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Farewell Fondle ‘Em Fossils!

Bobbito & Fondle ‘Em

The Cenobites (Nomad 10-7 And X-74) feat. Bobbito-Kick A Dope Verse
Scienz Of Life-Powers Of Nine Ether (Distorted Views Of Life)
DJ Eli, Breeze, Q-Unique, Godfather Don, J Treds, M.F. Doom-Fondle ‘Em Fossils

from Farewell Fondle ‘Em (2001, Def Jux)

I’ve slept on my blog duty for a minute now, so here’s my latest belated contribution. In 1995 Bobbito Garcia founded the independent hiphop label, and up to 2001, he owned and operated it’s progression. It’s an infamous name of the underground, that never really got widespread shine. Bobbito and his label were responsible for introducing artists such as MF DOOM & Grimm, Scienz Of Life, Cage, The Arsonists among others.

This was obviously a label, or a collection of artists who would never get mass media attention, or heavy corporate radio rotation. And this mix marks the life and death of this weird, edgy label. There’s nothing commercial about a single facet of this mixtape from the curious freestyle from Kool Keith, or Bobbito featuring himself on the Cenobites track “Kick A Dope Verse”. Freestyles and weird interludes complete this mix, and the list of obscure artists carries on through the CD. A clear highlight is the freestyle cipher between El-P and J Treds, one half of Indelible MC’s. MHz, Juggaknots, Jakki The Mota Mouth & Y@K Ballz all also feature.

There’s no way to really describe this mix, without hearing the whole thing front to back, so I’m going to include “Kick A Dope Verse” by the Cenobites, “The Powers Of Nine Ether” by Scienz Of Life and the final track on the album “Fondle ‘Em Fossils” which features DJ Eli, Breeze, Q Unique, Godfather Don, J Treds & MF Doom!! Something to note is, none of these tracks carry a similar sound, signifying the dynamic sound of this label, no signature sound, and I think that’s dope!

Bobbito is currently launching a new label; Fruitmeat Records, and that’s destined to be the next chapter.

-Matthew Benson

A tribute to Paul C. part 1

Black Rock & Ron

Stop The World
Gettin’ Large
My Hometown
(from Stop the World, RCA 1989)

Alright, if you don’t know about the legendary Paul C by now, you probably need a late pass. I got one when I read this beautiful Dave Thompkins
piece courtesy of The Crunkster.
In a nutshell, Paul McKasty aka Paul C. aka Paul McNasty has helped to lay down the blueprint for sampling hiphop today, being Large Professor’s mentor, and would set the standards of “chopping” and “panning” drums as Premier and Pete Rock were still schoolin. His discography ranges from Ultramagnetic, Organized Konfusion, Latifah, to Rakim- talk about serious. On a personal aesthetic note, Paul C was straight bboy flava.
His approach to make cohesive and to combine different samples to create a new sound is unparalleled. On the opening tribute I feature one of the more off-the-radar groups he laced with, Black Rock & Ron. Whom the trio had made some charts in the U.K. Not so much info off hand. Enjoy.

Jamal Fades Em All


Fades Em All
Keep It Real
Genetic For Terror (feat. Erick Sermon, Redman, Keith Murray and L.O.D.)
from Last Chance, No Breaks (1995, Rowdy)

“Who the fuck wanna see JAMAL, I Fades em all!!” That set the tone for a cat who grew from a juvenile mic thug to hardcore rhymer in less than 2 years. He used to share the mic as part of Illegal alongside Lil’ Malik. Yall might remember them from such standout tracks as “Head or Gut” and “We Getz Busy”. These were the 2 cats who used to diss Kriss Kross and Quo upon command. Around 94, Jamal joined Def Squad and began work on the “Last Chance, No Breaks” effort. Jamal comes thru with a lot of energy and roughneck lyricism. The album has some stand out guests like Erick Sermon, Keith Murray, Redman and L.O.D. Even George Clinton (!) made an appearance on an album cut. The production is straight platinum underground funk with the green eyed bandit, Easy Mo Bee, Rockwilder and the funk doctor spock Redman behind the boards. Here is 4 of the dopest cuts on the album. Bump this loud while you mob down the boulevard!


The Natural

Mic Geronimo

Masta I.C. (feat. Royal Flush)
Shit’s Real
Men Vs. Many (feat. OC and Royal Flush)
Time To Build (feat. DMX, Ja Rule and Jay-Z)
from The Natural (1995, Blunt Recordings)

Whenever I think of Mic Geronimo, I think back to Kevvy Kev on The Drum and skipping school for free rides on BART to SF. Mic Geronimo struck down hard with this first effort “The Natural”, where he weaves tales of the day to day hustle on the blocks of Queens. He spits with a clean and thorough rhyming approach and is backed by some incredible production from the likes of Buckwild (Masta IC), The Beatminerz (Men Vs. Many) and Irv Gotti (Shit’s Real / Time To Build) amongst others. O.C. and Royal Flush appear on several tracks and you also get DMX, Jay-Z and Ja Rule before they blew up. That’s the Irv Gotti connection going on there. Ja was kinda aight when he was in Cash Money Clik. Some good times when this album dropped and its always good to go back and reminisce on some ol’ grimey boombap. Enjoy.


Taste The Secret… with a Meatshake

Ugly Duckling

Abigail Silk
La Revolucion
Rio De Janeiro

from Taste The Secret (2003, Emperor Norton)

Its good to know that throughout the thug mentalists and extreme braggadocio that is rampant in hiphop, There is at least a group that could sit back and laugh their ass of at everyone else. We are speaking of Ugly Duckling, who’s retro style mashes up funny 60’s parodies, 80’s old skool hiphop and fuses it with a fresh soundtrack for today’s standards. They made the playlist on many occasions on the now defunct Skratchlab Radio. Andy and Dizzy trade off funky fresh rhyme styles as Young Einstein cuts up the choiciest beats. He takes cue from many genres and backgrounds as these 3 tracks I post prove his versatility in production. They seem to be happy go lucky types who spit it the way it should be, as it happens. They worked at a fast-food spot named Meatshake and If any of you have ever worked Food Service, You’d probably have hella funny stories to rhyme about. Taste The Secret… I dunno about Meat in my Milkshake… It might be better than yours!


Fresno State Of Mind

Planet Asia

Stick & Move (feat. Prodigy)
from Medicine/Stick&Move 12″ (2005, Battle Axe)

Golden Age
from Golden Age 12″ (2003, Threshold)

Bringin’ It Back (Remix) (feat. 427)
from Bringin’ It Back 12″ (1999, Blackberry)

Someone hit me recently to do a post on Planet Asia, so here ya go homie. You all know him well… The phenom to put Central Cali on the map with his wicked rhyme flow and metaphors galore. I got his latest singles and 2 of his earlier joints. The Cali Agent music speaks for itself.


Mario Dones (Mixed by Audio1)

Mario Dones
Accidents Happen (Mixed By Audio1)

Intro (Nick Tha 1nda sings)
Mario Dones-Accidents Happen (Produced by Keelay for The Sole Vibe)
Mario Dones-Sweet 16 (Produced by Shortaay)
Mario Dones-Too Many (Produced by Classik)
Metah feat. Mario Dones-Above The Clouds (Produced by Spen for Wax Academics)
Mario Dones feat. Nxt Lvl & Eye M Woman-Rise To The Occasion (Produced by Keelay for The Sole Vibe)
Mario Dones-Tell Me (Produced by Nick Tha 1da for Eth Nick Productions)
Mario Dones-Sole Vibe Drop (Produced by Keelay for The Sole Vibe)
Slo-Mo featuring Mario Dones-Get Her (Produced by mo0 for Beat Fanatic Productions)
Brian’s Lament (Interlude) (Performed by Brian Francis)
AV featuring J Fish & Mario Dones-My City (Produced by Keelay for The Sole Vibe)
Mario Dones feat. EMS-Touch Down (produced by Keelay for The Sole Vibe)
Mario Dones-Get Loose (Produced by Zaire)
Dante Jenkins (Interlude) (Performed and Produced by Zaire)
Mario Dones-Too Many (Midnight NeMix) (Produced by NeMo for Strangaz Productions)
Chapter 13 featuring Mario Dones-Microphone Hands On Experience (Neblina Records Contest Entry)
Laif featuring Lexicon & Mario Dones-Obstacles (Produced by A Minor)
Mario Dones-Listen (Produced by Origimoz)
Mario Dones-Feels Good (Bonus Track)

So 3 weeks ago (recap), I hit yall off with an exclusive joint from my folks Mario Dones from the Soul Vibe Family, The Accidents Happen mixtape. I finally got my ass up and put together a mixed version of the Accidents Happen release. I rearranged the order of the tracks (somewhat) and came up with some smooth/clean mixes and clever blends of Mario’s instrumentals and acapellas. The interludes are straight comedy. While many albums out there are boring, Mario breaks the monotony of others by bringin’ a comedic element in with fresh rhymes and ill beats to the tables. I got to end it with yet another unreleased exclusive from Mr. Dones. Grab the Original here and check out the mixed version by yours truly. Don’t sleep on Soul Vibe family. They got some great efforts from all their members including Slo-Mo (check out his mixtape too), the awesome production styles of Keelay, Zaire, J Fish, The Whooligan and of course, The Dones MC. Visit their site for more details.