BE is not a classic album….

“Yo Audio1, get a haircut… least you got that Common on vinyl.”

Reminding Me (of Sef)
1’2 Many…
from One Day It’ll All Make Sense (1997, Relativity)

This week was a blur. My company is moving locations so I spent all week packing and moving. 4/20 came and went… Everyone skipped work to get high (Gee, Why didnt I do that??) I’m proud to say that as of 4/20/2005, I have spent 7 years without smoking weed. Hooray for me. Peace to the cheeba cheeba heads. Here we are… I Woke up today and knew an update was extremely needed. We did a Common post recently but I got caught up listening to the “One Day It’ll All Make Sense” album to compare to the new “Be” album… There is alot of progression from album to album. I think this one was the most slept on of all Common albums. I digged up the vinyl and set the camera on auto… As you can see, It’s a bad hair day!

Remindin’ Me (of Sef) is a smooth hiphop joint featuring the sultry vocals from Chantay Savage. Producer Ynot laced the beat, flippin Lowrell’s “Mellow Mellow, Right On” , which was also sampled Prince Markie Dee, Zhane and Massive Attack.. wassup Earfuzz… It’s a feel good track where Common reminisces about the good times of the past with his past away friend Sef. The B-Side is the mixtape burner, 1 ‘2 Many… with Dug Infinite on the production and Common rhyming away about wack MC’s and images people want him to portray when all he wants to do is survive and be himself. This 12″ is a good one to have. Peep it.


  1. I totally feel you about this album. Some heads felt like he sold out with this one, but I always thought there were some nice gems on it, and pump it from time to time.

  2. I always liked this album…Common was alot better with No ID, Dug Inf & Y-Not on the boards. Not to mention all 3 could rhyme when Com needed a guest spot (Y-Not ripped it on his 2nd LP)

    what happened to these guys by the way?

    • Anonymous
    • April 26th, 2005

    it might be cause I only have this on tape but commons voice sound pitched up on 1,2 many. I thought the song was slower.

  3. Yeh I am waiting for Common to team back up with No ID… The first joint Corners off the new album has a great drum break, and the intro Be is nice, but the album it self is ehhh… He is lacking something he had with resurrection, One Day it Will All make Sense, and even Like Water for Chocolate

  4. BE cannot be Resurrection b/c this is 2005. Its that simple! !Southside smash u sissies!

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