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Memo – Lake Effect 4


In 1st Place Hook Download
Panik Likes Asian Chicks Download
Davis and Lovelace Download
from Lake Effect 4 (2007, Molemen Music)

Southside Chicago producer returns with the 4th installment of his instrumental series. More tough to identify samples chopped up & manipulated to sonic success. Hip Hop beats produced between 2002-2006 showing the elevation of Memo’s production style. 26 tracks of hardcore & soulful joints for extended playback. This is why he’ss hot!

The Chrome Children Review

Chrome Children

Koushik – None In Mind Download
MED – All I Know
Pure Essence – Third Rock
from Chrome Children (2006, Stones Throw)

Adult Swim does it again, this time with Peanut Butter Wolf presents Chrome Children and the underground power of Stones Throw. The previous time Adult Swim poked underground Hip-Hop in the eye, they used Danger Mouse and MF Doom as their accomplices, creating a new kind of sound using the duo. It was an album that was definitively Adult Swim. Chrome Children has a similar effect using less in the way of customized content and star power. Theres no cameo’s from Aqua Teen Hunger Force or beef raps with Space Ghost. This album retains the qualities of a Stones Throw album without becoming distinctive to any of the artists that are used to compile it. This album is overstuffed with its almost 20 tracks and re-played re-using a bunch of very familiar tracks. It’s recycled and compiled together to create a best of Stones Throw, 2006. not that I’m complaining, a lot of these are my favorites and some of these I’ve never heard before. This album is everything you like about Stones Throw and i mean everything. it has the instrumentals and off-key vocals, the jazz remixes, PBW’s breaks and even Quasimoto flows are in here. This album is many things to many people, and at the same time, it is an inexplicable anagram with no letters… maybe that was too artistic… But so is this album. This is a pure form Hip-Hop album from a independent Hip-Hop label intended for “head nodding” and the enjoyment of sacred hip hop.

when i first gave this album its time, i did it while walking around my neighborhood. A couple of tracks of note that i have to admit kept me head noddin in public like a crazy bum who was high on that dust were Koushik’s “None in mind” and J. DIlla’s “Nothing like this” ( originally from Ruff Draft), theres a Madvillian track to mention as well as some Jaylib content as well as a J.Rocc joint. Stones Throw is like a refuge from the idiot storm that seems to blot out the sunshine of hip hop all too often. if you feel me, pick up Chrome Children.

J-Ro / 818 Antics

J-Ro (The Alkaholiks)

That’s Likwit Download
Ho, Ho, Ho (Bad Santa) Download
from 818 Antics (2007, Juju Records)

When one drops respected names in Hip-Hop, J-Ro is up there with some of the greats. He’s been around for a very long time and to me represents an important part of Hip Hop. J-Ro represents the drunken, fun-loving, skillionaire. The name J-Ro to those who dont know could mean about as much as KRS-One to a 6 year old, but to those of us who know J-Ro, its a name associated with greats like King Tee, Ice T, and DJ Pooh. Maybe its a west coast thing, but J-Ro gets you moving in a significantly familiar way every time.

When I started listening to this, 818 Antics Mixtape, I was worried. I had just re-listened to Eat Or Die, and The Re-Up by Ras Kass (one of my favorite artists) hoping for better results the 4th time around and I was sorely dissapointed in both of those yet again. My night was about to get alot better. The 818 Antics Mixtape was a transcendent mix tape that moved itself and evolved while keeping your head continuously bobbing to the beat. At first I started to mouth the words, “It doesnt sound any different from any other Liks Album” when I realized that what I should be saying is “Thank goodness its J-Ro”. Two of the most notable tracks are “Earthquake” featuring Stylistik, and “Thats Likwit”, with honorable mentions to “Asker” and “Ho, Ho, Ho (Bad Santa)”. The Earthquake track is thrumming and thumping and gets you to kind of wake up if you werent head nodding already, Its followed directly by “Thats Likwit, A song thats only flaw is how short it is, that same flaw is shared by Bad Santa which ends the album while Asker seems long, but I found it to be a pretty relaxing song all the same.

While the music itself is by definition west coast music, This mixtape was actually put out by Swedish Indie Label Juju Records as a Download… a Free Download… like, right now… (cop it while you read on foo!)… I feel like I cant say enough good about this mixtape but there isnt much to say, I truly enjoyed myself listening to this album. I immediately put the download to disc and took it for a ride. Some of the tracks from 818 Antics will definitely be in my headphone rotations when I strike out on journeys during weekends from here on out. I’m looking forward to B-Boy Funk which is supposedly the next J-Ro effort, a full album.

Live from the 916,

Jak Danielz – Bar Hoppin

Jak Danielz

Hip Hop Manual (feat. Craig G and DJ JS-1) Download
Bullseye (feat. Buckshot and Sadat X) Download
Jak Da Ripper Download
from Bar Hoppin (2007, Bomb Hip Hop)
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Bonus: For all the DJ’s
Bullseye (Acapella) Download
Hip Hop Manual (Acapella) Download
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Jak Danielz full length album Bar Hoppin is available on Bomb Hip-Hop Records. The album includes appearances by Buckshot (Boot Camp Clik), Sadat X (Brand Nubian), Craig G (Juice Crew/Cold Chillin), DJ JS-1 (Rahzel/RSC), Lordroc , BeKay and Godfather of Infamous Mobb. The majority of the album was produced by Johnnny Walker, with guest production by Rick Budo of Bully Bulpit and DJ JS-1.

This Sicilian born, Queens native, has been representing hip-hop in it’s purest form since the early 80’s. In 2004 Jak Danielz teamed up with NYC graffiti legend and producer Johnny Walker to form Cold Heat Entertainment. Since it’s inception the Queens powerhouse has created a worldwide buzz through a blitz of mixtape, album and television appearences. Jak has contributed tracks to mixtapes and albums across the states and internationally, including major releases in the US, France, Germany, Italy, London, Belgium, Holland and Japan.

Jak Danielz has made numerous radio appearances on college radio; Sirius Satalite Radio and XM Radio, including two interviews on the ” All Out Show” with Lord Sear & Rude Jude which is on Shade 45 Eminem’s Station and Power 105.1 New York. Jak Danielz and Johnny Walkers music even popped up on The Regis and Kelly Show during a Jack Nicholas segment. During the summer of 2006, Jak won the Who Mag DVD Get Recognized contest through a collaboration with Grammy Award winning producer Mr Mig. Over the past year, Jak Danielz has performed at various clubs and venues across the country, including a memorable performance at the 2006 Independent Music Awards.

“I guess I can equate my eating problem with that of a crack fiend. Food is my crack, but the sick thing is that it is completely legal and available in its most potent forms at all times. There were times in my life I would have gladly taken a great dinner over a hot girl. When I graduated with my masters degree I felt like the only part of my life that I was unhappy with was my appearance. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t a slob, but there is only so much you can do with 350lbs.” – Jak Danielz

“A friend of mine at work had the gastric bypass procedure and dropped close to 200lbs in less than a year. His results sparked my initial interest, but I wanted to try dieting again. A couple of years went by and I developed a hernia. When I went to the doctor for a consultation, the doctor turned out to be a top bariatric surgeon. He suggested I attend a seminar and the rest was history. I guess the fact that I was going to have to have surgery regardless made my decision easier. A lot of people think that this is an easy way out. That is the farthest that it could be from the truth. I was at the doctors 3 times a week and constantly undergoing tests which were often painful and expensive. Finally after months of preparations and long battles with my insurance a date was set. After the surgery I spent about 5 days in the hospital and two weeks of bed rest at home. Within a year I lost about half of my body weight. I don’t even recognize myself sometimes! The funny thing is that growing up I used to dream of a pill that would help me get skinny, but instead it turned out to be a hernia that saved my life.” – Jak Danielz

The album drops today folks. Its Mayday 2007. Get that check cashed and cop the album!