Seel Fresh – Street Famous

Seel Fresh

Keep It Moving Download
Street Famous Download
from Street Famous (2008, Rapstar Inc)

Seel Fresh effortlessly delivers the culture’s true essence by offering timeless material based upon his life experience of paying dues.” This is a very true statement. I haven’t heard a grassroots hip hop album like this in a long time. Seel Fresh delivers good lyrics, reminds me a lot of the straight forward style of delivery that artists like Rasco and Ice-T used back when they were making a lot of noise. This album had the weird affect of making me want to listen to more, the more I heard.

I had been digging through tons of music this weekend and during my first few minutes of listening to it, I was about to throw it over my shoulder but then it picked up. The album slowly gains momentum as you listen to it and the artist never deviates from the core of ‘real’ content. There really isn’t a club banger or anything on here that made me say like, “oh that was mad corny” or “yea right, uh huh, everybody stackin’ chips”. It’s a very good album with very good music made by a good artist.

Seel Fresh – Keep It Movin

  1. I’ve met Seel a few times, he’s a cool guy and a hottie.

    • dochiphop
    • January 22nd, 2009

    this shit is real live right here. Wow. I’m surprised and impressed. I gotta hear the whole album now!

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