Starving Artists Crew

Starving Artists Crew
Artistry Original
Four Square
Four Square (Remix)
from Artistry Original 12″ (SAC Records, 2001)

Throughout the monotony of most hiphop releases, past and present, every so often you get one release that blows the rest out the frame. Here I present the 4 man crew outta Michigan named Starving Artists Crew. Like most groups, Their hustle started really early with self-released singles and an album that got them praise all over the world, including a feature track on a Stealth Magazine compilation which drew more attention to them.

This release here features 3 hot tracks. Artistry Original is a n incredible bboy type jam with beats driven by SP and cuts by Eduardo Scizzahandz. What you notice with this and the other tracks is the chemistry between the 3 mc’s, SP, Brainstorm and IQ. It has that old skool feel with lots of rhyme trading and clever punchlines, without overdoing it. Not to mention the beatwork is amazing, with great boom bap drums, catchy melodies and clean turntablism. The 2nd track on the single is Four Square, which is driven by IQ’s production and Tekayone’s skratches. Thes One from PUTS makes a cameo on this track and only make it that much hotter of a release. If the cameo wasnt enough, Thes One lends a remix of Four Square (which is the 3rd track) for this release, putting yet another funky twist to this 12″.

This is the release that gained them the most recognition with mixtape play, making radio playlists and reviews in Elemental and URB Magazine. It also sold a respectable amount in Japan, where they feel Hip Hop way more than we do in the states. If more releases were just like this, I’d be that much a happier Hip Hop head.


I’d like to give a shoutout to all the hardworking hip hop audioblogs out there. Big thanks to Soul-Sides and Cocaine Blunts for setting it off proper, inspiring us and alot of the blogs that sprang up… Peace to The Rookie, Can I Bring My Gat?, Free Motion, Steady Bootleggin’, Eric’s Archives, Ear Fuzz, Moist Works, Weekly Vinyl. Treat Williams, The Low End Theory, Rhyme Crime Boss, The Rap Nerd, Digital Bombing, Funk Digital, Notes from a Different Kitchen and newcomer, The Perfect Beat. Peace to all audioblogs.

  1. i have always heard of the starving artists crew, i just never had the opportunity to hear em, thanks for the tracks, keep to postin these hot tracks so i can continue to call you the dopest hip hop mp3 blog on the internets

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