Understudies Crew – Class In Session

Understudies Crew

Alvazan Download
Just Do It Download
from Class In Session (2008, Indie)

So these guys send me an email and I looked at it like, “WTF”. There’s not much to it, Just a link and a request to “Please listen to my” promo. Well, Far be it from me to turn down new music. So I unzip it, Stop listening to “The Block Obama” for a few and start listening to this here at work (That’s an on-the-spot response). Before long I feel myself head nodding and smiling at what I’m hearing. Understudies are about the second grassroots hip-hop group I’ve heard in so many days.

They’re a bunch of guys from the SF Bay Area making core style hip hop with, what sounds like, the slimmest of resources and a lot of talent. I really enjoyed this promo-album. Again it was a refreshing breath of uncontaminated oxygen in a world of pollution and garbage. The group dropped some nice lyrics and as I’ve said before to my boy Audio1, They reminded me of some of the cool sounding, off-kilter-flow, stuff that we used to hear in the early 90′. Also, Its free underground hip hop, You’ve got nothing to lose here. I hope to hear more from these guys in the underground.

Cop the FREE promo HERE
Visit / Support them HERE

    • JQ
    • February 9th, 2009

    do you guys still accept submissions?

  1. sorry, i took kind of a hiatus after a death in the family. Me and Alex will be back in effect soon as we sort some stuff out.

    • godhour
    • March 14th, 2009


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