Crooked I – The Block Obama

Crooked I

A Milli (Freestyle) Download
Traffickin’ Green Download
Circle Gang (feat. Horse Shoe Gang) Download
from The Block Obama – Mixtape For The Streets (2008, Indie)

Those of us acquainted with the Crooked I, hip hop weekly 52 week record breaking performance are anxiously waiting the next Crooked I full album. We all honestly want to hear what he’s going to say next, what he’s going to do, and how hot is it going to be when he does it. Since the early 90’s he’s been getting our attention with breakneck speedy-off the wall metaphors and his insistence on being what gangster rap should be in reference to being Hip Hop. We b-boys and fans of the lyricism that made hip hop a form of art that (a far cry from the radio related garbage that calls itself Hip Hop in a cruel mockery of the music we love) can truly appreciate what Crooked I is out there doing.

Well he’s back at it again, seven months after his awesome “St Valentines Day Bossacre Mixtape”, he drops “The Block Obama”. This album does what he is most famous for and takes Crooked I and his favorite radio or main rotation beats and puts them together to make something hard hitting and lyrically flowing. Thats not to say all the beats are old recycled beats, though. This album has more than a couple cuts on here that are newly produced tracks. It gets me juiced, really, Crooks is one of the illest out there. This mixtape is a win-win for any of us hip hop fans, its Crooked I, good beats, new production on some tracks and a guest appearance by the Horse Shoe Gang. Crooked I is gangster rap for hip hop fans. When youre from California like me and my boy DJ Audio 1, WE NEED albums and artists like this. Download it! Its time for a change… OBAMA!

I should also mention, this album has nothing to do with his stance on Obama… i kept waiting for it… but all he did was make a couple of jokes. Basically, the title referrs to the statement that he wants to be the Obama of the block, who brings change to the west coast hip hop scene.

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