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Starving Artists Crew

Starving Artists Crew
Artistry Original
Four Square
Four Square (Remix)
from Artistry Original 12″ (SAC Records, 2001)

Throughout the monotony of most hiphop releases, past and present, every so often you get one release that blows the rest out the frame. Here I present the 4 man crew outta Michigan named Starving Artists Crew. Like most groups, Their hustle started really early with self-released singles and an album that got them praise all over the world, including a feature track on a Stealth Magazine compilation which drew more attention to them.

This release here features 3 hot tracks. Artistry Original is a n incredible bboy type jam with beats driven by SP and cuts by Eduardo Scizzahandz. What you notice with this and the other tracks is the chemistry between the 3 mc’s, SP, Brainstorm and IQ. It has that old skool feel with lots of rhyme trading and clever punchlines, without overdoing it. Not to mention the beatwork is amazing, with great boom bap drums, catchy melodies and clean turntablism. The 2nd track on the single is Four Square, which is driven by IQ’s production and Tekayone’s skratches. Thes One from PUTS makes a cameo on this track and only make it that much hotter of a release. If the cameo wasnt enough, Thes One lends a remix of Four Square (which is the 3rd track) for this release, putting yet another funky twist to this 12″.

This is the release that gained them the most recognition with mixtape play, making radio playlists and reviews in Elemental and URB Magazine. It also sold a respectable amount in Japan, where they feel Hip Hop way more than we do in the states. If more releases were just like this, I’d be that much a happier Hip Hop head.


I’d like to give a shoutout to all the hardworking hip hop audioblogs out there. Big thanks to Soul-Sides and Cocaine Blunts for setting it off proper, inspiring us and alot of the blogs that sprang up… Peace to The Rookie, Can I Bring My Gat?, Free Motion, Steady Bootleggin’, Eric’s Archives, Ear Fuzz, Moist Works, Weekly Vinyl. Treat Williams, The Low End Theory, Rhyme Crime Boss, The Rap Nerd, Digital Bombing, Funk Digital, Notes from a Different Kitchen and newcomer, The Perfect Beat. Peace to all audioblogs.

BE is not a classic album….

“Yo Audio1, get a haircut… least you got that Common on vinyl.”

Reminding Me (of Sef)
1’2 Many…
from One Day It’ll All Make Sense (1997, Relativity)

This week was a blur. My company is moving locations so I spent all week packing and moving. 4/20 came and went… Everyone skipped work to get high (Gee, Why didnt I do that??) I’m proud to say that as of 4/20/2005, I have spent 7 years without smoking weed. Hooray for me. Peace to the cheeba cheeba heads. Here we are… I Woke up today and knew an update was extremely needed. We did a Common post recently but I got caught up listening to the “One Day It’ll All Make Sense” album to compare to the new “Be” album… There is alot of progression from album to album. I think this one was the most slept on of all Common albums. I digged up the vinyl and set the camera on auto… As you can see, It’s a bad hair day!

Remindin’ Me (of Sef) is a smooth hiphop joint featuring the sultry vocals from Chantay Savage. Producer Ynot laced the beat, flippin Lowrell’s “Mellow Mellow, Right On” , which was also sampled Prince Markie Dee, Zhane and Massive Attack.. wassup Earfuzz… It’s a feel good track where Common reminisces about the good times of the past with his past away friend Sef. The B-Side is the mixtape burner, 1 ‘2 Many… with Dug Infinite on the production and Common rhyming away about wack MC’s and images people want him to portray when all he wants to do is survive and be himself. This 12″ is a good one to have. Peep it.


God Connections – Al’ Tariq

Al’ Tariq
Think Not
Peace Akki (feat. The Beatnuts)
from God Connections LP (1996, Correct)

Tax day is here and this BrokeBBoy aint feeling it… Funny, My state has no funds for education and public services but we have to pay dues to fund a war that kills innocent people overseas.. Right…. Sorry, Rant of the day. Call me a commie.

Yall might remember him as The MC formerly known as Fashion, from The Beatnuts fame. They laced some ill production and remix work for groups like Da Lench Mob, Jungle Brothers, Naughty BY Nature, Monie Love and Cypress Hill amongst others. They flipped the mics on and unleashed verbal weaponry on the Intoxicated Demons EP in 1993. At that point, A series of events changed Fashion’s fate… Fashion was arrested and jailed on a drug charge then went into hiatus for 3 years. He changed his name to Al Tariq after converting to Islam and began work on his solo project, God Connections.

This here is the lead single from God Connections. Al’s delivery is smooth over Beatnuts production, with its mixture of street tales and knowledge… I never understood why he’d go solo and have his old crew do the beats.. anyways. The Hook says it itself..

“All around the world they sling rocks and lick shots /
Everywhere you go, same thing, connect the dots THINK NOT? /
Stop what you thinkin, stop all that fussin /
The shit is all the same and that’s the point of this discussion… /”

While Think Not is a hot track, The B-Side is my favorite. Peace Akki features the Beatnuts on the mic. Psycho Les sets it off with some classic lines…

“Straight out the ruggedest streets /
we bless you with the ruggedest beats /
To bang speakers through the metro got you petrol /
Once my tec blow, hollows at yo’ project-o”

What else is expected from these veteran beatsmiths. Overall a great record with well balanced production and lyrics. I still believe that Al’ Tariq should have stayed with The Beatnuts. His 2 projects, God Connections and Kool Fresh, were really overlooked by many. He did come back with some hot projects like Missin’ Linx (Al’ Tariq, Black Attack and Problemz) and some more solo bizness. If anyone has any, Holler. Have a good weekend.


When you google the name Al Tariq, the first response you get is
الطريق موقع الحزب الشيوعي العراقي

Music we played on Skratchlab – Mannish

Mannish feat. Real Thorough
Expect That (Bird Mix)
Expect That (B-Zar Mix)
from Audio Sedative LP (1995, Correct)

A quick rundown of Skratchlab.. Nicdgreek and I did this incredible lil radio show for over 2 years on Live shows on Tuesdays then on Mondays. 2 years nonstop and along the way we pushed some boundaries as to what music we can play as opposed to what was in at the time and what made you seem real underground or not. In my collection of records comes this precious piece of vinyl from a dope group outta LA named Mannish.

Im unsure as to how I found out about em, I think It was a review in some LA Clubber magazine, the name escapes me, but the reviewer said you had to cop it, especially with Bird on the production. Bird?? That name sounded familiar to me because of previous works with other west coast hiphop groups. Please fill in the blank if yall got anymore info on Bird….

So anyway, I pick up the single, Expect That, featuring the vocals of Mc’s Jekill, Jive and their guest, Real Thorough. Incredible find. The moment you hear it, You think west coast hiphop. It has no gangsta elements to it whatsoever, with some great rhyming and lyrical skills. The Bird mix is really dope with a pitched down Kool Keith sample and lush jazzy production, flippin the King Crimson’s In The Wake of Posseidon. The B-Zar mix takes a different take and the Kool Keith sample is more noticable. Regardless, Pick your mix, both satisfy real well that itch for classic west coast funkyness. In early 1996 saw the release of their album, Audio Sedative, which also featured hot tracks like “Jive U The Mann” and one we played frequently on Skratchlab, “Tasha’s Room”…

Some incredible bits of info about Mannish… The guy who laced the skratches was none other than DJ Nu-Mark. He’s been putting in work for ages and even got credited on the record sleeve… Kinda neat. Mannish MC Jekill came back in 2002 under the name 13 and dropped the hot underground single , Clear The Spot, which was also in our Skratchlab rotation… 13 has done some other stuff. anyone got some, Post it up.

The most bizarre thing about Mannish is the producer B-Zar. His real name is Paul Balthazar Getty. If yall dont know who he is, He was the main character, Ralph, in the movie Lord Of The Flies. He’s also starred in other flicks like Young Guns II, Natural Born Killers, Mr. Holland’s Opus and Ladder 49. He produced 9 tracks on the Audio Sedative album… Kinda trippy where people come thru like that. Anyways. Enjoy the tracks.. I’ll dig in the crates for more hotness by tomorrow. The homie Matt B has another update coming up, Leo is working on some more updates and well be gathering a dope lil tribute to a very underated producer… Well leave you to wonder til then..


“I’m Ralph and I produced for Mannish”

Have you ever reached a level of assassination?

Funkytown Pros
White Green Stream / Download
Satisfaction Stream / Download
Fallin Stream / Download
from Reachin a level of assassination (1991, Island)

The Funkytown Pros apparently tried to with some precision production and anti-capitalist bombs…”America’s so twisted/slit-wristed/I can’t see how you enlisted” from Satisfaction. Check the imagery. Made up of MC Boiwundah and producer Devastatin aka The Rhythm Fluctuator. They hailed from LA and were down with Def Jef which probably explains the heavy “east-coast” flava comin out from cali. Personally I think Boiwundah’s style fits better uptempo like the song “Fallin” but I guess stickin with one bpm wouldn’t make me a Funkytown Pro. Peace


Urban Thermo Dynamics

At BrokeBBoys, We like to hand over the site to folks who wanna showcase good music. If that’s is you, Holla and we’ll get ya on a guest post. Tonight we got a guest who goes by the name of Matthew B, reppin outta Fulham, London UK. One my coo homies from Internetland…. Take it away Matt and GOOOO CHELSEA!!!



Urban Thermo Dynamics
Manifest Destiny
Moon In Cancer
My Kung-Fu
from Manifest Destiny (1994, Indie)

Here’s a few tracks from the ’94 release from Urban Thermo Dynamics’ “Manifest Destiny”. Helped by his brother DCQ and his younger sister Ces, Mos just blesses everything vocal on this album. It’s a little appreciated gem…. Perhaps because the album never had an official release, despite the group being signed to Payday Records, one of hiphops mysteries.

“My Kung Fu” was their debut single, and became anunderground classic. For me the overall sound of this particular song encapsulates 90s hiphop. The title single is another of many classic songs featured on the album. Also it was the follow up single to “My Kung Fu”. The album is filled with raw melodic production, main contributers are Diamond D & Showbizz. The feel of the album never falters. And other dope trakcs such as “Moon In Cancer” and “Like That” make this a certified classic. And that’s that.

-Matt B

Living Legends before conception

Log Cabin
Melancholy Manuscript
from Log Cabin (Self-released, 1991)

What’s up,

Here’s some music from the Log Cabin Project I came across recently. I don’t know too much about the Legends other than some work of Grouch and Eligh. But this sound takes me back to the days when I was just fiendin rap music beyond Tag Team and Hammer, replacing them with Hiero, Freestyle Fellowship, Project blowed, Of Mexican Descent, Beneath the Surface comp, the Skratch Piklz, Beat Junkies….

Growing up in Florida, I complained for days to music stores how come none of them knew. I knew I was livin on the wrong coast. So, I still say this to all you westcoast mofos… you’re all SPOILED dammit!! Feel free to drop your knowledge on this crew. Enjoy, oh and is that a Nirvana sample? Nice.


Thanks to Cult Status for the following 2 Living Legends tracks… We’ll host them since yousendit expires after 25 downloads. Good looking out homie!

Put It Down (??)
Wish You A Good Day