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Mulatto Patriot – Sonic Visuals Remix

Mulatto Patriot

Northern Lights feat. KaDi (Alex Agore Remix) Download
Audio Terrorist feat. Ras Kass, Casual & Prosper Jones (DJ Alo Remix) Download
from Sonic Visuals Remix (2009, Mulatto Patriot Productions)

Mulatto Patriot continues to induce eclectic soundscapes on his latest project, “Sonic Visuals Remix” LP. MP calls on Alex Agore to lace some promising sultry on this track, “Northern Lights” featuring KaDi. While the album steers more to the classic Boom-Bap Hip Hop vibe, MP always fuses his musical knowledge and talent with genres beyond the 88′ kick drums and snares. This album is scheduled for release on September 1st 2009 thru Mulatto Patriot Productions and hosts several remixes by Grant Parks, Smerz, DJ CXL, Mulatto Patriot himself and more.

Slaughterhouse (The Super Group)

The Mixtape
Download Here (via megaupload)

Now when I’m talkin about street-hop, I keep talkin about Crooked I, and burning copies of The Block Obama. When I’m not doing that, I keep talking about Royce and burning Bar Exams (1 & 2) for people. When I’m not doing that I’m talking about Joel Ortiz and burning whatever i got on him. Then i get to yackin about Joe Budden and that brings me to the other day when i was talkin to a kid and he was like; “man, you’re hollering at me like im the congregation but you’re not even in church”. He put me up on Slaughterhouse. I knew about slaughterhouse, but the last mixtape they did was one new song and like all of thier old seperate material from previous mixtapes, it wasnt that hot, it was just a bunch of stuff i already had. Now this was a whole new deal and it was thick with new materials. How do i feel now?

Joell Ortiz, Royce Tha 5’9, Crooked I, Joe Budden + Together = SLAUGHTERHOUSE

So heres what you need to do. you need to cop this mixtape and get ready and pray and stuff. If the album comes out its going to be sick and you’ll all need days of bedrest and medical attention like you got the swine flu. Heaven forbid you’re in mexico or this might kill you.

1. (00:03:55) Slaughterhouse – Wack Mcs
2. (00:04:17) Slaughterhouse – Fight Club
3. (00:03:28) Slaughterhouse – Bout My Money
4. (00:04:05) Slaughterhouse – Blood On The Wall
5. (00:05:20) Slaughterhouse – If You Ever Hear Me *
6. (00:05:11) Slaughterhouse – Part Of Me
7. (00:05:29) Slaughterhouse – Onslaught
8. (00:02:15) Slaughterhouse – Memories
9. (00:05:24) Slaughterhouse – Pain In His Life
10. (00:03:53) Slaughterhouse – Shake This
11. (00:03:33) Slaughterhouse – Crooked Go Hard *
12. (00:07:50) Slaughterhouse – Move On
13. (00:03:40) Slaughterhouse – Covering The Classics Pt. 1
14. (00:03:22) Slaughterhouse – Hottest In Da Hood
15. (00:04:03) Slaughterhouse – 3 Bitches
16. (00:06:50) Slaughterhouse – Slaughterhouse *
17. (00:01:24) Slaughterhouse – Crack A Brooklyn Bottle
18. (00:03:34) Slaughterhouse – Go To Hell
19. (00:01:26) Slaughterhouse – They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y)
20. (00:03:55) Slaughterhouse – Too Soon
21. (00:02:28) Royce Da 5’9? – I’m the Shit Fool! (Interlude)

The starred tracks are particularly ill.
Do you not understand? you’re still reading?

eLZhi – The Preface


Fire (feat. Black Milk, Guilty Simpson…) Download
Transitional Joint
Save Ya
(feat. T3 of Slum Village) Download
from The Preface (2008, Fat Beats)
Buy at iTunes Music Store

In the late-nineties, eLZhi made a name for himself by moving his way up through the ranks of Detroit’s underground scene and teaming up with Slum Village for his first big taste of success. He has since been making the rounds, working with local Detroit luminaries such as J Dilla, Waajeed of Platinum Pied Pipers, and Dwele, in addition to a well-received solo tour of Europe during his early years in the game. Hip-hop enthusiasts across the globe consider eLZhi to be one of the most skilled emcees in the entire scene, and bloggers and critics have been trumpeting this sentiment since the release of the last Slum Village album in 2005. With the release of The Preface, eLZhi looks to cement his name amongst the greatest emcees in the game. The 16-track album, produced almost entirely by rising star Black Milk, features guest appearances by a who’s who of the Detroit hip-hop scene. Royce Da 5’9″, T3 (Slum Village), Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat, and more add to what many have predicted will be one of the most noteworthy hip-hop releases of 2008.

About the track, FIRE
eLZhi and a crew of D-town guest stars bring the heat on “Fire” off eZhi’s highly acclaimed solo effort The Preface. The track showcases talent from the likes of Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, Fatt Father, Danny Brown and Fat Ray, in addition to the man himself. eLZhi lights up yet another track with effortlessly explosive flow. He says ” Limitless-I’m / Not even the sky’s the limit to I / when we spit with adrenaline times ten / from the beginning until the rhyme end / it’s no stoppin’ / every line’s mind bogglin’.”

The Preface is in stores now!

Mulatto Patriot – Sonic Visuals

Mulatto Patriot

Mulatto Patriot… when I first heard that name, Not only did I laugh, I dissed and deleted the emails containing the oh-so-precious materials I now covet like some sort of drugged out hip hop junkie. This guy is ridiculously hot on the beats and this album must be copped. One thing I love as someone who writes for this site and someone who loves good hip hop is artists I’ve never heard of that are really, really, sick with skills. This album is full of them. Mulatto Patriot produced track after track of goodness. Furthermore, he combines the track with the right emcee for the job just about every time.

At the age of 29, MP prepares the debut release of Sonic Visuals, a producer’s album featuring MCs from across the U.S., Canada and Germany. Artist features include Ras Kass, Casual (Hieroglyphics), Pumpkinhead (Brooklyn Academy), Eternia. Pugs Atomz , Anacron, Decay (Molemen) and DJ Intel to name a few. He believes his music is diverse, reflecting different styles while still keeping the vibes that got him to love hip-hop in the first place. “At the end of the day there is something for everyone [on the album]”says MP. “I feel there is a lot to take from this album, but beyond diversity in the styles displayed and in the selection of beats, the obvious feeling you get is that a lot of work and time was put into making the album. I want people to know that this is 100% Chicago Hip-Hop.”

Seriously, My new favorite song is Audio Terrorist featuring Ras Kass, Casual and Prosper Jones, and I haven’t even heard the whole track because the company only sent me a sampler album!

Mulatto Patriot – Cadilac Vinyl

Seel Fresh – Street Famous

Seel Fresh

Keep It Moving Download
Street Famous Download
from Street Famous (2008, Rapstar Inc)

Seel Fresh effortlessly delivers the culture’s true essence by offering timeless material based upon his life experience of paying dues.” This is a very true statement. I haven’t heard a grassroots hip hop album like this in a long time. Seel Fresh delivers good lyrics, reminds me a lot of the straight forward style of delivery that artists like Rasco and Ice-T used back when they were making a lot of noise. This album had the weird affect of making me want to listen to more, the more I heard.

I had been digging through tons of music this weekend and during my first few minutes of listening to it, I was about to throw it over my shoulder but then it picked up. The album slowly gains momentum as you listen to it and the artist never deviates from the core of ‘real’ content. There really isn’t a club banger or anything on here that made me say like, “oh that was mad corny” or “yea right, uh huh, everybody stackin’ chips”. It’s a very good album with very good music made by a good artist.

Seel Fresh – Keep It Movin

Apoc and Rel are THE RITZ

The Ritz

Heartless Download
Its The… Download
from The Night of Day (2008, Lab-Oratory Records)

I receive CD’s in the mail rather frequently (Im A working DJ, It comes with the territory) and I put most to the side, due to lack of time and/or motivation…. One morning, I saw this CD and I decided to grab it as I went and ran a few errands before my flight to Las Vegas. I was amazed with what I heard.

This CD is titled “The Night of Day” by The Ritz, who happen to be MC’s Apoc and Rel, representing points between Chicago and San Diego equally. These seasoned rhyme slingers have shared stages across the globe with everyone from Slick Rick to Pharoahe Monch and word has it that Rel did some engineering work for Raekwon & Killah Priest, so that makes him super official. On this album, Apoc and Rel speak their minds with thoughful, vivrant lyricism over moody/haunting production reminiscent of 40’s/50’s Black & White films. I kept thinking Humphrey Bogart was going to jump in at some point (Maybe he did, I missed it the first time around). Alot of dialogue and sample play between the tracks and choruses, but the theme keeps the album together. Some refreshing hiphop in a world of clutter. The Ritz bring it on their latest effort. I slap myself in the face for not listening to this as soon as I got it. My apologies.

Royce Da 5 9 – Bar Exam 2

Royce Da 5’9

Its The New Download
Weathermen (feat. Sucka Free & Kid Vishis) Download
Royal Flush Freestyle (feat. Canibus & Elzhi) Download
from The Bar Exam 2 (Mixed by DJ Green Lantern) 2008

If you haven’t heard the Bar Exam by DJ Premier and Royce Da 5’9, then you need to take a step back. This is a continuation of the previous exhibition by the duo, but this time its done with DJ Green Lantern. Royce spits the hottest fire and does it with that real skill. The underlying message behind the Bar Exam series of mixtapes is obviously, if you can spit like this, then you’re street legal. Royce, a veteran prosecutor, is now top candidate for supreme court justice.

First, Royce has done nothing on this album except improve. His style is much more solid and he doesn’t sound as much like he was ranting and just playing with styles and phrases. He dropped the fixation on being the “new Guru” and the beats and themes aren’t as redundant and the whole product is, again, very strong. This time he brought Kid Vishis through on more than one track, validating him. Dont look for any depth from Royce, he doesnt have anything to say except, “I rap very very good” in various different metaphors and examples. while redundant, its not so much noticeable because of the tremendous skill and charisma he exhibits.

DJ Green Lantern made a smash with his mixtape with Nas and continued moving with a ridiculously strong momentum. One of the interesting things about a DJ Green Lantern mixtape is that he really sets a theme and depth to his arrangements. It doesn’t feel like a simple mixtape where tracks are hashed together with a lyricist just rapping over beats you’ve already heard. Typically, each one is a well constructed, something-to-entertain, with attention getting skits and interludes added in to humanize each artist. I personally keep a rotation of DJ Greens for when I have guests over and we play on the XBox. This is probably one of his best mixtapes to date. if you’re a Green Lantern fan or a Royce fan, you’ll be satisfied. If youre not a fan yet, you will be. Grab The Mixtape HERE