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Paris – The Devil Made Me Do It


Break The Grip of Shame Download
The Devil Made Me Do It Download
The Hate That Made Me Download
from The Devil Made Me Do It (1990, Tommy Boy)
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This is the LP that helped usher in a new era of awareness in rap and put Paris firmly on the hip-hop map. Hard and unrelenting, this debut is considered by many to be a classic in the politically-conscious hip-hop genre. It yielded 2 top twenty singles – the politically charged “Break The Grip of Shame” and the title track. Black panther imagery and progressive thought abound here, with Paris combining ominous funk soundscapes with poignant, insightful rhymes. Check the lyrical fury of “Panther Power” and the brooding, focused anger of “Escape From Babylon”. From the waging of righteous warfare on the Yusef Hawkins tribute “The Hate That Hate Made,” which recalls his racial killing in Bensonhurst, NY, to “Warning” a brief, albeit explicit diatribe against police brutality, The Devil Made Me Do It is unrelenting in it’s pro-black, anti-establishment stance. Definitely food for thought in these troubled times, The Devil Made Me Do It dutifully maintains it’s social relevance, even thought it was initially released over 16 years ago.

Paris – Sleeping With The Enemy


Bush Killa Download
The Days of Old Download
Assata’s Song Download
from Sleeping With The Enemy (1992, Scarface Records)
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Originally slated for a pre-presidential election release in 1992, this sophomore effort by Paris was intentionally suppressed by the recording establishment until after the election in November of that year. It caused a firestorm of controversy with two songs in particular, “Bush Killa,” a revenge fantasy about the assassination of then-president George Bush (Sr.) for neglect of poor conditions in oppressed communities nationwide, and, “Coffee, Donuts & Death,” a cop-killing tirade intended to vent frustration at corrupt officers who rape, brutalize and kill black people at will. A precursor to the L.A. uprisings, this project was eventually released on Paris’ own Scarface Records after Time Warner shareholders and media pressure prevented former Warner-subsidiary Tommy Boy Records from releasing it. Unapologetic in it’s defense of free speech and oppressed communities everywhere, Sleeping With The Enemy further upped the ante for lyrical content and cemented Paris’ place as one of the most introspective poets in hip-hop. The album sits well with today’s politics (Bush Jr.) as it did 14 years ago (Bush Sr.) A truly slept on west coast album.

A New Era In Funk – Teeko


Masked Mombler Download
Five’n Download
from My Soundstation (2006, 4ONEfunk/TRC)

Innovative, Pure. Live. The eclectic sounds of My SoundStation kicks open the doors with Teeko emerging as an innovator in a new era of turntablism with a contemporary and progressive edge.

After achieving international success, acclaim and recognition for his creativity in international competitive DJ circuits, Bay area-based Teeko of the collective 4onefunk crew, felt the constraints of the battle scene closing in. His musically feral state of mind began to produce original sounds that followed no traditional composition. With a “no rules” mantra in mind, Teeko utilized different dynamics of music production, including live sound cutting, solidifying the declaration of the turntable as an instrument. The fusion of live instruments and turntable scratching emitted a hand crafted work of live, fluid art that is anything but duplicated. Teeko’s expression of music divulged what the turntable world had been missing: true musicianship. The end result is a fresh, ear-pleasing album with a wide range of styles and textures that appeals to all music lovers.

My SoundStation “represents a new time for DJs…how they create music as well as collaborate with other musicians. This album takes you on a journey through dope scratching, unique production and ridiculous live instrumentation,” proclaims fellow Dollar Bin Quintet bandmate, Max Kane. Collaborations featured on My SoundStation include Jazz saxophonist Kenny Brooks and drummer Jay Lane of Alphabet Soup and Ratdog, as well as turntable band The Dollar Bin Quintet (Max Kane, BCause, J-1, Mike Boo and Teeko). The world class musicians featured add unique flavor to this distinctive album in turntable scratch music.

Teeko’s premier album opens the floodgate to a new epoch in turntablism.

Oh No!

Oh No

Smile A Lil Bit (feat. Posdnuos) Download
Lights Out (feat. Frank N Dank) Download
Gets Mine (feat. Buckshot) Download
T. Biggums Video
from Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms (2006, Stones Throw)

It was around the age of 11 when making beats won out over video games to become Oh No’s most obsessive pastime. Over the years, as the Cali-bred b-boy honed his skills of rhyming and producing, it became obvious that – like his brother Madlib (iconic hip-hop maestro), his father Otis Jackson (cult ’70s soul singer) and his uncle Jon Faddis (renowned jazz trumpeter) – Oh No would go on to pursue the family business of music.

Oh No debuted as a producer and MC in his own right with The Disrupt, his 2004 full-length on Stones Throw Records. With recent beat production on the albums of fellow Oxnard, CA-based MCs Wildchild, MED and new signee Roc ‘C’, Oh No has probably logged more beats on Stones Throw releases than anyone else besides Madlib. In recent years, Oh No has carved out a funky style related, but distinct, to that of his famed sibling, as magazines like XXL, The Source and URB have all attested. A landmark collaboration with jazz/funk legend David Matthews (arranger behind many of James Brown’s finest albums) at last year’s Red Bull Music Academy – where Mr. Matthews composed an orchestral piece based on a single Oh No beat – hinted at the scope of things to come from the young underground impresario.

The hip-hop world can now witness Oh No’s musical vision with Exodus Into Unheard Rhythms, a unique concept album made of beats derived solely from Galt MacDermot samples. Known primarily as the composer of the late-’60s smash musical HAIR, Galt MacDermot distilled the essence of R&B rhythms and Broadway melodies into a unique and potent groove for the Age of Aquarius. After his breakthrough hits from HAIR, MacDermot perfected his sound throughout the following decades on his own imprint, Kilmarnock Records, backed by longtime collaborators, jazz/funk drumming legends Bernard Purdie and Idris Muhammad. MacDermot offered Oh No access to his huge (and still growing) catalog of music for his work on Exodus.

Once he put his own sonic stamp on the composer’s inimitable material, Oh No pitched the 70-plus beats he made to the MCs in his network. A formidable cast heeded his call to lyrically bless – from veterans like De La Soul’s Posdnuos and DITC legend A.G. to current indie powerhouses like Murs and Vast Aire. Longtime Oh No comrades like LMNO, M.E.D., Aloe Blacc, Wildchild and Dudley Perkins do their parts, while appearances from Buckshot of Black Moon and Wise Intelligent of Poor Righteous Teachers lend additional weight to the all-star cast. While he only touches the mic on three tracks here, Oh No’s production efforts alone prove that he is one of those musical mavericks who – like Galt – hear the unheard rhythms first, and lead the way for the rest.

Oh No feat. Dudley Perkins and Georgia Anne Muldrow – T. Biggums

Drunken Immortals

Drunken Immortals

Hot Concrete Download
Real Life (feat. Abstract Rude) Download
from Hot Concrete 12″ (2006, Universatile Music)
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According to the ancient Chinese legend, the Drunken Immortals were invited to attend a banquet in an undersea kingdom. At the banquet, they became drunk and wild. All of the kingdom’s guards attacked the Drunken Immortals, but the immortals created an impromptu style on the spot and defeated the guardsmen.

Allying themselves with hip hops underground movement, the Drunken Immortals have decided to forge their own independent path towards recognition within the music industry. The impromptu style the Drunken Immortals have created is composed of live band instrumentation with turntable percussion and sampling, while being fronted by two hip hop emcees with the verbal tenacity to battle the best of them. With thousands of tour miles behind them, the Drunken Immortals are ready to make the leap from being a national success to a worldwide contender. The Drunken Immortals have aligned themselves with some of the west coasts most influential emcees and producers, and their message has been spreading like wildfire.

This multifaceted ensemble of musicians and rhyme crafting emcees have been creating their unique styles since 1999 when the Phoenix art and music scenes began to make noise, We met at Sub Society skate shop at a time when Tempe was really blowing up with art and music, like a renaissance- shit was crazy, says drummer/producer Foundation. Emcees Mike Cause and Brad B first crossed paths while attending the conservatory of recording arts when they decided to share their gear to work on one of Brad Bs projects. They ended up in a studio where there just happened to be a guitarist and drummer sitting around, and as Foundation puts it, Mike Cause had always dreamed of playing with a full live band. Those recordings became the first Drunken Immortals sessions put to tape, and lit a candle that would begin to burn much brighter for this seven man group bent on bringing the best of both worlds to an eager audience. The group is very adept at weaving the melodies of live instrumentation within the realms of the poetry being dropped by Mike Cause and Brad B, and one element never seems to overpower the other. This attention to detail comes from the groups relentless ability to hit the road, Besides the legendary group of weeklies weve been a part of for the last six years, we have done over 20 national tours and we toured all over Europe for a month, says the groups DJ, Pickster One. The groups process of spreading the D.I. gospel and listening to both Drunken Immortals albums makes it abundantly clear that this group takes the DIY punk philosophy to heart, Yeah, we have always been very community based and see ourselves as a hip hop group that is mad funky, says percussionist Scott White who recently finished a nationwide tour playing alongside DJ Z-Trip. With the ability to touch on everything from political strife to living life in the valley of the sun, Drunken Immortals possess the type of versatility that every well rounded group of artists needs to keep listeners hooked. The groups local popularity is reflected in their awards for best Hip-Hop group in Phoenix by the Phoenix New Times, which they won by popular vote in 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2006. DI also received best Hip-Hop band in Arizona by the Arizona Republic for 2003 and 2006.

Drunken Immortals have recorded with a number of the underground hip hop worlds heavy weights, such as: 2mex, AWOL ONE, LMNO, Existereo, Sleep, Danu, Grayskull, Abstract Rude, Blacksheep, DJ Drez, and Josh Martinez. If the past is any indicator for what will lay ahead, then the prolific nature and impromptu styles of the Drunken Immortals will keep their sounds inside stereo speakers for many years to come.

Police brutally attack Seattle’s DV-ONE and his Daughter

The scars of police brutality

Original Message from dieselco:
DV ONE is a good friend of mine who I have known for over 10 years. Not only is he a friend, but he is someone that I’ve looked up to growing up. He’s been a staple in Seattle’s hip hop community and has always given back. DV is a part of the DVS Crew and the legendary ROCK STEADY CREW, and dj’s at a club I promote here in Seattle. I thought I’d share this w/ you guys, and maybe you can post this in other places b/c this incident went unreported by the local media. We need mass media attention on this and public pressure for things to go in favor for my friend.

Built on the firm beliefs of practice makes perfect, and you have to work for what you want, DV One has become a mainstay in the Hip Hop community at large. Since 1993, DV has utilized his finely tuned skills on the wheels of steel to reach the masses. As an integral member of the legendary Rock Steady Crew. His talents will also be used by the National Football League this season as the official DJ for the NFC champion Seattle Seahawks! DV One has proven that he is here to stay. He can be seen rocking Seattles hottest night clubs on the regular, including the legendary (and packed to capacity weekly)Yo Son. The night was highly successful on Sunday nights at Chop Suey, and in early 2004 was moved to Saturday nights at Neumos. Its new home is at the war room on Harvard & Pine. You can catch DV One on tour throughout the US annualy with Vinyl Kombat. Vinyl Kombat is the only major battle that features head to head competitions.

DJ DV One beaten by Seattle Police Department

DJ DV One’s account:
On September 15, 2006 at around 7:30pm I went to memorial stadium to pick up my daughter (Andrea Christian) from her high schools football game at memorial stadium. Upon my arrival I quickly located Andrea and directed her to the car so we could leave. As my daughter walked away (toward the car) I stayed behind and chatted with a friend briefly before being interrupted by one of Andrea’s friends, Adreianna Holmes.

Adreianna said “Toby, the police have Andrea!” and I should go see what was going on. As I went over to the scene I noticed Andrea being held by the police in an arm lock and being shoved repeatedly against a parked car by a police officer, while another officer stood guard. I approached the scene and was immediately stopped by the female police officer who said I couldn’t go over there with her hands outstretched blocking. I identified myself as the parent of the child being detained and the officer said “so what!”

The female officer then reached for her flashlight and pulled it out. I put my hands up, and backed off saying whoa, whoa, and she responded with “oh so you’re gonna hit me?” and immediately radio’d the all call “officer assaulted” after sending the radio to other officers she proceeded forward rushing in toward me swinging, the officer detaining my daughter pulled out his firearm as more officers swarmed in. I turned my back avoid being shot, hit, or grabbed. I was then slammed to the ground by two officers, handcuffed, kicked in the head (approx 20x), body and limbs repeatedly, berated and tazed at least twice, while already subdued on the ground.

The kicking and stomping of my head and body continued while I was being handcuffed, ridiculed, and humiliated in front of my daughter and many onlookers. Another officer grabbed my hand while I was cuffed pushing my wrist down and shoving my arms upward in some type of judo move, while telling me he would break my arm for hitting his female officer. I was then left on the ground while being searched and stood over by several police. When I was brought to my feet my shoulder felt dislocated, my face was bloody, my eyes and head extremely swollen, and body bruised from the police beating.

The officers then asked me how I liked being tazed and if it “felt good”. They then told me “this is going to be another felony on your record” and “you’re going to prison now boy”. After that I was rushed to a nearby police car. I was sat down to watch the officer who originally detained my 14 year old daughter proceed to grab, slam, scream and continue to berate her, blame her for what happened to her father.

The situation culminated with Andrea and Adreianna being handcuffed and taken into custody. Andrea is a honor student who recently graduated from St. Therese School, and a first week freshman at Franklin High School. She has no criminal record, respects authority, and goes to school everyday with a big pink tinkerbell backpack. Andrea is clearly not a threat to anyone’s safety, especially the police.

What happened to us that night was an obvious abuse of power. It was unjust, brutal and an easy civil rights violation. My beating and most certainly the abuse received by my daughter was unprovoked and completely unnecessary.

Civil rights are a thing of the past here in America. Please spread the word. This was an unjust act by the police against DV One and his daughter. Make the police explain their actions…. Totally unnecessary brutal force.

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Dan The Automator / Hieroglyphics New Video

Hiero just finished the new video for the first single from Dan The Automator’s new album “2K7”. “Don’t Hate The Player” is a wild ride with one of independent Hip-Hop’s staple formations. Casual, Del The Funky Homosapien and A-Plus are in top form, bouncing with ease on Dan’s beats. The album is out today!!

Dan The Automator
Don’t Hate The Player (feat. Hieroglyphics) Download / Video
from Dan The Automator presents 2K7 (2006, Decon)