The Bayliens – Crop Circles

The Bayliens

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from Crop Circles (2007, LivenFire Records)
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Early in the 21st century, high above the bustling city streets of the greater bay area were two cosmic forces ready to unite. In the tightly connected landscape of the bay area hip hop scene, Jay Three and Enzyme Dynamite followed very different paths until the cosmos aligned to bring them together. Now, The Bayliens have landed…

Enzyme Dynamite and Jay Three began recording together in 2004 when they produced the hit single “Stop What Your Doin”. As two artists coming from different backgrounds, their styles created a unique sound unlike anything else being produced. Looking to build upon the buzz that they had created for themselves, Enzyme Dynamite and Jay Three launched a new promotional campaign and released a number of projects over the next two years. By pushing thousands of units in the streets thru hand-to-hand interaction, The Bayliens have developed a loyal and ever-expanding fan base.

Teaming up with Dublin Beats (the producer of Xzibit’s hit single “Family Values”), this is The Bayliens first full-length album. Featuring a variety of highly respected artists such as L*Roneous, Nump, D.U.S.T., Xienhow, and Cait La Dee, this album explores a number of different styles. Representing a fluid mixture of hip hop and hyphy, underground and pop, “Crop Circles” truly has something for everyone. This is one of the hottest albums of the year!!!

What more can I say? These guys are dope. My wife grew up with Enzyme Dynamite so the homie is like family over here plus J3 is the fuckin’ man. These cats are really humble and will show up to your club nights/raves/shows, just to represent and get their hustle on. They recently started getting nationwide airplay with their single “Bubble Gum” featuring Cait La Dee, which is a fun club banger for people of all ages.

I remember years back and Enzyme was handing me a copy of his first EP, to play on the now-defunct Skratchlab Radio. These dudes are representing harder than anyone out in the Bay at the moment and fully deserving of their props. Go out and Buy a few copies of the CROP CIRCLES album to give to your friends and family… For more info, Catch them on MySpace.

  1. ummm no doubt abut it but enzyme dynamite and jay three r to fly muthas! i got all my friend which is like 100 tril. to listen to them and buy their cd’s wooh! party!

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