Music we played on Skratchlab – Mannish

Mannish feat. Real Thorough
Expect That (Bird Mix)
Expect That (B-Zar Mix)
from Audio Sedative LP (1995, Correct)

A quick rundown of Skratchlab.. Nicdgreek and I did this incredible lil radio show for over 2 years on Live shows on Tuesdays then on Mondays. 2 years nonstop and along the way we pushed some boundaries as to what music we can play as opposed to what was in at the time and what made you seem real underground or not. In my collection of records comes this precious piece of vinyl from a dope group outta LA named Mannish.

Im unsure as to how I found out about em, I think It was a review in some LA Clubber magazine, the name escapes me, but the reviewer said you had to cop it, especially with Bird on the production. Bird?? That name sounded familiar to me because of previous works with other west coast hiphop groups. Please fill in the blank if yall got anymore info on Bird….

So anyway, I pick up the single, Expect That, featuring the vocals of Mc’s Jekill, Jive and their guest, Real Thorough. Incredible find. The moment you hear it, You think west coast hiphop. It has no gangsta elements to it whatsoever, with some great rhyming and lyrical skills. The Bird mix is really dope with a pitched down Kool Keith sample and lush jazzy production, flippin the King Crimson’s In The Wake of Posseidon. The B-Zar mix takes a different take and the Kool Keith sample is more noticable. Regardless, Pick your mix, both satisfy real well that itch for classic west coast funkyness. In early 1996 saw the release of their album, Audio Sedative, which also featured hot tracks like “Jive U The Mann” and one we played frequently on Skratchlab, “Tasha’s Room”…

Some incredible bits of info about Mannish… The guy who laced the skratches was none other than DJ Nu-Mark. He’s been putting in work for ages and even got credited on the record sleeve… Kinda neat. Mannish MC Jekill came back in 2002 under the name 13 and dropped the hot underground single , Clear The Spot, which was also in our Skratchlab rotation… 13 has done some other stuff. anyone got some, Post it up.

The most bizarre thing about Mannish is the producer B-Zar. His real name is Paul Balthazar Getty. If yall dont know who he is, He was the main character, Ralph, in the movie Lord Of The Flies. He’s also starred in other flicks like Young Guns II, Natural Born Killers, Mr. Holland’s Opus and Ladder 49. He produced 9 tracks on the Audio Sedative album… Kinda trippy where people come thru like that. Anyways. Enjoy the tracks.. I’ll dig in the crates for more hotness by tomorrow. The homie Matt B has another update coming up, Leo is working on some more updates and well be gathering a dope lil tribute to a very underated producer… Well leave you to wonder til then..


“I’m Ralph and I produced for Mannish”

  1. I remembered them performing on the horrid Magic Johnson Show alongside David Faustino. Yes, Bud Bundy (AKA Mixmaster Ice for those who remember their Married With Children trivia). I think they were on Bud’s record label or something.

  2. This helps to make some sense of that Everlast shout on the first House of Pain LP: “To my man Balthazar Getty and the 13th Nation” or some such. I always heard he was on some music ish but never knew how/where/what.

  3. Yeah… 13th Floor was the band B-Zar was inwith David Arquette. funny shit eh? and to psylent jay.. it wasnt mixmaster ice… it was Grandmaster B… peep it….

    BUD Let the record show that I was wetting the screen with my tongue to clean it. To
    continue, chicks love new blood, so I’m assuming a whole new identity. As of now my
    story is that I’m a bad boy rapper from the streets of New York. Goodbye Bud Bundy,
    hello Grandmaster B.

    hahaha. Mixmaster Ice was from UTFO.

  4. Props for unearthing the Mannish…

    Correct Records had a couple more nice releses before it folded.

    And, even stranger, B-Zar is actually one of THOSE Gettys…as in oil, gas stations, museums, foundations, stock photography, mansions in Pacific Heights, and whatever else you wanna say about their billions. Strangest of all, B apparently refuses to accept any family money.

    • glavet
    • April 13th, 2005

    Didn’t 13 do a track called “Slow Burnin” around 2000? I have a copy of that around if that is him that I can upload somewhere. I liked that track alot and was looking for some more from him, but finally gave up

  5. Yeah, and he had one more 12″ as 13 soonafter, but Slow Burnin’ was the nicest.

  6. post up a link ( and we can host it right after…

  7. I remember Audio 1 giving me a mixtape with Mannish on there like in 96…then I heard Tasha’s Room on the local mixshow and I had to cop this album. I got the CD and most of the album is pretty good, the intro sounds like you are playing a level boss on a videogame heh…

    • glavet
    • April 17th, 2005
  8. The producer Bird is most notable for his work in Western Hemisfear…that early Ras Kass crew. “Remain Anonymous” b/w “Won’t Catch Me Runnin” are Bird production classics. A year or two later, he laced Chino XL with some production work on “Here to Save You All” (can’t remember which tho). Obscure, but dope.

  9. that slow burnin track…what album is that from…I know the MC is Jekill from Mannish but what album is it?

    Did mannish drop another one?

  10. Great stuff. When I was doing college radio, the 13 ‘Slow Burning’/’Cannibals’ got much play. That shit was in my crate for a couple months. I like that B-Zar mix alot. Props for alerting me who made it. I wouldve never known.

  11. That sounds dope, is there anyway to hear it?

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