The Rhythm Natives

Three days ago I got an email from the manager of the Rhythm Natives and something stopped me from deleting it with the refuse I get from the music industry all day. I was feeling especially bitter since I missed the Chino XL show this past weekend, but when i gave this a listen to the Rhythm Natives I got my mood adjusted. I haven’t heard anything like these guys since the late 90’s when everyone was trying to play live instruments. While that trend died down, a lot of talented groups still do it and it’s becoming more common in what remains of hip hop to see actual bands as opposed to a couple guys pacing back and forth across the stage trying to keep their pants up and jumping around like idiots. As an “official” adult, nothing is more attractive to me than a group with skills, talent, and above all class. I find myself highly interested in the music of the Rhythm Natives and ill be anxiously awaiting their album drop on the 19th.

Check out this little introductory movie they sent me and you can decide what you think. Myself, I’m really digging it and i hope to catch them the next time they come through Nor Cali.

For more music and information about the Rhythm Natives:
Check out their website:
Check out the album teaser on Bandcamp.
Cop the album on the 19th.

  1. Make that two, cause I was so fucked up till now, but the songs of these guys just lifted me up!

  2. Tal rocks. great band, but dont forget the drummer, he is in the band to. Click

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