X:144 – Scribble Jam Battle Beats


Round One: Remix Battle (Pedigree by Brother Ali) Download
from Scribble Jam Battle Beats (2007, Nonsense)

Making hip-hop history, Nonsense Records artist X:144 has made his mark as Scribble Jam’s first ever Producer Battle Champion. Known as the featured emcee of the group X:144 & SPS, he showed Scribble Jam’s enthusiasts a leap beyond his gift to gab. Hip-hop’s contemporary depiction of a young Herbie Hancock, his abilities surpass merely being a emcee.

X:144 founded the company Transparent Dark Productions, laying down beats for MF Doom, Mars Ill, and Psyche Origami. Sampling funk, soul, disco, jazz, blues, you name it: this nimble fingered MPC master has been slicing beats for a minute already. Utilizing his skills as a primo crate-digger, X:144 makes more than just tracks…he makes heaters! Not only has he caught the eye of Numark (being invited to write one of their blogs with the likes of Jazzy Jay and DJ Wiz!) but is now on Akai Professional’s radar due to his triumph at Scribble Jam.

The beats included in with this package are the actual beats used to slay the competition, round for round, at Scribble Jam 2007. Most impressive may be round three which was the live round, in which X:144 created the track on the spot.

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