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The Rhythm Natives

Three days ago I got an email from the manager of the Rhythm Natives and something stopped me from deleting it with the refuse I get from the music industry all day. I was feeling especially bitter since I missed the Chino XL show this past weekend, but when i gave this a listen to the Rhythm Natives I got my mood adjusted. I haven’t heard anything like these guys since the late 90’s when everyone was trying to play live instruments. While that trend died down, a lot of talented groups still do it and it’s becoming more common in what remains of hip hop to see actual bands as opposed to a couple guys pacing back and forth across the stage trying to keep their pants up and jumping around like idiots. As an “official” adult, nothing is more attractive to me than a group with skills, talent, and above all class. I find myself highly interested in the music of the Rhythm Natives and ill be anxiously awaiting their album drop on the 19th.

Check out this little introductory movie they sent me and you can decide what you think. Myself, I’m really digging it and i hope to catch them the next time they come through Nor Cali.

For more music and information about the Rhythm Natives:
Check out their website:
Check out the album teaser on Bandcamp.
Cop the album on the 19th.

5 O’Clock Shadowboxers + Has Lo

5 O’clock Shadowboxers + Has-Lo

No Fury (Zilla Rocca Remix) Download
How Do You Feel Download

Fresh off the hype of Zilla Rocca and Douglas Martin’s “The Slow Twilight”, Here’s a B-Side from the 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers remixed by Zilla himself so y’all don’t forget that Doug isn’t the only slamming producer out of the duo. In addition, We got a new joint from Has-Lo produced by DJ Soulclap.  Great vibe for those late-summer blues and BBQs… Enjoy.

Slaughterhouse (The Super Group)

The Mixtape
Download Here (via megaupload)

Now when I’m talkin about street-hop, I keep talkin about Crooked I, and burning copies of The Block Obama. When I’m not doing that, I keep talking about Royce and burning Bar Exams (1 & 2) for people. When I’m not doing that I’m talking about Joel Ortiz and burning whatever i got on him. Then i get to yackin about Joe Budden and that brings me to the other day when i was talkin to a kid and he was like; “man, you’re hollering at me like im the congregation but you’re not even in church”. He put me up on Slaughterhouse. I knew about slaughterhouse, but the last mixtape they did was one new song and like all of thier old seperate material from previous mixtapes, it wasnt that hot, it was just a bunch of stuff i already had. Now this was a whole new deal and it was thick with new materials. How do i feel now?

Joell Ortiz, Royce Tha 5’9, Crooked I, Joe Budden + Together = SLAUGHTERHOUSE

So heres what you need to do. you need to cop this mixtape and get ready and pray and stuff. If the album comes out its going to be sick and you’ll all need days of bedrest and medical attention like you got the swine flu. Heaven forbid you’re in mexico or this might kill you.

1. (00:03:55) Slaughterhouse – Wack Mcs
2. (00:04:17) Slaughterhouse – Fight Club
3. (00:03:28) Slaughterhouse – Bout My Money
4. (00:04:05) Slaughterhouse – Blood On The Wall
5. (00:05:20) Slaughterhouse – If You Ever Hear Me *
6. (00:05:11) Slaughterhouse – Part Of Me
7. (00:05:29) Slaughterhouse – Onslaught
8. (00:02:15) Slaughterhouse – Memories
9. (00:05:24) Slaughterhouse – Pain In His Life
10. (00:03:53) Slaughterhouse – Shake This
11. (00:03:33) Slaughterhouse – Crooked Go Hard *
12. (00:07:50) Slaughterhouse – Move On
13. (00:03:40) Slaughterhouse – Covering The Classics Pt. 1
14. (00:03:22) Slaughterhouse – Hottest In Da Hood
15. (00:04:03) Slaughterhouse – 3 Bitches
16. (00:06:50) Slaughterhouse – Slaughterhouse *
17. (00:01:24) Slaughterhouse – Crack A Brooklyn Bottle
18. (00:03:34) Slaughterhouse – Go To Hell
19. (00:01:26) Slaughterhouse – They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y)
20. (00:03:55) Slaughterhouse – Too Soon
21. (00:02:28) Royce Da 5’9? – I’m the Shit Fool! (Interlude)

The starred tracks are particularly ill.
Do you not understand? you’re still reading?

Are The FundaMentals back for 2009?

King Koncepts – Remember
Project: Ambershine
(Kemetic Suns, 1997)





King Koncepts

King Koncepts

King Koncepts

King Koncepts

Kemetic Suns

Kemetic Suns

Kemetic Suns

Kemetic Suns

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Evidence – The Layover EP


The Layover Download
From Whom The Bell Tolls (feat. Phonte, && and Will.I.Am) Download
from the forthcoming album The Layover (2008, Taylor Made / Decon)

“Backpack sucked, then Backpack was cool, then Backpack sucked again, now Backpack is cool gain. Alternative was wack now Alternative is better. All I know is I do what I do. Im not Hipster, Im not Gangsta. If its a Backpack, I gotta buy one, ‘cause I dont own one. Im doing Progressive Hop. Its a new genre. Put it in your iTunes.” – Evidence

Black Pegasus – The Black Mexican

Black Pegasus

Rep That (feat. Chino XL & Liquid Assasin) Download
from The Black Mexican (2008, Brass Knuckle Ent)
Buy at iTunes Music Store

* Mile High Mixtape review in Scratch Mag 8/2007
* Cover story of the Gazette 8/2007
* Featured in Billboard Magazine 6/2006
* Advertised in URB Magazine 2005-2007
* Denvers Best MC voted by the Westword 2005-2006
* Colorado Springs best MC by the Gazette 2006
* Scribble Jam finalist 2003
* Denver’s Jay-Z Roc the Mic Champion 2003
* Featured on NBA Jams 2 for Play Station and X-Box 2002
* SXSW Show case artist 2001-2002
* Featured on MTV’s Road Rules and The Real World 2002-2008

Colorado is one of the spots that I’ve had the honor to DJ and rock the clubs at. My extended family is out there, Klutch Beat Bootique (EsChinoRey, Brandon Lee, Tee Trance, DJ Blend, DVDJ G-Funk and TONE MC), The Radio Bums, DJ Amen, Soundssupreme, The Family Affair crew. One day, Im chilin with my peeps EsChinoRey and DJ Blend at a local DJ Store… Chino & I are over there juggling and skratching up some beats… I was like, “Yo Im feeling this, Whos rapping?” He says “Its my homie Black P aka The Black Mexican”.

Black Pegasus (born Robert Houston II) hails from the Mile High State and he’s ready to show the world that Colorado is on fire! He began his career in 2001 when he took a trip to the SXSW with his longtime producer/friend Base Jase. They had the opportunity to meet Chuck D of Public Enemy, who immediately cosigned their music as hot, Even playing their tracks on his Bring The Noise radio shows. The rest you can say is history.

A seasoned rhymer, He’s performed and battled across the US, including his infamous battles at Scribble Jam 2003 (where he battled under the alias Yo Mamas Pimp) and winning Jay-Z’s Rock The Mic battle in Denver, in front of 20,000 people. He’s shared the stage with Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Nas, 50 Cent, Redman, Method Man, Immortal Technique & Atmosphere to name a few. The dude caters to all types of hiphop fanatics, from the backpackers to the thugs. Black P’s unique style and passion for writing heart felt music has made him a trend setting pioneer in his region.

When I first sat down and heard the entire album, It reminded me of acts like Defari, Crooked I and Strong Arm Steady. Black P has a real smooth delivery and hard unrelenting lyrics, mixing politics with punchlines and speaking his mind on everything from the economy, racism, women, success and street life. It is also no gimmick that he truly is 1/2 Black and 1/2 Mexican. This album is his first foray into showcasing his latin side by spitting lyrics in both English and Spanish. He does really well to captivate that sound, once championed by legendary MC’s like Kid Frost and the Funky Aztecs, but with 2008 sensibilities. The soundtrack he spits over is phenomenal, with most of the production by his producer Base Jase and 3 cuts produced by Max Mercy and Kajmir Royale. There are flavors on here for days, Street cuts (Mile High Club), Underground hiphop cuts (Rep That), Club Bangers (Loca Loca) and even some more melodic/love cuts (Cant Stay Around).

Colorado is an area with alot of great talent, yet no one has blown the region up on a commercial and mainstream level. Black P might just be the MC to break the mold. He continues to work on music and you can find him hosting some of the best hiphop events featuring touring acts across the Mile High state. The Wet Black is here to stay. Step your bilinguals up.

Understudies Crew – Class In Session

Understudies Crew

Alvazan Download
Just Do It Download
from Class In Session (2008, Indie)

So these guys send me an email and I looked at it like, “WTF”. There’s not much to it, Just a link and a request to “Please listen to my” promo. Well, Far be it from me to turn down new music. So I unzip it, Stop listening to “The Block Obama” for a few and start listening to this here at work (That’s an on-the-spot response). Before long I feel myself head nodding and smiling at what I’m hearing. Understudies are about the second grassroots hip-hop group I’ve heard in so many days.

They’re a bunch of guys from the SF Bay Area making core style hip hop with, what sounds like, the slimmest of resources and a lot of talent. I really enjoyed this promo-album. Again it was a refreshing breath of uncontaminated oxygen in a world of pollution and garbage. The group dropped some nice lyrics and as I’ve said before to my boy Audio1, They reminded me of some of the cool sounding, off-kilter-flow, stuff that we used to hear in the early 90′. Also, Its free underground hip hop, You’ve got nothing to lose here. I hope to hear more from these guys in the underground.

Cop the FREE promo HERE
Visit / Support them HERE