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5 O’Clock Shadowboxers + Has Lo

5 O’clock Shadowboxers + Has-Lo

No Fury (Zilla Rocca Remix) Download
How Do You Feel Download

Fresh off the hype of Zilla Rocca and Douglas Martin’s “The Slow Twilight”, Here’s a B-Side from the 5 O’Clock Shadowboxers remixed by Zilla himself so y’all don’t forget that Doug isn’t the only slamming producer out of the duo. In addition, We got a new joint from Has-Lo produced by DJ Soulclap.  Great vibe for those late-summer blues and BBQs… Enjoy.

iCON the Mic King’s Reintroduction Mix Tape – Mixed by Fishr Pryce

iCON the Mic King & DJ Fishr Pryce
The Reintroduction Mix Tape
Download (SendSpace)

A few words from our close homie Fishr Pryce on this release:

“So some of you all might know that I am the Tour DJ for Philly’s iCON the Mic King, and we figured that it was time that I did a mix tape for him. Since we are on the verge of the 3rd Renaissance of hip hop, It was only right that with this mix that we Re:Introduce you all to 2 of the people who are trying their best to make this happen. This mix should have dropped last week, but it was put on halt due to the untimely death of some one close to my family, Ms. Rita Barge, so I am dedicating this to her. Unfortunately in trying to rush get this mix out as soon as possible, I left 3 tracks out. Don’t be surprised if you see an amended mix out pretty soon as well. For what its worth I still feel this is a solid mix, and I hope you all enjoy it.”

Hezekiah – I Predict A Riot


I Predict A Riot Download
Looking Up
(feat. Bilal) Download
from I Predict A Riot (2007, Rawkus)

Two years after Hezekiah’s exceptional debut HURRY UP AND WAIT, the Philly-based MC/producer returns with another dose of true-school lyricism and soulful boom-bap on I PREDICT A RIOT. Largely self-produced, I PREDICT A RIOT features supplementary beatwork from Oddisee, Anthony Accurate, Fred Kenny, and Vegan Pork Grind as well as guest appearances from Freeway, Bilal, Jamal, Jaguar Wright, and Chief Kamachi, among others.

J. Period and The Roots

J. Period & The Roots

Come Together (feat. Zion I) Download
Been Thru The Storm (feat. Stevie Wonder) Download
Thought Is Like Download
Rock Star (PSA) Download
from The Best of The Roots (2006, Truelements)

Brooklyn-based J. Period — the DJ behind The Best of the Roots, a promotional mixtape for the Roots upcoming release, Game Theory — has mashed up “Pity the Child” with “Come Together.” The track is differentiated from Danger Mouse’s Grey Album, as it’s just one part of a longer audio-biography, not a stand-alone mishmash of a hip-hop/British-invasion tune. “What I do is sit down with the artist and interview them from behind the scenes, ask them what inspired them to get into making music in the first place. It goes deeper than a normal mixtape.”

J. Period’s challenge on The Best of the Roots was telling the hip-hop band’s career in 80-minutes. “The Roots have so many styles, it was a real challenge putting it all together,” he said. But the DJ combined some of the Roots’ best songs with exclusive interview material from Black Thought in a remarkably concise manner, and “Pity the Child / Come Together” (featuring Zion I) is one of the album’s seminal cuts. “A lot of people only look at hip-hop as a superficial, money-driven thing, but the mixtape is authentic; there are no rules in mixtapes,” J. Period began. “‘Come Together’ builds on the idea of what hip-hop can be used for: A unifying tool. It builds on the same ideas as the era that gave birth to the Beatles. Back then, music was a tool to unite people and spark change, and hip-hop hasn’t tapped it’s potential to do that. It has the potential to be bigger than music.” – (SPIN)