Public Enemy & Paris – Remix Of A Nation

Public Enemy

Remix of A Nation Download
Hell No, We Aint Alright (Krush Groove Remix) Download
Hard Truth Soldiers (Alternate Mix) Download
from Remix of A Nation (2007, Guerilla Funk)
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Produced entirely by Paris for his Guerrilla Funk imprint, This album is intended as a supplement to Rebirth Of A Nation, and is presented with alternate mixes that have a more noise-oriented, classic throwback vibe.

From the War on Terror to racism to black-on-black crime and police brutality, Every topic is covered, and Remix Of A Nation is a sonic onslaught aimed at the wrongs of society as only Chuck D and Paris can – only this time out they are joined by fellow revolutionary allies Dead Prez, Kam, Immortal Technique and The Conscious Daughters – all with striking effectiveness.

In an era where buffoonery is encouraged and rewarded by big business hell bent on the degradation and exploitation of people of color in the name of profit, Remix Of A Nation is a welcome and necessary elixir. With strong beats and rhymes, it poses the questions many choose to avoid, and offers solutions many choose to ignore. A landmark achievement.

  1. hell yeah paris is tight

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