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DJ Ese – Side Two


D-Day (feat. MURS) Download
Running Man (feat. Zion-I) Download
from Side Two (2006, Embedded Music)
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DJ Ese, co-founder of Jux-lite label Embedded Music and constructor of many underground mixtapes (the Two 45 Minute Sets series), may not get name-dropped alongside other beacons of the indie hip-hop world, but his debut is the kind of hip-hop producer record that can quietly bust through ceilings and knock down doors. While still sounding squarely like your standard indie hip-hop affair (boom-bap basslines, vintage funk samples, nerd-rap cameos galore), it is well rounded. Murs’s humorous tale of a world lacking Dominican booty (“D-Day”) and L.I.F.E. Long’s celebratory “Outside” are the type of deliciously carefree stuff that the most staunch backpackers foolishly write off, while the pseudocrunk of Bisc1’s “Build And Construct” could warm some of the pickier hip-hop snobs to the joys of gettin’ dumb. A little bit too typical of the underground’s insistence on mid-’90s purity to stand out among the greats, Ese may not be the next Primo, but he’s a force nonetheless.
Paul Haney (CMJ)

Create & Devastate

Create & Devastate

The Hit Man (feat. Masta Ace & Stricklin) Download
Just Get Down (feat. Maylay Sparks & Kenneth Masters) Download
from Create & Devastate 12″ (2006, Threshold)
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Our friends over at So Much Silence broke it down on this release earlier this month. Check out what the heads from Northern Europe are doing with our amazing lyrical talents across the pond!

Reviews: Waleoyejide / Wade Waters / Scienz Of Life

Our new partners in crime, Free HipHop Now, have written incredible reviews of some current releases. Make sure to preview the samples and grab them joints upon sight!

Africa Is Hot! – The Afrofuture Sessions

Put on your dancin shoes, or perhaps not. It would be more better to dance with one’s feet naked touching the rich earth. All ailments healed by the sun while vibrations pulsate thru your being. Welcome to the world of Waleoyejide, Africa Is Hot (play / download) and there’s an afrofuture session going on where you’re welcome to be entertained and also empowered by the words of these griots of color with an even more colorful culture and history. This album manages to rock yah body, sprinkle some rhyme into your ear lobes and remind you the world has many pressing issues but, that doesn’t mean you have to stop dancing. The only way to combat negative is to first assess it, then make progressive moves to pulverize it into oblivion. – Intel Sole

Wade Waters
Return Of The Kings the Mixtape

Why not combine forces and form a duo to combat the monotony that is mainstream Hip-Pop music? Soulstic and Haysoos have done just that, ushering forth a mixtape that actually sounds like two individuals that enjoy rhyming. You won’t find any corpses lying around after Wade Waters: Return Of The Kings has stopped spinning. The title track Return Of The Kings is a cool tune that’s smooth enough to rock in the background at your mid-summer family function while having ample boom and bap to get all heads within range of the hi-fi to nod in agreement. Don’t sleep on D.C. and Chicago, together there’s nothing stopping them from locating you and waking you up. (Album production furnished by; Analogic, Arsenal, Father Scott, Oddisee, SBE Audiologist, Shuko, Speaks & 9th Wonder. Also guest appearance by Cuban Link on ‘Rock Solid‘.) – Choice Live

Scienz of Life
The Blaxploitation Sessions

My attention is immediately grabbed by slick album art, black and white collage leaning on a less is more approach. Scienz Of Life let’s us know that they’re ‘Still Standing‘, and remind us to ‘Respect The Pioneers‘ (play / download) while proving through their lyrics and genuine delivery that they ‘Represent People‘ especially their peers in this diverse hiphop community, as well as make strides to play model roles for the future emcees, doctors & teachers. Oh yeah, the beats ain’t too shabby either. (The Blaxploitation Sessions features appearances by; Miracle, Tiffany Paige & Ta’Raach.) – Jenine K.

Storm The Unpredictable Returns!

Storm The Unpredictable

Grown Folks Biz Download
Get Your Weight Up (Remix) Download
Suplex Reloaded (feat. Priest Da Nomad and Ty-Riek) Download
from A2: What Should Have Been (2006, Domination Recordings)

Oxon Hill, Maryland emcee Storm the Unpredictable returns with his sophomore release “A2: What Should Have Been”. Over the past few years Storm the Unpredictable has been staying busy performing at shows from coast to coast in the U.S., winning many songwriting competitions, artist of the year awards, and also releasing the vinyl series The 3 Piece, Extra Mumbo Vol. 1 and 2 along with his fellow crew members Priest da Nomad and Poemcees. Now in 2006, Storm the Unpredictable returns with Domination Recordings to release his new album “A2: What Should Have Been” featuring classic boom bap beats from The Unknown, Decompoze (DC), Brainstorm Sounds, C. Walker, Symphoni and Supa Friendz member Danja Mowf. Plus guest spots from Priest da Nomad, DP of Poemcees (Def Poetry Jam), Almond Joy, Ty-Riek and Xavier. Storm’s latest release is very diverse but cohesive at the same time, with songs that are uplifting, funny, serious, socially conscious, and straight lyrical fire. The CD is also enhanced featuring videos, live performances and exclusive tracks. This album is a must have for every true fan of hip hop! Enjoy these cuts from the album!