Pick A Bigger Weapon

The Coup

We Are The Ones
My Favorite Mutiny (feat. Black Thought & Talib Kweli)
from Pick A Bigger Weapon (2006, Epitaph)

A homie online by the name of Morten put the track “We Are The Ones” best as “This beat is so fucking sick. I bet George Clinton is mad jealous he didn’t make it.”

Underneath the corny moniker Boots rhymes the ghetto necessary evils he can “survive without legal permission” declarin “we the have-nots, but we also the gone-gets”

Yo I’m not gonna lie this beat reminds me of a some messed up 80s pop song gone mad, Boots’ third verse is the joint “we like free speech but we love free cable, we’re taught from the cradle the bill gates fable which leads to high speeds and buick LaSables”

Morten also commented on “My Favorite Mutiny” as being “The best posse track in years. The beat is flawless and all 3 emcees comes correct. Boots steals the show which is pretty damn hard when you share a track with Black Thought.”

Boogaleo back in the house. So he’s Kunta Kente with a MACK-10, Boots Riley back with some sick relevant flow. This combo track fits the Coup style pretty well–I see the beat like everyone on a march holdin some crazy lyrical ammo–check Kweli “I’m untanglin the black mind interwined like the ropes they used to hang us with” and Riley’s attempt to mobilize “if we waitin for the time to fight, these is thems/tellin us to relax while they ease it in:

Let’s hope with revolutionary MC’s we get some revolutionary fans and communities. Pick your favorite mutiny. Grab the album… It dropped today!

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