Urban Thermo Dynamics

At BrokeBBoys, We like to hand over the site to folks who wanna showcase good music. If that’s is you, Holla and we’ll get ya on a guest post. Tonight we got a guest who goes by the name of Matthew B, reppin outta Fulham, London UK. One my coo homies from Internetland…. Take it away Matt and GOOOO CHELSEA!!!



Urban Thermo Dynamics
Manifest Destiny
Moon In Cancer
My Kung-Fu
from Manifest Destiny (1994, Indie)

Here’s a few tracks from the ’94 release from Urban Thermo Dynamics’ “Manifest Destiny”. Helped by his brother DCQ and his younger sister Ces, Mos just blesses everything vocal on this album. It’s a little appreciated gem…. Perhaps because the album never had an official release, despite the group being signed to Payday Records, one of hiphops mysteries.

“My Kung Fu” was their debut single, and became anunderground classic. For me the overall sound of this particular song encapsulates 90s hiphop. The title single is another of many classic songs featured on the album. Also it was the follow up single to “My Kung Fu”. The album is filled with raw melodic production, main contributers are Diamond D & Showbizz. The feel of the album never falters. And other dope trakcs such as “Moon In Cancer” and “Like That” make this a certified classic. And that’s that.

-Matt B

  1. feelin this. Im gonna add the reissue of they album to the long list!

  2. Yeah, got a copy of this off the internets last year. Straight fire. The raw feel is what it’s all about. The girl Ces keeps up with the guys all the way. She doesn’t mellow the album, she’s all edge herself. Definitely a good album to check out if you can get your hands on it.

  3. Props again for a dope post, fellas. Hope the link on my site gets you some referrrals.

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