Royce Da 5 9 – Bar Exam 2

Royce Da 5’9

Its The New Download
Weathermen (feat. Sucka Free & Kid Vishis) Download
Royal Flush Freestyle (feat. Canibus & Elzhi) Download
from The Bar Exam 2 (Mixed by DJ Green Lantern) 2008

If you haven’t heard the Bar Exam by DJ Premier and Royce Da 5’9, then you need to take a step back. This is a continuation of the previous exhibition by the duo, but this time its done with DJ Green Lantern. Royce spits the hottest fire and does it with that real skill. The underlying message behind the Bar Exam series of mixtapes is obviously, if you can spit like this, then you’re street legal. Royce, a veteran prosecutor, is now top candidate for supreme court justice.

First, Royce has done nothing on this album except improve. His style is much more solid and he doesn’t sound as much like he was ranting and just playing with styles and phrases. He dropped the fixation on being the “new Guru” and the beats and themes aren’t as redundant and the whole product is, again, very strong. This time he brought Kid Vishis through on more than one track, validating him. Dont look for any depth from Royce, he doesnt have anything to say except, “I rap very very good” in various different metaphors and examples. while redundant, its not so much noticeable because of the tremendous skill and charisma he exhibits.

DJ Green Lantern made a smash with his mixtape with Nas and continued moving with a ridiculously strong momentum. One of the interesting things about a DJ Green Lantern mixtape is that he really sets a theme and depth to his arrangements. It doesn’t feel like a simple mixtape where tracks are hashed together with a lyricist just rapping over beats you’ve already heard. Typically, each one is a well constructed, something-to-entertain, with attention getting skits and interludes added in to humanize each artist. I personally keep a rotation of DJ Greens for when I have guests over and we play on the XBox. This is probably one of his best mixtapes to date. if you’re a Green Lantern fan or a Royce fan, you’ll be satisfied. If youre not a fan yet, you will be. Grab The Mixtape HERE

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