Longshot – Addicted


Please Believe (feat. Diverse & Ka Di) Download
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from Addicted (2008, EV)
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It’s been four years since Longshot released his last true solo album, ‘Sacrifice’, on Molemen Records. After a slew of side projects and collaborations Shot is back at it with his fifth studio album ‘Addicted’.

Following the success of ‘Sacrifice’ shot put out two side projects while working on ‘Addicted’ (Civil War Pt. 2 in 2005 and ‘Issues’ a collaboration with producer Copperpot under the group name CopperShot, both released on EV Records). After spending much of ’05 and ’06 touring with the likes of Psalm One, Diverse, Jean Grae, Atmosphere, Brother Ali, Del Tha Funky Homosapien and others, Shot spent ’07 completing ‘Addicted’, enlisting producers like Magnif of Lawless Elements, OH NO, K-Kruz of Modill, up-and-comer Panthrow, Copperpot and The Molemen to handle the musical backdrops for the album. Lryically Shot focuses on a myriad of topics ranging from poverty to politics to parenting. Much like most of our human experience, Longshot is addicted to a variety of vices, some better than others, that help shape the soul and music of an artist struggling to be heard around the world. Through songs about sex, money, drugs and love, Shot personalizes his addictions and talks about them in a way that brings you closer to his side of the world.

Longshot also teams up with several talented vocalists to flesh out ‘Addicted’ with Psalm One, Diverse, One Be Lo, Ang13, Eternia and the multi-talented singer Ka Di all gracing songs. Each of the artists who contributed to the record bring their own personal addictions on board, each with a different light, helping the listener truly envelop Shots overall message. The wide variety of production and rhyming styles make this Longshot’s best work to date.

East Coast Avengers – Prison Planet

East Coast Avengers

Kill Bill O’Reilly Download
East Coast Overdose (feat. Celph Titled and Statik Selektah) Download
Torture Rack Download
from Prison Planet (2008, Brick)
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From renowned Boston underground hip hop label Brick Records comes the formation of the East Coast Avengers, with Esoteric and Trademarc on the mics and DC Midi The Alien on beats for their debut Prison Planet. Part concept album (think the oppressive futuristic society of Deltron 3030) and mostly metaphorical for the sad state of the times we currently live in, three rebels stand up against the system in this hip hop opera with a sci-fi backdrop. Featuring guest appearances by Freddie Foxxx (aka Bumpy Knuckles), Termanology, Apathy, Celph Titled, Statik Selektah, Slaine (of Special Teamz & La Coka Nostra) and more. Also contains the now banned on Myspace and Youtube track: “Kill Bill O’Reilly.”

Black Pegasus – The Black Mexican

Black Pegasus

Rep That (feat. Chino XL & Liquid Assasin) Download
from The Black Mexican (2008, Brass Knuckle Ent)
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* Mile High Mixtape review in Scratch Mag 8/2007
* Cover story of the Gazette 8/2007
* Featured in Billboard Magazine 6/2006
* Advertised in URB Magazine 2005-2007
* Denvers Best MC voted by the Westword 2005-2006
* Colorado Springs best MC by the Gazette 2006
* Scribble Jam finalist 2003
* Denver’s Jay-Z Roc the Mic Champion 2003
* Featured on NBA Jams 2 for Play Station and X-Box 2002
* SXSW Show case artist 2001-2002
* Featured on MTV’s Road Rules and The Real World 2002-2008

Colorado is one of the spots that I’ve had the honor to DJ and rock the clubs at. My extended family is out there, Klutch Beat Bootique (EsChinoRey, Brandon Lee, Tee Trance, DJ Blend, DVDJ G-Funk and TONE MC), The Radio Bums, DJ Amen, Soundssupreme, The Family Affair crew. One day, Im chilin with my peeps EsChinoRey and DJ Blend at a local DJ Store… Chino & I are over there juggling and skratching up some beats… I was like, “Yo Im feeling this, Whos rapping?” He says “Its my homie Black P aka The Black Mexican”.

Black Pegasus (born Robert Houston II) hails from the Mile High State and he’s ready to show the world that Colorado is on fire! He began his career in 2001 when he took a trip to the SXSW with his longtime producer/friend Base Jase. They had the opportunity to meet Chuck D of Public Enemy, who immediately cosigned their music as hot, Even playing their tracks on his Bring The Noise radio shows. The rest you can say is history.

A seasoned rhymer, He’s performed and battled across the US, including his infamous battles at Scribble Jam 2003 (where he battled under the alias Yo Mamas Pimp) and winning Jay-Z’s Rock The Mic battle in Denver, in front of 20,000 people. He’s shared the stage with Snoop Dogg, Jay-Z, Nas, 50 Cent, Redman, Method Man, Immortal Technique & Atmosphere to name a few. The dude caters to all types of hiphop fanatics, from the backpackers to the thugs. Black P’s unique style and passion for writing heart felt music has made him a trend setting pioneer in his region.

When I first sat down and heard the entire album, It reminded me of acts like Defari, Crooked I and Strong Arm Steady. Black P has a real smooth delivery and hard unrelenting lyrics, mixing politics with punchlines and speaking his mind on everything from the economy, racism, women, success and street life. It is also no gimmick that he truly is 1/2 Black and 1/2 Mexican. This album is his first foray into showcasing his latin side by spitting lyrics in both English and Spanish. He does really well to captivate that sound, once championed by legendary MC’s like Kid Frost and the Funky Aztecs, but with 2008 sensibilities. The soundtrack he spits over is phenomenal, with most of the production by his producer Base Jase and 3 cuts produced by Max Mercy and Kajmir Royale. There are flavors on here for days, Street cuts (Mile High Club), Underground hiphop cuts (Rep That), Club Bangers (Loca Loca) and even some more melodic/love cuts (Cant Stay Around).

Colorado is an area with alot of great talent, yet no one has blown the region up on a commercial and mainstream level. Black P might just be the MC to break the mold. He continues to work on music and you can find him hosting some of the best hiphop events featuring touring acts across the Mile High state. The Wet Black is here to stay. Step your bilinguals up.

DJ Dutchmaster & M-Phazes – The Official 2008 CMJ Mixtape

DJ Dutchmaster & M-Phazes
The Official 2008 CMJ Mixtape

This hour long mixtape honors CMJ’s year round commitment to supporting authentic hip-hop music. This project contains current singles and exclusives by artists that are relevant to the college market and beyond, such as Slug, Dilated Peoples, Skyzoo, Emilio Rojas, Diamond D, Torae, Mobb Deep, U-N-I, Royce Da 5’9″, Heltah Skeltah, A. Pinks, Sha Stimuli,The KnuX, Pharoahe Monch, Wale & More. Producers featured include DJ Premier, The Alchemist, DJ Scratch, 9th Wonder, Jake One, Illmind, Black Milk, M-Phazes, Khrysis, Analgoic & more.

1. Intro – Torae & A. Pinks
2. Evidence – “The Layover” (prod. by Khrysis)
3. Dilated Peoples – “The Last Is First” (prod. by The Alchemist)
4. Kel Spencer – “Lord, Give ‘Em Some Help” (prod. by M-Phazes)
5. Emilio Rojas – “Young, Fresh & Fly” (prod. by Illmind)
6. Butta Verses – “A New World” Freestyle (prod. by M-Phazes)
7. Shabaam Sahdeeq – “Freaky Flow” (prod. by Nick Wiz)
8. Skyzoo – “Braggin Rights (Remix) (prod. by Analogic)
9. Wale feat. Skyzoo – 5 Minutes (prod. by 9th Wonder)
10. Chaundon – “Politically Incorrect” (prod. by Eric G.)
11. Sha Stimuli – “Gotta Get Money” (prod. by Soundsmith)
12. The Knux – “Fire”
13. Diamond D – “U Can’t Be Me” (prod. by DJ Scratch)
14. D-Black – “Black on Black Crime” (prod. by Black Milk)
15. U-N-I – “Yesterday”
16. Royce Da 5’9” – “Shake This” (prod. by DJ Premier)
17. Posdnuos & Slug – “Oh Really” (prod. by Jake One)
18. El Da Sensei feat. Doujah Raze – “Got Fire” (prod. by The Returners)
19. Heltah Skeltah feat. Smif N Wessun – W.M.D. (prod. by M-Phazes)
20. Wais P the Pimp feat. Mobb Deep – Stop Chasin (prod. by KY)
21. Black Milk, Pharaohe Monch, Sean Price – “The Matrix” (prod. by Black Milk)

Understudies Crew – Class In Session

Understudies Crew

Alvazan Download
Just Do It Download
from Class In Session (2008, Indie)

So these guys send me an email and I looked at it like, “WTF”. There’s not much to it, Just a link and a request to “Please listen to my” promo. Well, Far be it from me to turn down new music. So I unzip it, Stop listening to “The Block Obama” for a few and start listening to this here at work (That’s an on-the-spot response). Before long I feel myself head nodding and smiling at what I’m hearing. Understudies are about the second grassroots hip-hop group I’ve heard in so many days.

They’re a bunch of guys from the SF Bay Area making core style hip hop with, what sounds like, the slimmest of resources and a lot of talent. I really enjoyed this promo-album. Again it was a refreshing breath of uncontaminated oxygen in a world of pollution and garbage. The group dropped some nice lyrics and as I’ve said before to my boy Audio1, They reminded me of some of the cool sounding, off-kilter-flow, stuff that we used to hear in the early 90′. Also, Its free underground hip hop, You’ve got nothing to lose here. I hope to hear more from these guys in the underground.

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Mulatto Patriot – Sonic Visuals

Mulatto Patriot

Mulatto Patriot… when I first heard that name, Not only did I laugh, I dissed and deleted the emails containing the oh-so-precious materials I now covet like some sort of drugged out hip hop junkie. This guy is ridiculously hot on the beats and this album must be copped. One thing I love as someone who writes for this site and someone who loves good hip hop is artists I’ve never heard of that are really, really, sick with skills. This album is full of them. Mulatto Patriot produced track after track of goodness. Furthermore, he combines the track with the right emcee for the job just about every time.

At the age of 29, MP prepares the debut release of Sonic Visuals, a producer’s album featuring MCs from across the U.S., Canada and Germany. Artist features include Ras Kass, Casual (Hieroglyphics), Pumpkinhead (Brooklyn Academy), Eternia. Pugs Atomz , Anacron, Decay (Molemen) and DJ Intel to name a few. He believes his music is diverse, reflecting different styles while still keeping the vibes that got him to love hip-hop in the first place. “At the end of the day there is something for everyone [on the album]”says MP. “I feel there is a lot to take from this album, but beyond diversity in the styles displayed and in the selection of beats, the obvious feeling you get is that a lot of work and time was put into making the album. I want people to know that this is 100% Chicago Hip-Hop.”

Seriously, My new favorite song is Audio Terrorist featuring Ras Kass, Casual and Prosper Jones, and I haven’t even heard the whole track because the company only sent me a sampler album!

Mulatto Patriot – Cadilac Vinyl

Seel Fresh – Street Famous

Seel Fresh

Keep It Moving Download
Street Famous Download
from Street Famous (2008, Rapstar Inc)

Seel Fresh effortlessly delivers the culture’s true essence by offering timeless material based upon his life experience of paying dues.” This is a very true statement. I haven’t heard a grassroots hip hop album like this in a long time. Seel Fresh delivers good lyrics, reminds me a lot of the straight forward style of delivery that artists like Rasco and Ice-T used back when they were making a lot of noise. This album had the weird affect of making me want to listen to more, the more I heard.

I had been digging through tons of music this weekend and during my first few minutes of listening to it, I was about to throw it over my shoulder but then it picked up. The album slowly gains momentum as you listen to it and the artist never deviates from the core of ‘real’ content. There really isn’t a club banger or anything on here that made me say like, “oh that was mad corny” or “yea right, uh huh, everybody stackin’ chips”. It’s a very good album with very good music made by a good artist.

Seel Fresh – Keep It Movin