Zimbabwe Legit – Where I’m At

Zimbabwe Legit

Where I’m At (feat. Mike G of The JBeez) Download
from Where I’m At (12-Inch) (2007, PH Music)

Incredible single featuring Mike G of The Jungle Brothers, from the upcoming Zimbabwe Legit release, House of Stone. A brand new album by the Z to the L featuring appearances by the likes of Vast Aire, Chubb Rock, stic.man of dead prez, Prince Po, YZ, Cadence and more. Who is Zimbabwe Legit? Consisting of emcees doomE Right and Akim, its a group formed by the two blood brothers as they burst onto the US hip-hop scene in the early 90s. They were a pioneering group in that they were one of the first African hip-hop artists to put out a record with a major US label.

As fate would have it though, that label would go under, and the brothers would remain in limbo – left to find their way in hip-hop through other endeavors, vehicles, forums and even groups. Out of this adversity O.U.O was born, a related group that consists of doomE and his cousin Pep.

More than a decade after Zimbabwe Legit had completed their full length album that never saw the light of day, they found a label and situation that would enable to release the lost tapes and re-introduce the world to the Brothers from the Mother.

The downtime for the group can hardly be considered a hiatus. After finishing college doomE Right remained on the scene releasing records, recording and performing with O.U.O. Akim continued to make a living as a performance artist in NYC embracing all the elements of hip-hop from dance to beatboxing and of course rhyming. He was even featured in the award winning documentary Freestyle alongside the likes of Talib Kweli, Supernatural, Grand Master Caz and others.

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