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Get ready for the Lyrical Rhyme Bomb

Blade: Rhyme Bomb
The Way It Has To Be
Born To Rule
from Rhyme Bomb EP 12″ (1997, Bomb Records)

This guy happens to be one of the dopest MC’s straight out of the UK and also a favorite UK MC to Iriscience from Dilated Peoples. Here we have Blade with the Rhyme Bomb EP. Let’s go back in time with Blade. Just 8 years earlier, Blade had made his first release and slanged it out the trunk all over the UK in a similar fashion to what Too Short and Living Legends did back in Oakland. For a while, He kept pushing his indie releases and got up to 60,000 units moved thru his DIY distributions. Then he fell off the radar to focus on his own life. His father passed away and he soon became a father so family came first. Around 97, Blade reemerged more confident than ever and hungrier on the mic. This 3 track EP was released on Bomb Records out of SF. He soon hooked up with Producer Mark B and the rest is UK Hiphop history…

Back to Rhyme Bomb.. This one is a pretty slick featuring 3 tracks, produced by 2000 Adee and Never Seen. “Rhyme Bomb” is where Blade speaks about label shadiness and how to handle your business. Real dope message to all mc’s out there. My favorite track is the second, “The Way It Has To Be” which has very similar drums used on Rasco’s “The Unassisted”. O-Dub made that comparison back in 97. “Born To Rule” is a favorite for the BBoys and heads out there who love Hiphop within the 100-120bpm range. Wasn’t I sparking off about that subject a while back? More uptempo Hiphop is needed. Check it as Blade shines on all 3 tracks.

UK comes thru with quality releases and many good MC’s and DJ’s… Maybe because in Europe, They value Hiphop culture more than we do here in America, which is a shame. At least some of us speak on the issue, rather than let it slide. This blogging thing is a good way to expose the quality music that hiphop truly is, be it yesteryear or currently. Respect everyone.


Let’s dig a little deeper

Preacher Earl & The Ministry: Return of the Body Snacha
from Return of the Body Snacha 12″ (1993, Phat Wax)

I have to admit. My posts lately havent been so on point, so I’ve decided to dig deeper in the crates for some extra niceness. Eric’s Archives did this post on the same label the release Im posting tonight came from. Thanks for the inspiration Eric. Several years back, I picked up this record from Preacher Earl & The Ministry. I have absolutely no clue where they came from but the lyrical content and beats are bangin. The beats are handled by none other than Greg Nice and boy are these really hot. Really really hot. Preacher Earl rips the mic with some crazy metaphors, Ill tales of the streets and industry shakedows. The delivery is good. Check the rock riffs and Milk D sample on the first track. Gunz has some good samples flipped. A real decent release on both sides of the spectrum. Dont take my word for it… Listen and post your thoughts. If you have anymore info, holler as well. More records to be posted.


Check the picture…
You know your a BrokeBBoy when you use Kleenex and Tape as a bandaid.

Soul Survivor

House Of Pain: Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix)
from Jump Around 12″ Promo (1992, Tommy Boy)

A.D.O.R.: Let It All Hang Out (Pete Rock Remix)
from Let It All Hang Out 12″ (1992, Atlantic)

Last week, I posted 3 tracks from 1993 and also did a small feature on Pete Rock and CL Smooth. Here’s 2 classic that Pete Rock laced in 1992 for A.D.O.R. and House of Pain. They have stood the test of time and continue to be some of the greatest beats ever produced in hiphop. Pete Rock is definitely in my top 5 producers of all time. Sorry Primo, You did your face share but you take 2nd place to Pete Rock. Swoop em up.

No scrubs… or No pigeons…

Qwest feat. Jamal:
Where My Thugs At (Original Mix)
Where My Thugs At (A-Sides Remix)
from Where My Thugs At 12″ (2001, Fierce Beatz UK)

Just wanted to do a quick post on a record I recently picked up. It’s a takeoff from the 702-Where My Girls At. Around that time, A bunch of records came out where women were dissin’ men and some cats came back at the women. This is one of them. I dont have no info on this cat Qwest, but if any of you know, holler. I heard this at a rave several years ago(believe it or not). Its hilarious and has some witty lyrics. My favorite line is, “Rule #1, Never give no girl no funds, unless she’s letting you put meat up in her buns…”… Hahaha. It’s also got Jamal on the track, some good skratchin’ on the beat and has a jungle remix on the flip. There needs to be more releases like that. I’ll dig up some more oddball stuff for the next updates. Watch out.


Im out to bomb like Vietnam….

Artifacts: Flexi Wit Da Tech(nique)
from Wrong Side Of Da Tracks 12″ (1994, Big Beat/Atlantic)

Artifacts feat. Busta Rhymes: Cmon Wit Da Git Down (Buckwild Remix)
from Cmon Wit Da Git Down 12″ (1994, Big Beat/Atlantic)

Artifacts: Art Of Facts
The Ultimate (Showbiz Remix)
from That’s Them LP (1997, Big Beat/Atlantic)

So my homie Rawj from Feenom Circle IMed me earlier today and was wondering if I had some joints he’s been interested in. Unfortunately I didnt have a couple, but alas I have some Artifacts materials in the crates. I know someone did an Artifacts post a while back (unsure who..)… Fuck It. Here’s a couple of their dope grafitti inspired blunt laced joints… Brick City Kids on a bumrush with T-Ray, Shawn J. Period, Buckwild and Showbiz on the production… That’s a straight dream team lineup right there. This was some great music from when we were all out bombing… The East Bay freeway wars…. You had HTF, MDK, 640, TBM, KOD and so many other crews bombing shit like crazy… As a special treat, I added Art of Scratch, The First track from That’s Them on the same file as Art Of Facts. Thought yall would get into it… Peace!



Ultramagnetic MC’s: Bait (Original 12″ Version)
from Critical Beatdown [Remastered] (2004, Next Plateau/Road Runner)

Here is a quick post from a guest Broke BBoy by the name of TDAWG, outta Northern VA, reppin the SewerLabs, Muzik Fiendz, Uneasy Alliance and N20, A crew I rep myself. You’ll be seeing more from Mr. TDAWG, so peep it… Go Ahead Tee!!


Like a lot of people, I first heard this on the Let’s Go/Next Plateau compilation, “Red Alert Goes Berserk” back in 1987 and to this day it still blows my mind everytime I hear it. This was my introduction to the ‘Nautilus’ bassline and everytime it was sampled after this, I thought, “Damn! They sampled ‘Bait’ (What did I know about breaks back then?). This version, unlike the one on the Red Alert LP, is the full-length. It was previously only available on a mega-rare Japanese 45 but Ultra was gracious enough to include it on the ‘Critical Beatdown’ remastered CD last year.



Funky Poets: Born In The Ghetto (Salaam Mix)
from Born In The Ghetto 12″ (1993, Sony)

Lisette Melendez feat. Greg Nice: Goody Goody
from Goody Goody 12″ (1993, Sony)

Queen Latifah: UNITY
from Black Reign (1993, Motown)

So we take it back to 1993, when a gang of good music came out. It was pretty fresh that Hiphop was Hiphop… There was really no labeling of underground and commercial, r&b and so on. Here’s some oddball picks from 1993. I wouldnt call these cream of the crop boombap styles but its some shit that would get the kids dancin… (In 2005, Does anyone dance anymore?)

The Funky Poets track is aight… I posted it mainly because, one, it was a track Salaam Remi flipped and two, its strange similarities to Pete Rock & CL Smooth’s “TROY”… Is it the bassline or the melody, You tell me. You would think Salaam and Pete were in the studio at the same time. I wonder if they even noticed back then.

Lisette Melendez came thru with her great voice and brought along Greg Nice for the street credibility. What do I know… the track stands out alone without Greg on it. It sure got people moving back then. I played a slick party up in Portland, Oregon in December 2003. DJ Magneto told me it was a straight party jams spot… These cats were droppin Funkdoobiest, Cypress Hill, House Of Pain, Das Efx and all that good stuff. To my surprise, People kept dancing and having a hell of a good time. In my set, I dropped this and PM Dawn’s “Set a drift on memory bliss” and the crowd went insane… You play this in the Bay Area and fuckers will laugh at you (unless if your Mike Relm or DJ Pone cuz their pimps like that. whats up homies!).

The last one is Queen Latifah-UNITY. Im not gonna front… She had a great music career and continues to push her talents in music, movies, tv and all that… She had some great music in her albums All Hail The Queen, Nature Of A Sista and Black Reign, as showcased on this one. U.N.I.T.Y. stands for unity….

Hiphop, Bring back some good stuff like this… and please… make sure Kanye West isnt involved with it. We need Salaam Remi’s, Pete Rock’s, Primo’s and Large Professors back in the game.


p.s. By the way, links are fixed.