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GOAT – Greatest Of All Time

Lets talk props and due credit. Todays word is GOATs. Goats is an old school terminology meaning greatest of all time (for those scrappy buster types that just don’t get it). and everyone has their idea of who the goats are. Some goats rules are more strict than others. The grading curb is always different for different people, but one thing us hip hop cats love is to find out who someone else thinks is the goats and to tell others who we think the goats are so we can talk and argue about it over and over again.

Theres a lot of underground cats out there now and we’ve heard some sick ones, but in general, not excluding the underground cats or the popular cats, Who are you feeling as being above the others? Who are your top 10 greatest alive, and it doesn’t have to be just underground, We’re talking all around emceeing. Who’s got all the elements? Who’s got the flow and skills and keeps your neck movin? I don’t care how old they are, All they have to be is still alive or else me and Audio1’s list would look like, the RIP best list.

I posed the question to Audio1 a couple days ago, “Who is your current goats list?” and we couldn’t come up with enough or we came up with waaay too many. So i’m going to drop it on the readers.

Give us the top 10 of your goats. Imma take those 10 and then level it out and tally it up as to who showed up where and how many and we’re going to come up with the BROKE BBOYS  TOP 10 GOATS and then Imma bug Audio1 to make a “Broke BBoys Top 10 GOATs Mix”…


iCON the Mic King’s Reintroduction Mix Tape – Mixed by Fishr Pryce

iCON the Mic King & DJ Fishr Pryce
The Reintroduction Mix Tape
Download (SendSpace)

A few words from our close homie Fishr Pryce on this release:

“So some of you all might know that I am the Tour DJ for Philly’s iCON the Mic King, and we figured that it was time that I did a mix tape for him. Since we are on the verge of the 3rd Renaissance of hip hop, It was only right that with this mix that we Re:Introduce you all to 2 of the people who are trying their best to make this happen. This mix should have dropped last week, but it was put on halt due to the untimely death of some one close to my family, Ms. Rita Barge, so I am dedicating this to her. Unfortunately in trying to rush get this mix out as soon as possible, I left 3 tracks out. Don’t be surprised if you see an amended mix out pretty soon as well. For what its worth I still feel this is a solid mix, and I hope you all enjoy it.”