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John Robinson

John Robinson

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from The Leak Edition Volume 2 (2006, Shaman Work)
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John Robinson is a one man Hip Hop whirlwind and the storm of creativity is no more so evident than on his latest long playing offering The Leak Edition Volume 2. Inspired lyrics and deft delivery flow over beats from the finest producers including Madlib, MF DOOM, ta’Raach, Ammon Contact, Flying Lotus, Wale Oyejide and more… At 19 tracks deep, You also get a lot for your money. Give Leak Edition 2 an hour or so of your time and JR is likely to become your new favourite MC.



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from Gumbo (2006, Public Transit Recordings)
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This is the long awaited debut full-length album from Voice called Gumbo. Reconnecting with her New Orleans roots “Gumbo” represents the many facets of this talented emcee. Early 2006 has been one busy time for Voice, her razor sharp delivery is featured on the new Visioneers LP Produced by Marc Mac – 4Hero (BBE Records). She’s also featured on new Zero DB LP (Ninja Tune) kicking it on a jazzy vibe. On Gumbo, Voice displays her lyrical versatility rocking her impeccable flow over 15 tracks produced underground beatmakers Marc Mac (4Hero), Moonstarr, Murr and Arch Typ.

Growing up the daughter of a classically trained jazz singer and an actor, it seemed inevitable for Voice to express herself through art and music. Voice gravitated towards her love of Hip Hop culture at an early age, studying the pioneers like Public Enemy, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, The Pharcyde, Eric B. & Rakim, MC Lyte, KRSONE and many more blasted beats and consciousness that crept into her headphones through the years. Inspired by them and more recent movers like Bahamadia, Big L, Aceyalone and Medusa, Voice strives to channel the passion, commentary, innovation and delivery that made them great into her own style and flow on the mic.

Voice’s combination of conscious lyrics and classic beats will make her a force to be reckoned with. This woman has flow, style, and wit for days. Gumbo takes the listener on a journey, from hip hop to nu jazz and all points in between, not an easy feat for any emcee, but Voice’s effortless delivery meld perfectly with the infectious beats that will be ready to bring any party some serious HEAT!!

Voice’s conscious words are mixed in to induce emotions guaranteed to get your headnodding. This New Orleans based emcee has boundless energy and enthusiasm for Hip Hop and this is only the beginning!

Loer Velocity

Loer Velocity

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World of Poverty Download
from Ready for A Renaissance (2006, Embedded Music)
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When I think of “Renaissance” I think about that golden age when art, scholarship and the like appeared for the first time to enlighten the populace, challenging everything it once knew. In a time where Jurassic 5 is collaborating with Dave Matthews and appearing on the local alternative station, I was hoping for some good, old-school hip hop when I was assigned to review Loer Velocity’s first solo album, Ready For A Renaissance. I was ready for smooth beats, clever rhyming and poetic lyrics-something with a nod to Digable Planets’ lyricism, the speed of Blackalicious, and maybe a smoothness of vintage soul.

Loer Velocity’s voice is melodious, the beats are effortless, and his lyrics are real. “Renaissance Man Intro” sets the tone. Loer Velocity is not going to be in blackface performing what he thinks we expect from him. From “Nuth’ns” to “A-Z,” I was not disappointed. He’s not trying too hard – like it seems nearly every other artist is.In “Get The $,” he says, “I’m forever counting pennies when I recollect/ still my bank account is slim lookin’ kinda suspect/ keepin’ up with the joneses polish my rep.” Loer Velocity goes on to the perils of daily life: hitting the snooze alarm, being late to the minimum wage job and blaming it on a late train. He continues this theme in “World of Poverty.” This is not a man hiding behind a grill and a bottle of Cristal. This honesty that life is hard reminds me of classic KRS-One.

So I got what I wanted in this record – a down-to-earth lyricist telling me the truth but not begging me to feel sorry for him, a different beat with each track and poetic rhymes. “Convo Piece” is my favorite. “Lately I’ve been feelin’ kinda introverted/ and you might not fully get it by the way that I word it/ but I’m do my best to let you see in my window” and “I’ve been searchin’ deep within my soul” are not lyrics of some cocky guy trying to sell you his CD to promote his blinged-out lifestyle. He’s just inviting you in while he figures things out. And this record is a renaissance – an artist admitting that he is that average American and that he’s not living the lifestyle we see on Cribs.

A great set of tracks to put on at the end of a long day. Either listen to the lyrics and think a little deeper, or simply sit back and enjoy the beats. (Leigh Medina)

Frank N Dank

Frank N Dank

What Up Downlaod
The Hustle Download
from XTended Play Version 3.13 (2006, Needillworks)

When you’re the protégés of arguably the most sought after hip hop producer not named Pharrell or Kanye (read: Jay Dilla) the stakes is high. Over the last four years, global rap enthusiasts have reached orgasm via Detroit-bred Frank and Dank 12” singles. That’s not debatable. But what’s their formula? Well, for starters, they’re uninhibited like Paris Hilton on them bootleg love tapes, but in the musical sense. Yep, there’s a reason their “Take Dem Clothes Off” (ABB) single generated international DJ and chart accolades without a video or CD release.Not to mention undeniable rhyme chemistry built up over 20 years of friendship sure as hell don’t hurt on the mic. “Pause” from Jay Dilla’s popular 2001 Beat Generation series album Welcome 2 Detroit perfectly demonstrates why Frank is the Yin, to Dank’s Yang. And lastly, because F&D rhyme about female attraction (often) and clandestine street activities (honestly), they tend to get respect from the thugs who buy 50 Cent or Jay-Z records. Unlike the growing legions of emcee’s who boast about their ‘hood exploits—from their 25 room house in Forest Hills—F&D have always come off as credible slum correspondents, laying out the template for future Detroit player / hustler-cum-emcee’s looking to get over. “What Up” features production from Lancecape while “The Hustle” features Stones Throws’ own Oh No at the helm. Two-way your peeps ‘cause resistance to one of Detroit’s finest musical exports is futile.

Frank N Dank – What Up on YouTube

Jaylib/Sittin’ on Chrome/Children

Jaylib (J Dilla & Madlib)

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from Chrome Children (2006, Stones Throw)
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Cartoon Network & Turner Broadcasting’s popular late night animation network Adult Swim have collaborated with indie label Stones Throw – presented by the album’s executive producer, Peanut Butter Wolf. Chrome Children contains brand new and exclusive material including MF DOOM and Madlib as Madvillain, the late J Dilla, Madlib (solo), J Rocc of the World Famous Beat Junkies, Percee P, and other Stones Throw all-stars. The retail CD is packaged with a DVD: MF DOOM and Madlib headline a live hip hop show as Madvillain. The full length concert video is produced and edited by Adult Swim. Chrome Children will be followed up with a nationwide, 17-date tour by Madlib and other key artists from the album. Take a sneak peek (see below)

Chrome Children on YouTube

AG – Get Dirty Radio


Frozen Download
HipHop Quotable (feat. Aloe Blacc) Download
from Get Dirty Radio (2006, Look Records)
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Both New York and San Francisco have professional sports teams named the Giants. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that legendary MC AG—aka Andre the Giant—recorded his latest album, Get Dirty Radio, the first single from which is in your hand now, 3,000 miles away from his South Bronx birthplace, in California. What is a surprise, however, is that while longtime collaborators Lord Finesse and Showbiz appear on Get Dirty Radio, the majority of the tracks were crafted by producers the rapper’s never worked with before, including Jake One, Dabrye, Tommy Tee, Oh No, Look Records head honcho DJ Design, and— representing somewhat of a hip-hop head’s wet dream—Madlib and J Dilla.

“That’s gonna let em know right there,” AG predicts. “Those are two guys who carried the tradition of digging in the crates, and DJ Design linked me up with them, so it’s like the old legend with the new kings … The album is crazy.”

On the Madlib-produced “Frozen” (the album’s first single), AG proves he’s still got the verbal skills that made him a legend: Niggas say we real cause the way we got down/ From the streets to the industry locked down/Plot now on the world that’s the next stop/ Ladies listen cause I’m known to hit the wet spot. The DJ Design-produced “Triumph” bears much personal significance for AG, who’s overcome many trials and tribulations in his life, from a murder charge (since overturned), industry-related politics and the tragic death of his good friend Big L. On the track, he pays homage to his fallen comrade, declaring Big L will never be forgotten, then goes on to say, the Big Apple, I eat it rotten/ Just to keep it poppin’. Another unquestioned highlight is one of J Dilla’s last production credits, “Hip Hop Quotable (feat. Aloe Blacc), a brilliant track which traces the history of hip-hop through its more memorable lyrics over the years, and finds AG up in the lab, stabbing that pad with a pen again.

Rhymes and Beats – Episode 21


HipHopCast #21 10/09/06
Audio1 & Special Guest – DJ Slin

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Method Man feat. Ol Dirty Bastard – Dirty Mef
Termanology feat. Papoose and Lil Fame – Watch How It Go Down (Remix)
Paris – The Days of Old
Shabaam Sahdeeq and DJ Revolution – Rise Up
The Raw Dialect Crew – We
Scienz of Life – Exclusive Rights
Keith Murray – My Style Is Incredible
DJ Slin (Tallinn, Estonia)
A-Rühm – Popmuusik
DJ Critikal – Digi Glove
Tommyboy – Egotripp
Noizmakaz – Miski Muu Ei Loe
Põhjamaade Hirm – Keegi On Keegi
Noizmakaz & G-Enka – Pühapäevasuitsetajamemuaarid
Põhjamaade Hirm, s’Poom, Mig-L, Mistisii, Stupid F, Riku, Metsakutsu, Nyaga, WST, Reket, Wild Disease & G-Enka – 12MC’s
Metsakutsu – Mis Tegelt Toimub (Radio Mix)
A-Rühm – 65
ETVKork, Patron – Allilma Patrioot
Noizmakaz feat. Põhjamaade Hirm, Skazo & Jilio – Tänava Sümfoonia II
Skazo – Gde Respekt?
DJ Critikal – Suveõhtud Lahtise Aknaga Virmalises

Another good episode set off with some fairly newer hiphop cuts and a classic throwback from Paris. DJ Slin, 16 year old Phenom from Tallinn, Estonia is our special guest on this episode, putting Estonian hiphop on the global map here on the Rhymes and Beats HipHopCast. You get the best of the best from Estonia featuring production from DJ Critikal (Estonia’s best producer / equivalent to a DJ Premier), Alko, Wiz 1, Chalice, ETVkork and many others. Contact DJ Slin via Myspace and check out his crew Twstr and Siege websites. We bring you the best hiphop from all corners of the world. If you would like to showcase a set of hiphop from your neck of the world, please get in contact. I dont understand what the heck they are saying but hiphop is a universal language. Some seriously dope beats tonight. Enjoy this extraordinary episode.