Brand Nubian – Time’s Runnin’ Out

Brand Nubian

Rockin’ It Download
I Wanna Hear It
Girls, Girls, Girls
from Time’s Runnin’ Out (2007, Sound of Dissent)
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Brand Nubian formed after Grand Puba’s original group, Masters Of Ceremony, split up. Their first single “Brand Nubian” dropped in 1989 and their debut album, “One For All”, was released in 1990. Critically acclaimed, The album drew fire for militant rhetoric on tracks like “Drop the Bomb” and “Wake Up.” The video for the single “Wake Up” was also banned from MTV. The singles “Slow Down”, “All For One” and “Wake Up” all became hits on Billboard’s Hot Rap Tracks chart in 1991. After pursuing individual careers, Grand Puba, Lord Jamar, Sadat X and DJ Alamo reunited in 1997 after contributing a song to the “Soul in the Hole” soundtrack, titled “A Child Is Born” as well as releasing the underground single “Rockin It.” The success of both songs propelled the group to record their second album with all four original members. Most people believed that the album entitled “The Foundation” from 1998 was their reunion album, but it is in fact the “Time’s Running Out” album, unheard and shelved until now that would lead the quartet back into the recording studio to recapture and reclaim the iconic sound of the “One For All” album. The album features production by Puba, Jamar and DJ Alamo with help from DITC legend Lord Finesse and Slick Rick producer/DJ Vance Wright, This is must have for Brand Nubian and the vintage Hip Hop collectors in general.

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