Kidz In The Hall

Kidz In The Hall

Wheelz Fall Off (06 ‘Til) Download
Cruise Control Download
from School Was My Hustle (2007, Rawkus)

In the spring of the year 2000, two students who met at a University of Pennsylvania talent show realized they had tremendous musical chemistry and decided that they wanted to make music together. Little did they know that they would be given the chance to revolutionize it.

When Chicago native Jabari Evans began developing his literary gift in elementary school, he’d write short stories, poems, and things of the like. As Evans drew toward hip-hop, a fateful meeting convinced him that he had a bright future as an MC. During a recruitment visit to the University of Pennsylvania he decided to enter a talent competition and perform a freestyle rap. Afterwards, many of the students urged Evans to introduce himself to Michael Aguilar aka DJ Double-O, a track star from New Jersey who had honed his DJing skills in high school and at the time was starting to get into producing beats. Evans, then known as J-Naledge, impressed Aguilar during their time together, and before Evans entered for his freshman year at Penn, Naledge and Double-O formed a partnership that eventually spawned the Kidz in the Hall.

“The reason why we make dope music is because our music isn’t forced or filtered. Musically, we are two like minded individuals and we strive to make a unique sound that is unordinary but portrays the lives of ordinary people,” says the 20 year old Naledge while lounging in a studio chair. “Hip Hop is like literature and not everybody is interested reading the same things. The rap game is full of either cheap comic books or people pretending to be Shakespeare no one is providing “A Raisin in the Sun” –like shit anymore. To me, ordinary people provide some of the most masterful and relatable stories.”

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