TAKE – Earthtones & Concrete


Slouched Over (Remix) Download
Dream Suite (feat. Dutch Massive) Download
Stepping Over Buildings Download
from Earthtones & Concrete (2007, Inner Current)

TAKE (aka Thomas Wilson) is a Los Angeles-based composer who expands the range of instrumental hip-hop into vivid new realms. With multiple successful EPs under his belt, TAKE is set to unleash “Earthtones & Concrete,” his debut full-length player upon the masses. Take’s compositions spin cinematic qualities that depict a psychedelia-infused urban life. His music delivers sensory deconstruction, realized through jazzy tonalities and bit-crushed melodies.

Take has long been at the center of a growing scene of talented Los Angeles area musicians/producer/djs. As a co-founder of the legendary beat showcase night “Sketchbook,” he has finely crafted his dj sets for the last 10 years, and has adapted his compositions for live performance. Using synths, samplers, guitar pedals and any gadget at hand to recreate his tracks in front of the audience, Take’s sets deliver more than a guy staring at a laptop. He also works with producer/keyboardist Black Monk to bring even more interaction to his performance. Take will eventually have an interchangeable group of musicians and producers performing his songs.

Take has shared the stage, as DJ or performing live, with artists such as Prefuse 73, Mos Def, Daedelus, Caural, Nobody, Ammon Contact, Scienz of Life, Flying Lotus, T’arrach, and edIT.

    • Teddy breakmore
    • October 10th, 2007

    TAKE is the fucking shit. Real heads recognize. Future hip hop no doubt!

    • subgenius
    • November 22nd, 2007

    Oh yeah! best thing i heard since the Flying lotus remix of mia doi todd… This is Bananas!!!

    • March 22nd, 2009

    TAKE is one of my favorite Muscians on the Planet. Working w/ Take was the greatest Experience of my Career & “Dream Suite” was an Amazing Experience.

    Take Inspired me to really Step-up my production Game and walk forward out the Boom-Bap 90’s Esk production Style and leap into the Future.



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