Apoc and Rel are THE RITZ

The Ritz

Heartless Download
Its The… Download
from The Night of Day (2008, Lab-Oratory Records)

I receive CD’s in the mail rather frequently (Im A working DJ, It comes with the territory) and I put most to the side, due to lack of time and/or motivation…. One morning, I saw this CD and I decided to grab it as I went and ran a few errands before my flight to Las Vegas. I was amazed with what I heard.

This CD is titled “The Night of Day” by The Ritz, who happen to be MC’s Apoc and Rel, representing points between Chicago and San Diego equally. These seasoned rhyme slingers have shared stages across the globe with everyone from Slick Rick to Pharoahe Monch and word has it that Rel did some engineering work for Raekwon & Killah Priest, so that makes him super official. On this album, Apoc and Rel speak their minds with thoughful, vivrant lyricism over moody/haunting production reminiscent of 40’s/50’s Black & White films. I kept thinking Humphrey Bogart was going to jump in at some point (Maybe he did, I missed it the first time around). Alot of dialogue and sample play between the tracks and choruses, but the theme keeps the album together. Some refreshing hiphop in a world of clutter. The Ritz bring it on their latest effort. I slap myself in the face for not listening to this as soon as I got it. My apologies.

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