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El MidaZ Affair – MidaZ vs El Michels Affair


El MidaZ Affair Download (via bandcamp)
from El MidaZ Affair (Midaz vs El Michels Affair)
2010, Domination Recordings

Despite having one of the shorter careers out of their contemporaries, the El MidaZ Affair were one of the biggest groups of the early 1970s. Comprised of lead vocalist Javier El MidaZ, drummer Willie “Knuckles” Johnson, bassist Bobby “Too Tall” Willingston, guitarist K.C. Anderson, backup vocalist Rasheeda “Bird” Jackson, horn players Jake and Drake Wyman, and keyboard player Guter Jivelbergen, the group earned their reputation on the chittlin circuit as a must-see live act, playing festivals, state fairs, and jook joints across the south.

By the time they signed a record contract in 1973, the group was at the height of their buzz. But things took a turn for the worse. Studio sessions were tainted by drug use, alcoholism, and an unprecedented pinball machine addiction stirred inner turmoil among the band members. Though a full-length album was recorded, the band split up before it could be released and the project was shelved indefinitely. The members of the El MidaZ Affair moved on to new phases in their life, while El MidaZ himself became a recluse, never to be heard from again.

Until now.

Ladies and gentlemen, straight out of the dustiest vaults, behold the debut album from the El MidaZ Affair…not only the oldest known hip hop recording, but certainly one of the dopest.

X:144 – Scribble Jam Battle Beats


Round One: Remix Battle (Pedigree by Brother Ali) Download
from Scribble Jam Battle Beats (2007, Nonsense)

Making hip-hop history, Nonsense Records artist X:144 has made his mark as Scribble Jam’s first ever Producer Battle Champion. Known as the featured emcee of the group X:144 & SPS, he showed Scribble Jam’s enthusiasts a leap beyond his gift to gab. Hip-hop’s contemporary depiction of a young Herbie Hancock, his abilities surpass merely being a emcee.

X:144 founded the company Transparent Dark Productions, laying down beats for MF Doom, Mars Ill, and Psyche Origami. Sampling funk, soul, disco, jazz, blues, you name it: this nimble fingered MPC master has been slicing beats for a minute already. Utilizing his skills as a primo crate-digger, X:144 makes more than just tracks…he makes heaters! Not only has he caught the eye of Numark (being invited to write one of their blogs with the likes of Jazzy Jay and DJ Wiz!) but is now on Akai Professional’s radar due to his triumph at Scribble Jam.

The beats included in with this package are the actual beats used to slay the competition, round for round, at Scribble Jam 2007. Most impressive may be round three which was the live round, in which X:144 created the track on the spot.

As if they existed… Solillaquists of Sound

Solillaquists of Sound

Ur Turn Download
Ask Me If I Care Download

Boogaleo is back for the holidays. I apologize for all our avid fans but life has been pretty hard to manage as a community organizer in New Orleans. What’s been happening? I’ve been involved with some campaigns with the Vietnamese American community and running an environmental justice campaign.

Music-wise, New Orleans is in another world. Being the birthplace of jazz, it’s a musical mecca that stays true to its roots—jazz jazz jazz, brass bands, zydeco (traditional cajun music), second-lines, bounce music. I will be featuring some of the local artists once I get my hands on them. There’s some local DJs that spin great funk breaks Sundays, log onto to catch streams of Dj Soul Sister or Brice Nice.

So to the irrelevant feature, my FL favs Solillaquists of Sound FINALLY got some larger label exposure this past September releasing they’re 2nd proper LP, “As if we existed”. I find this album a real complete Solilla effort as a lot of the roles between spoken word artists Tanya Combs, vocalist AlexandrahGod, lyricist Swamburger and producer DaVinci have been tightened. They are the most cohesive in this production and I’m proud of these Orlando natives.

I always appreciated the mix of creative melodies and message that Solilla delivers like the songs posted. “Ur Turn” is a dialogue between women and man’s oppressive world with equally explosive production. “Ask me if I care” covers the issue of taking an artists’ message seriously 24/7, on-and-off-stage. Other songs on their album cover the struggle to get a best friend to stop smoking, capitalism making money off of blacks and hispanics, St. Ides destroying the Black community, sustaining relationships, and (surprise!) a parody of hiphop today. If you feelin this, check out

Enjoy. Happy Holidays.