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My Auntie Lives In Hackney

Our Time
Daggo Mentality
Son Of Niah
from The Sagas Of.. (2004, Kemet Ent. Records)

Coming out of East London,UK, K-lash has bascially fused the 4 12″‘s he dropped along with some new material and came out with this album. That’s fine, but it lacks a little consistency because of that. The album is a display of West Indian roots spliced with East London conditions, he vents intelligently for the most part, about the usual things that would run through a persons mind; hate, love, racism, life, death. It’s not conscious rap as we know it, it’s alot murkier. He’s frequently labelled as the underground front man for UK hiphop, and to an extent it’s true. I’d still like to hear a full studio album but for now I’ll settle for this. “Our Time” & “Daggo Mentality” are both produced by Lewis Parker, the other song I’ve included is “Son Of Niah” produced by AC.WAR.ION.

Controversially so, I haven’t put up the BIG SINGLE of this album. “It’s Murda” criminally slept on as a 12″, but heavily rotated on pirate radio is billed as being the best this album has to offer. Either way; This whole thing is a nice insight to another persons life, makes me wonder what my auntie thinks of the Hackney area.


-Matt B aka FU

Operation Lockdown for 2005

Sean Price
Onion Head
Spliff & Wessun feat. Rustee Juxx
Boom Bye Yeah feat. 5FT of Black Moon
from Monkey Barz (2005, Duck Down)

The Boot Camp Clik/Heltah Skeltah MC has at last dropped his solo
album! It’s been close to 10 years. we’ll it’s been “COMING SOON” for at least four years!, where it was listed in the liner notes of his 2001 single “Don’t Say Shit To Ruck”..

And the album emphatically delivers. Sean P has long been recognized in the underground as one who has everything an MC should; Intelligence in his lyrics, un-front-on-able voice and delivery. He’s backed by wonderous production on this. With help from legends Ayatollah and Agallah as well as relative new comers DJ Kryhsis & 9th Wonder this is a peculiar album.

I do believe a number of these tracks/verses are recycled (maybe
re-recorded) versions of ones he’s dropped on various mixtapes. There’s the GTA3 soundtrack tune ‘Rising To The Top’ and I can think of 5-6 other tracks which I’ve previously heard. If you’ve heard the ‘Donkey Sean Jr.’ mixtape then you’ve heard a large portion of this album before! There is a recycled verse on the title track!! DAMN.

The lead single is the up-beat ‘Onion Head’ produced by Kryhsis, but was all the waiting really worth it? I’m currently undecided, but here are 3 tracks for you to start making your own mind up. Show some money for the Brokest Rapped You know! Who has interview quotables like;”My label is bummed out man. That’s why my shit gonna flop cuz my label so shitty nah mean. Tours… they don’t know what a tour is. I’m lucky if I get 4 shows a year. I need somebody to hook me up with some shows man, word.” Also up there is “Spliff & Wessun” ft Rustee Juxx/produced by Ayatollah & “Boom Bye Yeah” ft/ 5Ft (of Black Moon) produced by Tone Mason.


-Matt B aka FU

What is a DJ if he can’t…

Rob Swift feat. D-styles and Bob James
Salsa Scratch
from Sound Event (2002, Sound Event)

Scratch. Let’s add on, “What is a dj if he can’t scratch on beat?” The Brokebboys will be flippin the focus (pun intended) towards the Dj’s who’ve rocked musicality and creative shit recently, whether it was bein in a live band setting or pushing the envelope on production. To set off this series we got a track that appeared off of Rob Swift’s Sound Event LP. For this song, Rob enlisted help on the cut from the always-precise D-styles, pianos from the very much sampled Bob James, the horns from Dave Guy of Dujeous?, AND his mom. Check the results, feel the groove. This ain’t no skratch practice.


Do you really wanna play it “cool” ?

Freestyle Fellowship
Everything’s Everything
Way Cool
Pure Thought
from Innercity Griots (1993, Island)

If you haven’t heard of Freestyle Fellowship by now, wake the hell up and stop sleeping! Before Aceyalone learned to Love & Hate, and way before the crew tried to come back with Temptations, you had Innercity Griots and To whom it may concern, two albums that marked a new era for underground hiphop.
I’m not gonna front like I was all there in the spot and tell you exactly how it changed…but bein a lil bboy in FL and hearin the styles comin from the lyrical hurricanes of Self-Jupiter, Acey, Mikah 9, and PEACE, I was blown out the water. classic.


PS. anyone have the hot potato remix?

06/02/05 Update
Peace to the homie Nyps for hooking up the track.
Hot Potato (Blow Up Long Version) Download

Microphone Master

Das Efx

Mobb Deep

Das Efx
Sewa/41st Side Remix feat. Mobb Deep
Dome Cracker Remix
from Microphone Master 12″ (1995, East/West)

This release comes in relation to the current post over at Rap Nerd. RapNerd#2 was discussing how he’s a big Coldplay fan and it was reported that 50 Cent was a Coldplay fan as well… Fan enough to interpolate a Coldplay song into his latest track, God Gave Me Style. Some unknown cat came up with a hiphop-ish remix of the song “Trouble” and after the hooks, the cat threw in a bit from the “Microphone Masters (Sewa-41st Side Remix)” which features the incredible vocals from the infamous Mobb Deep. This is that classic NYC style from back in 1995… Proper rhyming and choice beats from none other than Easy Mo Bee. I also included the Dome Cracker Remix, which flips the original vocals with a nicely laid back track created by DJ Spinna and Joc Max. You know what time it is with Mid-Nineties Spinna production. We all know how slept-on he is, specially with all the headnodders he concocted at the time. Anyways… Enjoy this… I didnt rip the original since I dont have much time at the moment. More hot beats from the Broke BBoys to come… Stay Tuned.


Happy Birthday to my brother Jeff. He used to rock this record alot back then.

Diversify yo’ Flows

L’Roneous Da’Versifier
A Place Called This
from Imaginarium (reissue) (2002, Six Months)

L’Roneous Da’Versifier defintely displays a more catch in his flows way better than my attempt at alliteration. (Say word) It was pretty hard picking out three tracks to rock because the album has a lotta heat–complete with the poetic cohesiveness of L’Roneous and live beat production by Dj Zeph. On first listen it’s easy to dismiss him as an Aceyalone soundalike….maybe you folks at the Bay area can help me out on the connection.

Anyways, L’roneous rips it, he has a gift of that natural flow–like you don’t even have to comprehend most of the words to feel his melodic flow on tracks like “L’chemy”. Now when you do check the lyrics, L’roneous crafts and paints his pictures clearly, reference the skills on “A Place Called This,”

Some claim to be a player, but in this game, we all pawns
All spawn, by the overlord
We overcame on a petty four-score
of ancient folklore, but the overlord kept plottin
Take, and I’ll give you all the ROTTEN things I’ve gotten
cause it’s hot, in this hell on earth
where you ain’t worth a nickel
And you can’t even see the shit that makes your cells go sickle

Get ready for the L’rony ride.


Boogie Down Doom

chillin in a bboy stance..

Money Folder Remix
from Mind Fusion vol. 1 (Stones Throw, 2005)
+ hidden exclusive

So I’m on this real old school trip right about now. Right when I heard this flip on Madlib’s recently released mix I went BONKERS. Do you know what he’s messing with? It seems Madlib has been experimentin on that 808 sound, is he samplin directly off or is he playin it himself? Who knows, but I think this joint does this justice.

The latter is a heralded bboy classic. When that use to get on, the floor use to immediately clear OUT. I cherish so many rug burns, funny freezes, and battle scars towards that song. Two mysterious producers in full effect, last I read on Mr. Parrish, he released an LP in 1997. Peace