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Sad news to inform the world with. Yet another death in the hiphop community. DJ DUSK from LA’s infamous ROOTDOWN was killed last night. The BrokeBBoys send their condolences to DJ Dusk’s family and his close friends. This is a big loss to the LA hiphop scene and hiphop DJ culture in general. R.I.P. DJ DUSK

Pick A Bigger Weapon

The Coup

We Are The Ones
My Favorite Mutiny (feat. Black Thought & Talib Kweli)
from Pick A Bigger Weapon (2006, Epitaph)

A homie online by the name of Morten put the track “We Are The Ones” best as “This beat is so fucking sick. I bet George Clinton is mad jealous he didn’t make it.”

Underneath the corny moniker Boots rhymes the ghetto necessary evils he can “survive without legal permission” declarin “we the have-nots, but we also the gone-gets”

Yo I’m not gonna lie this beat reminds me of a some messed up 80s pop song gone mad, Boots’ third verse is the joint “we like free speech but we love free cable, we’re taught from the cradle the bill gates fable which leads to high speeds and buick LaSables”

Morten also commented on “My Favorite Mutiny” as being “The best posse track in years. The beat is flawless and all 3 emcees comes correct. Boots steals the show which is pretty damn hard when you share a track with Black Thought.”

Boogaleo back in the house. So he’s Kunta Kente with a MACK-10, Boots Riley back with some sick relevant flow. This combo track fits the Coup style pretty well–I see the beat like everyone on a march holdin some crazy lyrical ammo–check Kweli “I’m untanglin the black mind interwined like the ropes they used to hang us with” and Riley’s attempt to mobilize “if we waitin for the time to fight, these is thems/tellin us to relax while they ease it in:

Let’s hope with revolutionary MC’s we get some revolutionary fans and communities. Pick your favorite mutiny. Grab the album… It dropped today!

Gnarls Barkley – Crazy

Still at the top of the charts in the UK/Europe and causing quite the stir here in the states. Sure to become the summertime hit on the Alternative Rock stations, since hiphop cant be emo by today’s standards… Check out the video and if you slept, here is the Download

Windy City Sessions / Pugs Atomz

Pugs Atomz

Tear In Your Eye
from CTA Radio: Chi City Hip Hop (2006, Raptivism)

Hey Lady
from Track Talk (2004, Enohes Music)

If (Simple & Plain)
from 24 Years Later (2002, Birthwrite Music)

He is Pugs Atomz, a dedicated member of Chicago’s extraordinary Hip Hop scene. Since the early 90’s Pugs has been out and about Chi City as a fan , graffiti artist, battle rapper, freestyler, party thrower, promoter, Radio/TV personality and the list goes on. He came up the ranks in the traditional way, earning props from corner ciphers at places like The Point (south side gathering place for teenagers hungry for hip hop in the mid 90’s) and Navy Pier. 1993 was the year he started a collective called the Nacrobats with far too many members to list but a legacy of artists making a name for themselves in their respected fields. With the strength of the collective, Five albums were made, numerous parties and battles were had and it pushed Pugs to take his music and art more serious. His first solo album was ‘Thanks For Not Rhyming’ on Galapagos4 Records. It boasted production from the Molemen, Meatyogre, Polyphonic and others, receiving a warm response from the underground. The nineteen track album ’24 Years Later’ followed, released on his own co-founded label Birthwrite Records with production handled by Yoda, PNS, Flesh O.N.E. and others. This album has taken Pugslee touring all over the United States, Germany, Paris, Amsterdam and London, on the bill with the likes of De La Soul, Nas, Talib Kweli, Cypress Hill, MF doom, RZA, El-P, Atmosphere, El the Sensei and a host of others.

Hip Hop Canada says Pugslee ‘is most notoriously known for his clever wordplay and hungry delivery… [He] is the type of emcee you discover then slap yourself upside the head for sleeping on over the years… guaranteed to sooth the listeners ears.’ In the summer of 2004, Pugslee teamed up with Audio 8 Recordings to release his third album ‘Playing With Matches’, a tale of the trials and tribulations of a Chicago tagger in the 90’s and featured appearances by Seel Fresh IBC, Binkis, DJ Intel, and commentary from some of Chicago’s top graffiti artist. Currently He has just finished a compilation for Raptivism Records entitled ‘Pugs Atomz presents CTA Radio Chi City Hip Hop’. This cd is basically an exerpt of the Cta Radio show, he has been a part of every Wednesday night from 9-12am for the last six years. This is a definite must to any body digging the Chicago sound. Besides music, Mr. Atomz is an accomplished visual artist with work appearing in film/print media (‘Light it up’), and also the host of Barbershop hip hop an internet and local tv show. Check out his cuts we’ve posted and go cop the new projects from Pugslee!

Born Unique rocks the mic

Born Unique

What Would You Do feat. Lonnie B >
from Phila Flava – A League Of Our Own Vol. 2 (2003, Phila Flava)

All For The Cash (Freestyle) feat. Doujah Raze
from White Label 12″ (2003, White Label)

Virginia w/ Doujah Raze, Thad Reid and Disko Dave
from Doujah Raze – Virginia 12″ (2004, Trilogy Records)

Me and You feat. Cassie
from Me and You (2006, OK Kid Ent.)

Hailing from the Commonwealth state of Virginia, Born Unique has lived a life nothing short of unique. Known by many for his aggressive nature throughout ciphers in locations you would not take your grandmother to or the countless mixtape appearances he has made such as the NBA All Star Weekend Mixtape hosted by the drama king himself, Kay Slay. Born has kept his name and his crew Ok Kid Entertainment as the topic for discussion anytime Virginia hip hop was mentioned. Matter of fact it would be unjust to mention VA hip hop and not mention Born Unique or Ok Kid in the same breath. Whether it was the times when Born opened up for artist such as Mobb Deep and Immortal Technique or when he captivated five thousand plus at the 2002 Rock Steady Anniversary in NYC, or rocking for 50 people in your local hole in the wall hip hop venue, Born left you with a distinct impression for those in attendance.

Over the last few years Born Unique’s following has emerged in a cult like fashion after his countless mixtape appearances and 12 inch features. In 2003, ‘The Dedication’, his collaboration with Doujah Raze and OC (DITC) released by Trilogy Records climbed the industry charts all the way to number one in all major publications. The feat was accomplished again in 2004 with Doujah Razes follow up single ‘Virginia’. Also that year Born did the unthinkable and released two mixtapes, ‘Support My Habit’ and ‘Howard Homecoming Havoc’ on the same day garnishing critical acclaim and helped solidify his reputation in the Washington DC Metro region. Born Unique’s upcoming mixtape, ‘Bad News Born’ is hosted by Ghostface’s DJ and 3 time Justo’s Mixtape award winner, DJ J-Love. With production coming from hip-hop heavyweights Domingo & Scram Jones as well as up and coming producers Shuko, Dox One, Gadget & Guns N Butter, expect nothing short of the raw unadulterated boom-bap.

Make sure to cop Born Unique’s new Mixtape “Bad News Born”.

Vinyl Exchange Radio 04/16/06 – Audio1 In The Mix

Vinyl Exchange, or VE, Radio is a 30 (or so) minute hip hop mix in mp3 format. It’s all original VINYL, fresh every Sunday! This week’s edition is by DJ Audio1. Click here to download the April 16, 2006 show.

01. Rock The Mic – Mykill Myers (2000 / Ill Boogie) – Prod. by Diverse
02. Easy Cause It Is – Typical Cats (2004 / Galapagos 4) – Prod. by DJ Natural
03. A Ground Zero – Dynamic Syncopation feat. Mass Influence (1999 / Ninja Tune) – Prod. by Dynamic Syncopation
04. Vagrant’s Vacation – Brycon & Equal feat. G Cutty (2003 / Top Shelf Music) – Prod. by Brycon
05. R.A.P. – DJ Jazz feat. The Rebel Rahsheed (1999 / Showtyme Records) – Prod. by DJ Jazz
06. Learn 2 Be A Man 4 Self – Main One The Ghetto Child (1994 / Select Street Records) – Prod. by Buckwild
07. Better – Asheru & Blue Black of Unspoken Heard (1998 / Seven Heads) – Prod. by Obsession aka Smiley of The Aboriginals
08. Lyin King (Acapella) – Nine (1996 / Profile) – Prod. by Rob Lewis
09. Tha Cypha – Nine (1995 / Profile) – Prod. by Rob Lewis
10. Can U Hear It? – Key Kool & Rhettmatic (1995 / Up Above) – Prod. by Moki
11. The Lump Lump – Sadat X (1996 / Loud) – Prod. by Buckwild
12. The Lump Lump (Nubian Mix) – Sadat X feat. Grand Puba and Lord Jamar (1996 / Loud) – Prod. by Buckwild

Check out their sites
VE Radio is sponsored by

Respect to DJ Stef for lettin’ me throw down some cool beats!

HipHop & Death

Jedi Mind Tricks – Death Falls Silent (Interlude)
The Notorious BIG – Ready To Die
7L & Esoteric feat. Celph Titled – Murder Death Kill
Vakill – Sweetest Way To Die
Necro feat. Sabac – Death Rap
Scorazayzee – Hero’s Die

It seems like HipHop and Death are the recurring motif nowadays. I was going to post some Proof stuff… I was going thru the old Eminem/Proof freestyles from The Wake Up Show and Westwood’s Rap show but I said fuck it. The dude didnt do much for hiphop to be given a big shoutout. Sorry if I sound so cold about it, but unlike J Dilla and Professor X, who both suffered from health ailments, Proof lived the lifestyle that lead to his death. He’s dead and it’s done with. My bookie friends are already taking bets on the next dead rapper. I leave you with some random cuts that deal with some form of death. My picks are the Vakill and Scorazayzee joints!