Cap D – Return Of The Renegade

Cap D

Game In The Mic Download
Rock Me Download
from Return Of The Renegade (2007, All Natural, Inc)
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Solid solo hip hop from Cap D, aka Capital D of All Natural — possibly the most pointed and rugged work we’ve heard from D — one of the deeper thinkers on the scene to say the least! All Natural, both the core duo and the Family Tree related releases on the All Natural label, aren’t afraid to rely on a varied approach on any given full length, from a soulful style, to a freer Native Tongues sense of adventure, to a more rolicking straight up boom bap, the latter being the overall feel of this particular gem. We’ve never been let down by an All Natural, Inc release and Cap D’s Return Of The Renegade is on par with the best of them! Nice stuff, with some subtle Asian string accents in spots that recall the early Wu vibe without ever feeling like a throwback. Production by Cap D, All Natural partner Tone B Nimble, Yuani, Maker, J Rawls and Ozone with appearances by Rhymefest, Iomos Marad and others. Titles include “Return Of The Renegade”, “Blow”, “Bright Lights”, “The Answer” feat One Be Lo, “Game In The Mic”, “Street Knowledge”, “Ups & Downs”, “Nickel & Dime” feat Iomos Marad, “The Come Up” feat Ali, “Destiny” feat Rhymefest & Cuttness Tone, “Shabazz” ahnd Adrenaline Rush feat Makestik Legend. COP IT!

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