Gaye and J Dilla.

Blue Scholars are just as much rooted in community as they are in music. Their experiences in the world of academia provide an intellectual dimension to their craft, while their backgrounds as second-generation sons of working-class immigrants keep the music grounded. Less sloganeering and more storytelling, the current state of Blue Scholars showcases a more focused Geologic and a polished Sabzi coming into their own as a premier DJ-emcee duo.

Musab Interview

Shoutout to our peoples over at Audible Treats for the hook up. They conducted this interview with Musab from the Hiero Imperium label. He speaks on his latest project, “Slicks Box” and everything about the infamous Minnesota Slicks. Peep it! If you slept on Musab, Here’s a refresher from our original posting last month.


Biz Markie – Ultimate Diabolical

Biz Markie

Make The Music With Your Mouth Biz Download
Just A Friend Download
Spring Again Download
Let Me Turn You On Download
from Ultimate Diabolical (2007, Cold Chillin)

Although he’s known primarily for the crossover hit “Just a Friend,” to categorize Biz Markie’s career on the basis of that song would be wholly unjust. “The Ultimate Diabolical” sets the record straight. As a member of the stylistically diverse Juice Crew, the formidable clique that included Big Daddy Kane’s slick debonairness, Roxanne Shante’s defiant b-girl stance, and the tales of hard-knock raconteur Kool G. Rap, Biz Markie’s clown-prince character more than held his own. Biz Markie’s manic energy and unbridled persona paved the way for distinctive MCs like Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Busta Rhymes. The Biz’s deft beatboxing skills, humorous storytelling, and freestyle finesse are all clear on undisputed classics like “Nobody Beats the Biz”, “Vapors”, and “Make the Music with Your Mouth, Biz.” But it doesn’t end there, flip the hybrid disc over to watch six full length music videos shot by the expert lens of “Uncle” Ralph McDaniels. Through in the exclusive, never before seen photography by George Dubose and this fun and funky career retrospective succeeds in giving credit where it is due and truely proves to be the “Ultimate Diabolical”.

Cap D – Return Of The Renegade

Cap D

Game In The Mic Download
Rock Me Download
from Return Of The Renegade (2007, All Natural, Inc)
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Solid solo hip hop from Cap D, aka Capital D of All Natural — possibly the most pointed and rugged work we’ve heard from D — one of the deeper thinkers on the scene to say the least! All Natural, both the core duo and the Family Tree related releases on the All Natural label, aren’t afraid to rely on a varied approach on any given full length, from a soulful style, to a freer Native Tongues sense of adventure, to a more rolicking straight up boom bap, the latter being the overall feel of this particular gem. We’ve never been let down by an All Natural, Inc release and Cap D’s Return Of The Renegade is on par with the best of them! Nice stuff, with some subtle Asian string accents in spots that recall the early Wu vibe without ever feeling like a throwback. Production by Cap D, All Natural partner Tone B Nimble, Yuani, Maker, J Rawls and Ozone with appearances by Rhymefest, Iomos Marad and others. Titles include “Return Of The Renegade”, “Blow”, “Bright Lights”, “The Answer” feat One Be Lo, “Game In The Mic”, “Street Knowledge”, “Ups & Downs”, “Nickel & Dime” feat Iomos Marad, “The Come Up” feat Ali, “Destiny” feat Rhymefest & Cuttness Tone, “Shabazz” ahnd Adrenaline Rush feat Makestik Legend. COP IT!