Living Legends before conception

Log Cabin
Melancholy Manuscript
from Log Cabin (Self-released, 1991)

What’s up,

Here’s some music from the Log Cabin Project I came across recently. I don’t know too much about the Legends other than some work of Grouch and Eligh. But this sound takes me back to the days when I was just fiendin rap music beyond Tag Team and Hammer, replacing them with Hiero, Freestyle Fellowship, Project blowed, Of Mexican Descent, Beneath the Surface comp, the Skratch Piklz, Beat Junkies….

Growing up in Florida, I complained for days to music stores how come none of them knew. I knew I was livin on the wrong coast. So, I still say this to all you westcoast mofos… you’re all SPOILED dammit!! Feel free to drop your knowledge on this crew. Enjoy, oh and is that a Nirvana sample? Nice.


Thanks to Cult Status for the following 2 Living Legends tracks… We’ll host them since yousendit expires after 25 downloads. Good looking out homie!

Put It Down (??)
Wish You A Good Day

  1. Log Cabin (if I’m not mistaken) consisted of Eligh, Murs, Scarub & Radioinactive…maybe Basik was there too…

    but word…they were dope on their limited resources

    btw…Melancholy Manuscript & Sunspray were on the “Bac For No Good Reason” EP from Murs

    • MJ
    • April 4th, 2005

    All I know is when I moved to the Bay in ’92, I saw Mystik Journeymen perform EVERY time I went to a Hip Hop show. Grouch had a dope song ’bout getting his electricity cut off, that’s my only other early LL memory. And PSC went to Fairfax High in L.A.

    For real, that’s it…

  2. a couple of my fav grouch tracks…


    Title: Put it down (??)

    Title: Wish you a good day


  3. ‘Sunsprayed’ is a classic, straight up.–>

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