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James Brown Forever

James Brown

40th Anniversary Mix (mixed by Salaam Remi) Download
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James Brown, Godfather of Soul, R.I.P.

James Brown, the dynamic, pompadoured “Godfather of Soul,” whose rasping vocals and revolutionary rhythms made him a founder of rap, funk and disco as well, died Monday, his agent said. He was 73. Brown was hospitalized Sunday at Emory Crawford Long Hospital with pneumonia and died around 1:45 a.m. Monday, said Frank Copsidas of Intrigue Music. Longtime friend Charles Bobbit was by his side, Copsidas said.

The agent said Brown’s family is being notified of his death and that it’s cause is still uncertain. “We really don’t know at this point what he died of,” Copsidas said.

Along with Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan and a handful of others, he was one of the major musical influences of the past 50 years. At least one generation idolized him, and sometimes openly copied him. His rapid-footed dancing inspired Mick Jagger and Michael Jackson among others. Songs such as David Bowie’s “Fame,” Prince’s “Kiss,” George Clinton’s “Atomic Dog” and Sly and the Family Stone’s “Sing a Simple Song” were clearly based on Brown’s rhythms and vocal style.

If Brown’s claim to the invention of soul can be challenged by fans of Ray Charles and Sam Cooke, then his rights to the genres of rap, disco and funk are beyond question. He was to rhythm and dance music what Dylan was to lyrics: the unchallenged popular innovator.

“James presented obviously the best grooves,” rapper Chuck D of Public Enemy once told The Associated Press. “To this day, there has been no one near as funky. No one’s coming even close.”

His hit singles include such classics as “Out of Sight,” “(Get Up I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine,” “I Got You (I Feel Good)” and “Say It Out Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud,” a landmark 1968 statement of racial pride.

“I clearly remember we were calling ourselves colored, and after the song, we were calling ourselves black,” said in a 2003 Associated Press interview. “The song showed even people to that day that lyrics and music and a song can change society.”

He won a Grammy award for lifetime achievement in 1992, as well as Grammys in 1965 for “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” (best R&B recording) and for “Living In America” in 1987 (best R&B vocal performance, male.) He was one of the initial artists inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986, along with Presley, Chuck Berry and other founding fathers.

James Brown R.I.P.

As if they existed… Solillaquists of Sound

Solillaquists of Sound

Ur Turn Download
Ask Me If I Care Download

Boogaleo is back for the holidays. I apologize for all our avid fans but life has been pretty hard to manage as a community organizer in New Orleans. What’s been happening? I’ve been involved with some campaigns with the Vietnamese American community and running an environmental justice campaign.

Music-wise, New Orleans is in another world. Being the birthplace of jazz, it’s a musical mecca that stays true to its roots—jazz jazz jazz, brass bands, zydeco (traditional cajun music), second-lines, bounce music. I will be featuring some of the local artists once I get my hands on them. There’s some local DJs that spin great funk breaks Sundays, log onto to catch streams of Dj Soul Sister or Brice Nice.

So to the irrelevant feature, my FL favs Solillaquists of Sound FINALLY got some larger label exposure this past September releasing they’re 2nd proper LP, “As if we existed”. I find this album a real complete Solilla effort as a lot of the roles between spoken word artists Tanya Combs, vocalist AlexandrahGod, lyricist Swamburger and producer DaVinci have been tightened. They are the most cohesive in this production and I’m proud of these Orlando natives.

I always appreciated the mix of creative melodies and message that Solilla delivers like the songs posted. “Ur Turn” is a dialogue between women and man’s oppressive world with equally explosive production. “Ask me if I care” covers the issue of taking an artists’ message seriously 24/7, on-and-off-stage. Other songs on their album cover the struggle to get a best friend to stop smoking, capitalism making money off of blacks and hispanics, St. Ides destroying the Black community, sustaining relationships, and (surprise!) a parody of hiphop today. If you feelin this, check out

Enjoy. Happy Holidays.

Masai Bey – The Panacea Goldmind

Masai Bey

Bey’s Theme Download
Reference Text Download
Mattafack Download
from The Panacea Goldmind (2006, Uncommon Records)
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Have you ever heard something that is really familiar but at the same time like nothing else you’ve ever heard? That’s the effect of hearing “The Panacea Goldmind”. Masai Bey’s tracks are silver bullets and the album is the four five that shoots down the mainstream werewolf. His vocals are like the words of a trusted friend leading you down the path of life, instructing you on your way of living, your career and how you treat the people around you. His beats build up that trust you have in him so that his words never come off preachy and respect drips off of every sentence.

The album kicks off from the start with head nodding beats, one after another. Elements of this record are “experimental” but there’s nothing on here that is hidden from you, every word and beat placed precisely for you to take a way the message of that particular song. “Thugs Becuz” speaks to the struggles of the average inner city youth and what keeps them in a position of poverty. “Bey’s Theme” breaks down Masai’s own struggle to feed his family and what he will and won’t do musically to accomplish that. “Poorichman” breaks down Masai’s roots on Staten Island during the eighties in the early days of hip-hop. “Missile Defense” is stuffed with flows that come from every angle over a beat that you never get tired of hearing despite it’s perceived simplicity. Each track speaks from experience and knowledge, which is something that’s sorely missing from most rap in 2006.

A lot of people that hear Masai, attempt to compare him to someone else (most settling on KRS-One), but as it was stated earlier, he may sound familiar at times, but is like no one else you’ve ever heard on the mic. His flows and rhyme patterns leave the listener guessing on where they’ll land until the very end of the margin on every line. Make sure you load up the four five with these silver bullets because the werewolf is coming and this album may be your last, best chance at survival.

Unenthusiastic Ebony Brown Soul

Infinito 2017

Break The Europeon System Download
Heart For My Black Skin Download
Feed A Black Mind (OG Mix) Download
from Unenthusiastic Ebony Brown Soul (2006, Nephew Of Frank)
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If the year is 2006 you will find Infinito 2017 working as a under paid temporary. Teachers assistant in either Richmond California or Memphis Tennessee not being Hphy or getting crunk just helping tomorrows leaders know its okay to be positive when being creative. Using original thoughts being broadcasted on a microphone and some positivity defines the creative process of Marcellous Lovelace known on the streets as Infinito 2017. A collection of production and boom bapstic remixes from producers from all over the world. This album is a masterpiece in the way it’s arranged with well thought out lyrics and political topics. The album starts off with a banging introduction produced by Thaione Davis and features thoughts of Marcellous Lovelace and 9th Scientist. The rest of the songs create the mood with stories of lust, Gentrification, Darfur, Homelessness, Education, South Memphis, Racism, a failed Government, Love, Hip Hop, and the sadness in the everyday system known as hell on earth. This Album is a positive reflection in a rough situation in Hip Hop from the mind of Infinito 2017.

Yall Should All Get Lynched

The realest video on the state of hiphop Ive seen in a minute.

X-Clan – Return From Mecca


Weapon X Download
from Return From Mecca (2007, Suburban Noize)

“We have to adjust and balance the quality of music we listen to. Constant negative input leads to negative living, support positive music.” – Brother J

With the tragic passing of hip-hop cultural leader Professor X in March 2006, the message of X-Clan and the Blackwatch Movement is being carried forward by his protégé, Brother J, X-Clan’s co-founder and spokesman.

Making its debut in 1990 with, To The East Blackwards, and with there 1992 sophomore effort, Xodus, (both of which are considered classics and peaked at #11 on the Hiphop charts) X-Clan was at the forefront of Hiphop’s cultural movement. With hits like “Funkin’ Lesson,” “Heed The Word of the Brother” and “Raise The Flag,” X-Clan secured Hiphop as their vehicle to deliver and advance the science and math of upliftment, popularizing the ideas of Malcolm X, Sonny Carson, Huey Newton and Clarence 13X, while keeping dance floors packed.

Led by Brother J, the Clan’s founder and original lead MC, X-Clan are ready again to move your mind, body and spirit like back in the day, as one of the most powerful and influential hip hop crews Hiphop has ever witnessed, have returned after nearly a decade-long hiatus. Moving forward, Brother J, Ultraman Ra Hanna, ACL, DJ FatJack, Kumu M. Haynes and Master China will carry forward the message into the next generation of X-Clan with the release of Return From Mecca, which will be released on 01-30-07 and finds the group reforming their groundbreaking tradition of displaying ancestral wisdom, culture and a signature lyrical style that appeals to all generations of Hip-Hop. Joining X-Clan on their celebrated return are a bevy of high-profile collaborators; among them Jurassic 5’s Chali 2NA, KRS-One, Jacoby Shaddix of Papa Roach, RBX, Abstract Rude and YZ (as of press time, X-Clan is also in the studio putting the finishing touches on a still unnamed track with Damian Marley which will make the LP). In addition, there are also a bevy of buzz worthy West Coast producers chipping in production, including the legendary DJ Quik, DJ Khalil, Jake One and Bean One. X-Clan’s new LP also marks the group’s debut for hip-hop and underground tastemakers Suburban Noize Records. Grab the album when it drops and while your at it, Check the video!