Hopsin & SwizZz

Hopsin & SwizZz

Lucifer Effect Download
Bad Motherfucker Download
from Haywire (2009, Funk Volume)

Having this site and getting hits means that we get a lot of terrible emails from crappy artists who are putting out bad product. Occasionally we don’t even look but theres something about an email from an actual artist that stands out. It will have like our names written in it or something like that. That has an effect on us. i like to read those and i give those artists a fair shake.

Now about Hopsin and SwizZz… I had heard of Hopsin before and I’m still kinda getting into his stuff.  These are their bio’s from their site – i really cant write anything better than that.

It would probably be easier if we told you what Hopsin doesn’t do, but Hop is an MC, producer, director, actor, and editor. And his journey has been anything but painless.

Hopsin gets his inspiration from all types of music, from 50 Cent & Alicia Keyes to the All American Rejects. His creativity and raw energy come from all the people in his life that have told him that he didn’t have a future. At times his lyrics can be dark and grimy, but they only reflect all of the negativity that he has had to endure in order to get to where he is today.

Hopsin founded Funk Volume to share his story, spread his message, and display his many talents. He has been on a long journey to hone his skills, and to get comfortable being who he is. Now that he has the confidence there is no one and nothing that can stop him. He has come too far and been through too much. Funk Volume represents what has made Hopsin successful…real pain, real passion, real music.

Born and raised in Southern California, SwizZz is not your stereotypical MC. Through his music, SwizZz reveals a wide range of experiences, much of which he credits to his biracial background. He is not, nor does he claim to be, a “thug” or a “gangsta”, but prides himself on being able to reach the masses by being honest about his confrontations with life’s challenges. It is not always glamorous or positive, but you can count on SwizZz being true to himself.

Since dropping out of college SwizZz has been in the studio, grinding away at his music. While working on all elements of his craft from songwriting and storytelling, to his physical fitness and image, he still finds time to bless the mic with a freestyle session. And SwizZz’s freestyles are always off the top, never written, never rehearsed. Some folks have described his style as “real”, “raw”, “loony”, “creative”, “insightful”, and “authentic”. But however you want to describe him the man is a unique talent.

After spending a couple hours today at work looping the mixtape / really listening to it, i gotta say i like this a lot. i want to hear more, i want to hear you guys bumping this kind of stuff. these guys are good and i support thier message. Lucifer effect is a true gem.

Slaughterhouse (The Super Group)

The Mixtape
Download Here (via megaupload)

Now when I’m talkin about street-hop, I keep talkin about Crooked I, and burning copies of The Block Obama. When I’m not doing that, I keep talking about Royce and burning Bar Exams (1 & 2) for people. When I’m not doing that I’m talking about Joel Ortiz and burning whatever i got on him. Then i get to yackin about Joe Budden and that brings me to the other day when i was talkin to a kid and he was like; “man, you’re hollering at me like im the congregation but you’re not even in church”. He put me up on Slaughterhouse. I knew about slaughterhouse, but the last mixtape they did was one new song and like all of thier old seperate material from previous mixtapes, it wasnt that hot, it was just a bunch of stuff i already had. Now this was a whole new deal and it was thick with new materials. How do i feel now?

Joell Ortiz, Royce Tha 5’9, Crooked I, Joe Budden + Together = SLAUGHTERHOUSE

So heres what you need to do. you need to cop this mixtape and get ready and pray and stuff. If the album comes out its going to be sick and you’ll all need days of bedrest and medical attention like you got the swine flu. Heaven forbid you’re in mexico or this might kill you.

1. (00:03:55) Slaughterhouse – Wack Mcs
2. (00:04:17) Slaughterhouse – Fight Club
3. (00:03:28) Slaughterhouse – Bout My Money
4. (00:04:05) Slaughterhouse – Blood On The Wall
5. (00:05:20) Slaughterhouse – If You Ever Hear Me *
6. (00:05:11) Slaughterhouse – Part Of Me
7. (00:05:29) Slaughterhouse – Onslaught
8. (00:02:15) Slaughterhouse – Memories
9. (00:05:24) Slaughterhouse – Pain In His Life
10. (00:03:53) Slaughterhouse – Shake This
11. (00:03:33) Slaughterhouse – Crooked Go Hard *
12. (00:07:50) Slaughterhouse – Move On
13. (00:03:40) Slaughterhouse – Covering The Classics Pt. 1
14. (00:03:22) Slaughterhouse – Hottest In Da Hood
15. (00:04:03) Slaughterhouse – 3 Bitches
16. (00:06:50) Slaughterhouse – Slaughterhouse *
17. (00:01:24) Slaughterhouse – Crack A Brooklyn Bottle
18. (00:03:34) Slaughterhouse – Go To Hell
19. (00:01:26) Slaughterhouse – They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y)
20. (00:03:55) Slaughterhouse – Too Soon
21. (00:02:28) Royce Da 5’9? – I’m the Shit Fool! (Interlude)

The starred tracks are particularly ill.
Do you not understand? you’re still reading?

Moka Only – Run & Find EP (Sampler)

Moka Only

Run & Find EP (Sampler) Download (zShare)
2009, Domination Records

This is the MP3 sampler of Moka Only’s upcoming “Run & Find” EP. Fresh off his latest classic release “Carrots and Eggs” LP, Moka Only returns with his new “Run &  Find” EP for a March 2009 release on Domination Recordings. The 7inch vinyl features the self-titled track “Run & Find” along with a bangin fresh remix (+ instrumental) with new lyrics and the Max Faze aka Aceyalone assisted “Expect”. This is sure to be a hip hop collectors item, in stores March 31st!

Are The FundaMentals back for 2009?

King Koncepts – Remember
Project: Ambershine
(Kemetic Suns, 1997)





King Koncepts

King Koncepts

King Koncepts

King Koncepts

Kemetic Suns

Kemetic Suns

Kemetic Suns

Kemetic Suns

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Pugs Atomz presents: THE GENTS

Pugs Atoms Presents…

The Gents Download
free album courtesy of Pugs Atomz

The Gent$ (Pugs Atomz, Wes Restless, & Ill Legit) present 13 cuts of solid Chicago Hop, with production from Maker and the Opus. Filled with braggadocios, and comical satire while still walking that fine line of respected lyricism and word play. The sound track is city slick, Michigan ave. afternoons at the hotel bar…. getting girls, talking sh*t, and insight chased with a pale ale. This time it’s FREE , but Just make sure you spell the name right. Capital G, E-N-T, Dollar sign S. You gotta buy GENT$

01. Gent$ Intro
02. Heard It Before
03. It’s The Gents
04. Right On Time
05. Getting Late
06. Carried Away
07. Sunglasses
08. Cold
09. Days go on
10. Gent$ Outro
12. Only When I Dream
13. Days Go On (Dub Mix)

Evidence – The Layover EP


The Layover Download
From Whom The Bell Tolls (feat. Phonte, && and Will.I.Am) Download
from the forthcoming album The Layover (2008, Taylor Made / Decon)

“Backpack sucked, then Backpack was cool, then Backpack sucked again, now Backpack is cool gain. Alternative was wack now Alternative is better. All I know is I do what I do. Im not Hipster, Im not Gangsta. If its a Backpack, I gotta buy one, ‘cause I dont own one. Im doing Progressive Hop. Its a new genre. Put it in your iTunes.” – Evidence

eLZhi – The Preface


Fire (feat. Black Milk, Guilty Simpson…) Download
Transitional Joint
Save Ya
(feat. T3 of Slum Village) Download
from The Preface (2008, Fat Beats)
Buy at iTunes Music Store

In the late-nineties, eLZhi made a name for himself by moving his way up through the ranks of Detroit’s underground scene and teaming up with Slum Village for his first big taste of success. He has since been making the rounds, working with local Detroit luminaries such as J Dilla, Waajeed of Platinum Pied Pipers, and Dwele, in addition to a well-received solo tour of Europe during his early years in the game. Hip-hop enthusiasts across the globe consider eLZhi to be one of the most skilled emcees in the entire scene, and bloggers and critics have been trumpeting this sentiment since the release of the last Slum Village album in 2005. With the release of The Preface, eLZhi looks to cement his name amongst the greatest emcees in the game. The 16-track album, produced almost entirely by rising star Black Milk, features guest appearances by a who’s who of the Detroit hip-hop scene. Royce Da 5’9″, T3 (Slum Village), Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat, and more add to what many have predicted will be one of the most noteworthy hip-hop releases of 2008.

About the track, FIRE
eLZhi and a crew of D-town guest stars bring the heat on “Fire” off eZhi’s highly acclaimed solo effort The Preface. The track showcases talent from the likes of Black Milk, Guilty Simpson, Fatt Father, Danny Brown and Fat Ray, in addition to the man himself. eLZhi lights up yet another track with effortlessly explosive flow. He says ” Limitless-I’m / Not even the sky’s the limit to I / when we spit with adrenaline times ten / from the beginning until the rhyme end / it’s no stoppin’ / every line’s mind bogglin’.”

The Preface is in stores now!