The Bayliens – Crop Circles (Album Review)

The Bayliens
Crop Circles (2007, LivenFire Records)
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The Bayliens album was given to me by Audio1, for the single purpose of reviewing on Friday. Since then, I have bumped it salaciously all over my neighborhood. Now that its Sunday, I am at home somewhat tired and recovering from over drinking and being mind-controlled by these Bayliens. I can finally write this review. This is hot. The album is completely submerged in the Bay Area sound and the album itself matures more as it goes closer to the end. Its been a while since I’ve been the ride for the night out and havent changed a CD. My favorite moments were getting the comments “WHO IS THIS? What is this song?” When I’d twitch the volume to red on Ol Boy Ol Boil, Night Life Hookup, or Get Gone… I would write more, but as Ive said, Im recovering.

-Timm (Live from the 9-1-6)

    • Tmack
    • June 25th, 2008

    this is a dope album. i got love for the bayliens music. you have the same favorite songs on the album as me too. that song “get gone” with delinquent monastery is really dope. they do a lot of shows with the bayliens and are ill performers. you should check out delinquent monastery’s album “streets of rage” because the delmon crew is coming up. also san quinn, hieroglyphics and the coup rep that bay area shit to the fullest.

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