Binkis Recs – The Reign Begins

Binkis Recs.

Bullit Download
That’s What I’m Talking About Download
The Reign Begins Download
from The Reign Begins (2007, Serious Knock)
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Binkis Recs is one of the pillars of the Atlanta hip-hop scene. Formed in 1997, the trio is one of the scene’s gatekeepers, mentoring younger artists and serving as a link to the salad days of the late ’90s when left-of-center rap thrived through local acts such as Massinfluence, Scienz of Life and Micranots. Even DJ Drama got his start as part of the Binkis camp.

The Binkis crew – Flux da Wondabat, Killa Kalm and Jax – have issued several CDs over the past decade, but only one got national distribution (2003’s The Reign Begins). The album has been re-released, courtesy of Serious Knock. If you slept the first time around, You have time to catch up.

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