Born Unique rocks the mic

Born Unique

What Would You Do feat. Lonnie B >
from Phila Flava – A League Of Our Own Vol. 2 (2003, Phila Flava)

All For The Cash (Freestyle) feat. Doujah Raze
from White Label 12″ (2003, White Label)

Virginia w/ Doujah Raze, Thad Reid and Disko Dave
from Doujah Raze – Virginia 12″ (2004, Trilogy Records)

Me and You feat. Cassie
from Me and You (2006, OK Kid Ent.)

Hailing from the Commonwealth state of Virginia, Born Unique has lived a life nothing short of unique. Known by many for his aggressive nature throughout ciphers in locations you would not take your grandmother to or the countless mixtape appearances he has made such as the NBA All Star Weekend Mixtape hosted by the drama king himself, Kay Slay. Born has kept his name and his crew Ok Kid Entertainment as the topic for discussion anytime Virginia hip hop was mentioned. Matter of fact it would be unjust to mention VA hip hop and not mention Born Unique or Ok Kid in the same breath. Whether it was the times when Born opened up for artist such as Mobb Deep and Immortal Technique or when he captivated five thousand plus at the 2002 Rock Steady Anniversary in NYC, or rocking for 50 people in your local hole in the wall hip hop venue, Born left you with a distinct impression for those in attendance.

Over the last few years Born Unique’s following has emerged in a cult like fashion after his countless mixtape appearances and 12 inch features. In 2003, ‘The Dedication’, his collaboration with Doujah Raze and OC (DITC) released by Trilogy Records climbed the industry charts all the way to number one in all major publications. The feat was accomplished again in 2004 with Doujah Razes follow up single ‘Virginia’. Also that year Born did the unthinkable and released two mixtapes, ‘Support My Habit’ and ‘Howard Homecoming Havoc’ on the same day garnishing critical acclaim and helped solidify his reputation in the Washington DC Metro region. Born Unique’s upcoming mixtape, ‘Bad News Born’ is hosted by Ghostface’s DJ and 3 time Justo’s Mixtape award winner, DJ J-Love. With production coming from hip-hop heavyweights Domingo & Scram Jones as well as up and coming producers Shuko, Dox One, Gadget & Guns N Butter, expect nothing short of the raw unadulterated boom-bap.

Make sure to cop Born Unique’s new Mixtape “Bad News Born”.

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