God Connections – Al’ Tariq

Al’ Tariq
Think Not
Peace Akki (feat. The Beatnuts)
from God Connections LP (1996, Correct)

Tax day is here and this BrokeBBoy aint feeling it… Funny, My state has no funds for education and public services but we have to pay dues to fund a war that kills innocent people overseas.. Right…. Sorry, Rant of the day. Call me a commie.

Yall might remember him as The MC formerly known as Fashion, from The Beatnuts fame. They laced some ill production and remix work for groups like Da Lench Mob, Jungle Brothers, Naughty BY Nature, Monie Love and Cypress Hill amongst others. They flipped the mics on and unleashed verbal weaponry on the Intoxicated Demons EP in 1993. At that point, A series of events changed Fashion’s fate… Fashion was arrested and jailed on a drug charge then went into hiatus for 3 years. He changed his name to Al Tariq after converting to Islam and began work on his solo project, God Connections.

This here is the lead single from God Connections. Al’s delivery is smooth over Beatnuts production, with its mixture of street tales and knowledge… I never understood why he’d go solo and have his old crew do the beats.. anyways. The Hook says it itself..

“All around the world they sling rocks and lick shots /
Everywhere you go, same thing, connect the dots THINK NOT? /
Stop what you thinkin, stop all that fussin /
The shit is all the same and that’s the point of this discussion… /”

While Think Not is a hot track, The B-Side is my favorite. Peace Akki features the Beatnuts on the mic. Psycho Les sets it off with some classic lines…

“Straight out the ruggedest streets /
we bless you with the ruggedest beats /
To bang speakers through the metro got you petrol /
Once my tec blow, hollows at yo’ project-o”

What else is expected from these veteran beatsmiths. Overall a great record with well balanced production and lyrics. I still believe that Al’ Tariq should have stayed with The Beatnuts. His 2 projects, God Connections and Kool Fresh, were really overlooked by many. He did come back with some hot projects like Missin’ Linx (Al’ Tariq, Black Attack and Problemz) and some more solo bizness. If anyone has any, Holler. Have a good weekend.


When you google the name Al Tariq, the first response you get is
الطريق موقع الحزب الشيوعي العراقي

    • Anonymous
    • April 15th, 2005

    wow, this album was great, i need to break this out soon

    dont know how it was so overlooked, great production and really hot songs

    what was kool fresh? looks like it has the same songs as ‘God Connections’

    another good thing about this album was ‘problemz’ damn that dude could rap…what’s he up to?

  1. Problemz did a track with DJ Honda on his first joint…I always thought he ended up with Terror Squad or something. This album is fresh though, I actually have been playing it alot lately

    ps Audio 1 I thought “Do Your Thing” was the lead single off the album….oh well…


  2. hey X
    you might be right… I just remember picking this one up.

    • Anonymous
    • May 9th, 2005

    I just found out yesterday, that there’s like a 95% chance that this guy is my half brother. Life is funny.

  3. The whole album is great. Too bad I slept on it when it originally dropped, but now 8 years later, it’s been on heavy rotation with me. Now in these times of weak hiphop it’s easy to appreciate a banging album such as God Connections.

    — I’m on a roll, commenting on all these old writings 🙂

    • Anonymous
    • November 23rd, 2005

    last I heard of al tariq was on a track with british producer mark b- called ‘no question’ or something similar, really heavy tune- beat suits his voice very well. ‘ay yo, there ain’t..no…fuckin’…questions…’

  4. I’m really confused here. I have been a huge Kool Ass Fash/Al Tariq fan since the Beatnuts days, and I have never heard of “Kool Fresh” until today, and everything I dig up on it makes it seem like it’s nothing but 8 tracks off of “God Connections”. What gives?

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