Blockhead – Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book


Duke Of Hazzard Download
from Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book (2007, Ninja Tune)
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Blockhead is the go to man for anyone in the know on the indie hip hop scene. Helping propel MC talents such as Aesop Rock, Cage, Slug, Murs, etc. with his tough instrumentals that inspire the lyrical weight of such people. Wanting to stretch out his creativity he approached Ninja Tune with a killer demo for what was to become his debut album, Music By Cavelight, which contained the head-nodding hit of 2004, ‘Insomniac Olympics’.

Since then there has been a second Ninja Tune album, Downtown Science, and slew of production credits, most notably his work on the Aesop Rock album, None Shall Pass, for Def Jux.

To coincide with that release, and the subsequent tour following, Blockhead has decided to self-release his latest collection entitled Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book. An upbeat collection of fun instrumentals with the trademark Blockhead production style, tough beats and catchy grooves that have infected his earlier releases.

So grab your crayons, spread them out on the floor and color along to the sounds of Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book.

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