HipHop & Death

Jedi Mind Tricks – Death Falls Silent (Interlude)
The Notorious BIG – Ready To Die
7L & Esoteric feat. Celph Titled – Murder Death Kill
Vakill – Sweetest Way To Die
Necro feat. Sabac – Death Rap
Scorazayzee – Hero’s Die

It seems like HipHop and Death are the recurring motif nowadays. I was going to post some Proof stuff… I was going thru the old Eminem/Proof freestyles from The Wake Up Show and Westwood’s Rap show but I said fuck it. The dude didnt do much for hiphop to be given a big shoutout. Sorry if I sound so cold about it, but unlike J Dilla and Professor X, who both suffered from health ailments, Proof lived the lifestyle that lead to his death. He’s dead and it’s done with. My bookie friends are already taking bets on the next dead rapper. I leave you with some random cuts that deal with some form of death. My picks are the Vakill and Scorazayzee joints!


  1. “The dude didnt do much for hiphop to be given a big shoutout.”

    Shit Audio, you’re right about that…Dude was packin’ and that lifestyle usually equates to a dirt nap. Um, I was reading another blog and they were talking about getting on Proof’s bandwagon now that he is gone…whatever…it sucks that shit happened and his friends and family are actually suffering now…violence begets violence…
    Oh, that shit about Proof was in the newspaper…but Jay Dee wasn’t…Professor X wasn’t…what about their contributions…cold, cold world we live in Audio, don’t you think?

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