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Are we Tranzlators or Refugees?

The Fugees

from Blunted on Reality (1994, Columbia)

How Many Mics
from The Score (1996, Columbia)

Ready Or Not (Salaam’s Ready For The Show Remix)
from Ready Or Not 12″ (1996, Columbia)

Word was going around that The Fugees were back together and working on a new album. My immediate thought is “ah, cool..” I was drivin’ in the ride on Friday when I heard the new Fugees track getting play on KMEL. Its cool… I think after many years they could have come off a lil better but what can you do… Wyclef still on his lil trip, Pras got a super short rhyme at the end and Lauryn had the best verses even tho she ran thru them like she had to go pee badly in the studio. Very forced to say the least. I dug up some of their older material where it was just 100% bomb. We will see what the rest of their new material will sound like. I’m praying that they take it back to OG styles, but even Boogaleo has already been disappointed as was I by this new effort. So check these 3, One from Blunted on Reality, One from The Score and one from the A-Side of their “Ready or Not” 12″


Prince Paul-Hip-Hop Gold Dust

Prince Paul

Justin Warfield-K Sera Sera
The Grave Diggaz-Suicide (Remix)
Prince Paul, Chubb Rock and Biz Markie-No Rubber, No Backstage Pass
from Hip-Hop Gold Dust (2005, Antidote)

Info from album:
‘Hip Hop Gold Dust’ is the new LP from the undisputed king of the concept album Prince Paul. Released on Antidote, home to DJ Yoda, Osymyso, The Nextmen and many more, each track has been pain stakingly selected from Prince Paul’s commode of rare collectors items.

More exciting than either a standard release or a reissue, ‘Hip Hop Goldust’ is a collection of previously unheard tracks from timeless lyricists. De La Soul, Biz Markie, Stetasonic, Gravediggaz… and it is as much a window into Prince Paul’s illustrious past as it is a collection of fresh joints for a standalone album.
It’s a fuckin sick ass collection. Here’s 3 of them for a good TGIF post.


Rhymes and Beats Show

Here at the BrokeBBoys, We’ve taken a break for a bit as our lives are becoming more and more hectic (school, women, beats, shows… ) I was thinking of starting a hiphop podcast to accompany BrokeBBoys but I came up on an opportunity to broadcast a hiphop show on the net once again. I did the first episode yesterday and It went off without a hitch. Here ya go. We will post more music up starting today.


Audio1-The Rhymes and Beats Show (Episode 1)
CC-Radio (Sept. 22nd 2005)

1st Hour Download Here
Jade Foxx-Rhymes and Beats Intro
Mario Dones-Freestyle
Doujah Raze-New York City
Quasimoto-Broad Factor
Greyboy and Quantic feat. Sharon Jones-Got To Be Love(Paul Nice Remix)
Aesop Rock-Sabbatical With Options
Jedi Mind Tricks-Saviorself
Metah-Right and Exact
Mercury Waters-Board Culture (Remix)
Ghostface Killah-Be Easy
Kreators feat. Krumbsnatcha and Slaine-Hardcore
Sadat X-The God Is Back In Town
Mic Geronimo-Unstoppable
Storm The Unpredictable and Priest Da Nomad-In Case You Forgot
K-Hill-Da Instigator (DOX Remix)
Mello-D feat. KRS-One-Cool Witchu (Remix)
Blackalicious-Pen and A Pad
Redman-Rush The Security
Large Professor-After School
Supastition feat, Dave Notti & Nick Da 1nda-Step It Up (Remix)
Mercury Waters-Viva La Musica
The Legendary K.O.-George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People
Smif N Wessun (Tek & Steele) feat. Talib Kweli-We Came Up
Dave Notti-The Chemistry
One Be Lo-Decepticons

2nd Hour Download Here
Asamov feat. Mr. Lif-Supa Dynamite
Blade feat. Life and Respek-Ba-Soldiers
Tislam God Allah-That Feeling
Miri Ben Ari feat. Pharoahe Monch-New World Symphony
Little Brother-Still Lives Through
Doujah Raze-Plastic World
Zion feat. Talib Kweli-Tempature (Remix)
KMD-Smokin’ That Shit
Felt (Murs & Slug)-20 Answers
Mario Dones-Too Many (Beatminerz Blend Remix)
Smif N Wessun-A Hustler’s Prayer
J-Live feat. Kola Rock-Listening
Obsidian Blue-Solo Flight

Audio1 has found a new home for his hiphop programming on CC-Radio. The show features unadulterated, uncut and raw hiphop. Please feel free to contact me 24/7 to chop it up or to submit music for the show. The Rhymes and Beats program features a lot of new music from the likes of Ghostface, Little Brother, Doujah Raze, Afu-Ra, J-Live, Storm, Living Legends, Deux Process and hot underground MC’s like K-Hill, Mario Dones, Shortaay, Metah, Jade Foxx and many more. You can submit music in any format (Vinyl, CD, MP3) If It’s dope, We will play it. Holler!

AIM: thabboy1

The Rhymes and Beats show
Hosted by DJ Audio1
Thursdays 8-10PM PST / 11PM-1AM EST / 4-6AM GMT
Live on CC-Radio
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Mobb Marley!

Jon Moskowitz and Swindle

Got It Twisted
Hell On Earth
Shook Ones (Part 2)
from Jon Moskowitz and Swindle’s The Infamous … Bobb Deep: Queensbridge Meets Kingston (2005, ??)

OK, After Diddy and Bad Boy “invented” rap remixes (!), DJ’s had to take it to another level.. So radio stations around here (in England) started meshing accapellas with different instrumentals…(better known as mashups) There were a number of casualties, for example Destiny’s Child’s “Bootylicious” meshed with the Nirvana song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, but enough said on that somewhat odd mix. There’s been a whole bunch of these. I’ve mentioned the Grey Album project, but it’s not a new concept, but Doom did “Nastradoomus” which was Nas flows over your favourite Metal Fingered beats! But that’s more of an obvious mesh, genre wise than the “Blue Eye Meets Bed Stuy”, an impressive mesh of Biggie words, and Frank Sinatra sampled beats.

So the trend was continued by producer Swindle. Kingston’s Bob Marley & Queensbridge duo Mobb Deep is another unlikely combination, but it actually works!! And how it works, “Got It Twisted” really bangs out like I can’t describe! Another impressive blend is Bob’s “I Shot The Sherif” with Mobb’s “Shook Ones”.. The records are selling steadily, showing the current influx in the market for re-hashed classics like “Hell On Earth”, but only when done well. Other DJ’s follow by example…


-Matty Bee