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A gift from Skyzoo – Corner Store Classic


Corner Store Classic Download
Hosted by DJ Kay Slay and Mick Boogie

01. Intro
02. Ride Out (produced by Ron Browz)
03. The Paper (produced by Illmind)
04. Get It Done (f/Torae) (produced by DJ Premier)
05. Hold Tight (produced by Black Milk)
06. Cop-N-Go (f/Maino & Stimuli) (produced by 9th Wonder)
07. Straighten It Out (produced by Pete Rock)
08. Close Reach (f/Nina B.) (produced by Madlib)
09. Like A Shotgun (produced by Waajeed)
10. Play Your Position (f/Guilty Simpson) (produced by Black Milk)
11. All Over The World (produced by M-Phazes)
12. Bragging Rights (produced by Khrysis)
13. You Already Know-Remix (f/Sean Price) (produced by 9th Wonder)
14. Click (f/Torae) (produced by DJ Premier)
15. Ghetto America (produced by Hi-Tek)
16. The Bodega (produced by 9th Wonder)
17. Never Sleep (produced by Illmind)
18. They Don’t Want It (f/Torae, Yatta Barz, & Zeqway) (produced by J Dilla)
19. My Element (produced by T-Ray)
20. Outro
So, the day has FINALLY arrived. The mixtape “Corner Store Classic” is here! I know it’s been a loooong time coming and you all have been extremely patient, and I appreciate all of that. I want to personally thank each of you for all the emails, comments, and reaching out, all to be told “3 more weeks”. Hahaha. But now that 3 weeks is over!!! Below is the downloadable link for the ENTIRE tape as well as the complete track list. These links sometimes throw songs out of order so before you burn it to a cd or load it to your ipod or even play it on your computer, MAKE SURE that the order is correct so that you can get the feel and the flow of the tape. The tracks are numbered in the link once it downloads so all you have to do is make sure it goes from 1-20 before you press play. If it doesn’t, just organize it and then start the show. Special shout outs go out to everyone involved in this project: Dj Kay Slay, Mick Boogie, Streetsweepers, The League Crew, Dj Nyce & Nycetrax Studios, Rick Caps, SJ2, Dj Premier, Ron Browz, Big Fuzz, 9th Wonder, Khrysis, Black Milk, Illmind, Madlib, Pete Rock, Hi-Tek, J Dilla (RIP), T-Ray, Waajeed, M-Phazes, Sean Price, Torae, Maino, Guilty Simpson, Stimuli, Nina B., Yatta Barz, Zeqway, Datwon & King Magazine, and all the fans who waited for this to drop. Last but not least, the corner stores of America. Thanx for the inspiration…

Hopefully this will hold ya’ll down until the next mixtape (who knows when that’ll be but its already in the works) and of course, the debut album “The Salvation”.

“It’s like that ya’ll, and matter fact ya’ll, in ’07 everybody wanna rap ya’ll, so this year i’m bringing ’95 back ya’ll, now move out if you ain’t built like that ya’ll”.


– Skyzoo

Serengeti & Polyphonic – Dont Give Up

Serengeti & Polyphonic

Lately I Havent Been Feeling That Well Download
Eleven Download
Puppydog Love Download
from Dont Give Up (2007, Audio 8 Recordings)

Genre defying rapper Serengeti hooked up with avant producer Polyphonic the Verbose to create a glitchy, electro futuristic rap album. Bursting with emotional vulnerability, Dont Give Up inhabits a space beyond the boundaries of traditional rap music – Polyphonic’s cut-up synths, beautiful cello melodies and rabid Atari rhythms perfectly complement Serengeti’s off-kilter verses.

The lyrics are seeped in introspection and nostalgia of past relationships, both romantic and familial. They also examine heavy political and social undertones. “Part raw confessional a la Rollins, part Kool Keith abstraction… with a touch of madness. Viva la weird,” is how XLR8R described Serengeti. The vocals are wrapped in Polyphonic’s sonically jagged, turbulent production that PopMatters labeled “a dreamscape of noise, where warehouse glitch and hip-hop bounce exist peacefully.”

Unique in a field saturated with golden-era traditionalists and hipster booty rap, Dont Give Up charts a course to an alternative future for hip-hop. Big thanks to Emile for providing the video clips by San Francisco-based abstract video artist A.M. Overtone.

Lately I Havent Been Feeling That Well



Infinito 2017 – She’s In The Wind

Infinito 2017

From Lust Came Hate Download
The Walking Blind Download
from She’s In The Wind (2007, Nephew of Frank Records)

Since we love us some Infinito 2017 over here, We thought we’d let you catch the one that dropped this week. Here are the liner notes from the album:

So they tell me it’s a learning experience.
Well I’ve learned that I’m not compatible
with the lady that chose me to be with.
I’ve written books, paid rents, created drastic
life changes to obtain “Love”. And at this moment
I feel like a fool with experience. I laugh and
make a new Album “She’s in The Wind”. Watching my own
Mother and Grandmother turn against me in the worst days of
Loves Energy in Motion. An E.P. of 7 great musical compositions detailing
my unclear actions. I learned from others that
this life is for a unique minded Man. A man that
has the capacity to set him self back and allow
some one else to gain energy from the Sun. When
we Ascend as Men we can not allow our lust for Woman to
destroy our Hearts. Production handled by Fathom 9 another
warrior in the struggle of this story helped to navigate
this experience and teach through the art of melody what happens
when you sacrifice for oneness. You end up in a bottomless pit
of impossible change. People have passed away from this
thing called love, we have watched men kill themselves
over this struggle and an ongoing story that will never end.
We have watched Tell Lie Vision detail the great story of He’s not the father.
Insecurity in the modern African woman has tainted her reality,
she believes in the media more then her Man, she learns about her
Man from those who either don’t have a positive reality or never
experienced true Love. Walking away from security into a depth of hell
that teaches her nothing in her immature existence. The Eye
sees all and her premeditated actions have lead us into what ever happens next.
If a Woman will not stand up for her Man through good and bad,
and if she’s afraid of reality and will not fight but run away then She’s In the Wind.
This is an Indirect reflection on my Life with many romances ….

Thank You,

Marcellous Lovelace b.k.a. Infinito 2017

Recorded Recently not on Reaction but Intelligent Action
We see what happens even in Darkness (when I’m at work).

Wise Intelligent – OG PRT

Wise Intelligent

Im Him
Go With Me
Mama Cry
from The Talented Timothy Taylor (2007, Shaman Work)

Intelligent Muzik and Shaman Work Recordings are proud to present Wise Intelligent Iz The Talented Timothy Taylor from acclaimed artist and activist Wise Intelligent of the legendary Poor Righteous Teachers. With this new album Wise has raised the bar once again for diversity, lyricism, storytelling, and artistic integrity in Hiphop. In order to fully appreciate the revolutionary power and transformative beauty of the Talented Timothy Taylor, you have to be willing to open yourself up to a new way of thinking, feeling, and listening. With this record, Wise shows you the full picture of himself as an artist and a human being. He wants to let you see his steps, missteps, and how he became one of the illest MCs to ever bless the cipher. Sonically this record has no boundaries or limitations. The God doesnt believe that Intelligent Muzik can be confined within one season, time frame, or production style because music like knowledge is infinite, so youre going to hear a wide variety of sounds and textures on this album.

Kero One Presents: Plug Label

Kero One

Kero One – In All the Wrong Places (New 12″ Version) Download
Green Tea – Cruise Control
Ohmega Watts – On and On
from Kero One Presents: Plug Label (2007, Plug Label)
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From the Plug label archives come a hand picked selection of new quality tracks and older 12″ vinyl-only tracks never before released on CD. Contributing to this compilation are not only fresh new undiscovered talent, but some of the most well respected artists in the Indy Hiphop / nu-jazz music scene: Artists such as Ohmega Watts, Kero One, Aloe Blacc, The Sound Providers, Dj Mitsu, Rashaan of Crown City Rockers, and Tableek of Maspyke just to name a few. Two brand new tracks from Ohmega Watts of Ubiquity Records, a never heard before new bossa influenced hiphop track from Rashaan Ahmad and Kero One, as well as an unreleased track from Tableek breathe fresh air into this album. Though the majority of “Kero Presents: Plug Label” is jazzy / soulful based hiphop, it also include a few nu-hiphop beats as well as uptempo latin influenced dance floor tracks that have previously only been available on vinyl.

Executive produced and overseen by label owner “Kero One”, the album strives to be more than just your average compilation. This album strives to provide listeners with quality tracks and a timeless listening experience.

K Banger – Truth Be Told

K Banger

All I Need Download
Without Soul Download
Natural High Download
from Truth Be Told (2007, Shaman Work)
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Shaman Work Recordings introduces it’s newest edition, K Banger, with his taste-maker/street teaser release “Truth Be Told”, an introduction to his anticipated solo LP and DVD “Year of the K” due for release in 2007.

Long time Scienz of Life crew affiliate and central New Jersey Hiphop veteran K Banger is far from new to the industry scene. He played the Vans Warped Tour for 2 years in row (’04 and ’05), opening for acts like X Clan, Non Phixion, and Savion Glover. K Banger has also been featured on numerous releases such as “Shaman Work Presents Family Files Volumes 1 & 2”, Scienz of Life’s “Book of the Dead” and “Diggin In The Archives”, Floyd the Locsmif’s “Divine Designz” among others. In addition, he is an audio producer for Black Entertainment Television where K’s music and voice is heard literally by millions daily. It’s evident that K Banger is definitely on the rise as one of Hiphop’s memorable figures.

“Truth Be Told” boasts production and guest features from globally renowned artists such as Floyd the Locsmif, K Dubble, John Robinson, and ID 4 Windz (Invizible Handz). K Banger’s “Truth Be Told” also introduces new and exciting talents from his Balance Project team such as Triplebeam, KR Morales, Phoenix, and producer Rickochae (all of who have extensive resumes of their own).

“Truth Be Told” by K Banger is self-explanatory: this release is truthful insight on what Hip-hop is and should be.

Planet Asia – Jewelry Box Sessions

Planet Asia

Street Hop Download
Fuck You Up
Comin’ House
G.O.D. In The Flesh
from Jewelry Box Sessions (2007, Gold Chain Music)
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Bonus: Planet Asia Interview on The Sly Show Download

As hip-hop culture progresses into its fourth decade, several artists long for the Golden Era of rap. Rappers of this time (the mid and late 1980s) strove to be the best lyricist and typically accented their wardrobes by wearing hefty gold chains, as evidenced by such MCs as Rakim, Big Daddy Kane and Slick Rick. Consider Planet Asia a torchbearer for the rebirth of the Golden Era. The veteran Fresno, California rapper’s latest opus, Planet Asia as “Medallions” Jewelry Box Sessions: The Album, will be released on his own Gold Chain Music label June 26 and reflects the innovative, lyrically advanced, thought-provoking and sonically diverse music typical of the Golden Era of rap.

Who Planet Asia is today is a rapper who is lyrically advanced in the tradition of East Coast rap while being raised on the gang-infested West Coast. His duality is reflected on the hard-hitting “Havin’ Thangs.” Produced by Da Riffs, the cut contains pounding drums and an intense piano section, making it a perfect backdrop for Planet Asia’s boast-filled raps. “It’s a perfect street single,” Planet Asia explains. “It has a West Coast feel to it, but it also has the East Coast bounce. It’s easy to mix with other songs and it has a big sound.” Now, Planet Asia combines all of his various interests and backgrounds into Planet Asia as “Medallions” Jewelry Box Sessions: The Album.