Common – Finding Forever


Southside Download
The People Download
from Finding Forever (2007, GOOD / Geffen)

When you wake up in the morning, You may hope that everything you’ve done you can look back on and be proud of. Many Hip Hop artists cant always do that considering a lot of them are doing things like ‘shucking’ and ‘jiving’ in order to make that buck. Many of them are afraid to make good music because there just wont be dollars there when the music is finished and completed. Common (formerly Common Sense), 7 albums and numerous cameos into his career as a true lyricist, hasnt done anything to be ashamed of. Before this album was released, He said he wanted to make music that was from the heart, because that music lasts forever. He’s accomplished that. Now the question is, “How is the album?”. Its magnificent and it holds true to what Common has always done, He’s made powerful music. Now in comparison to a product like say, his last album ‘Be (2005)’, It doesnt quite fall short as much as the intensity is not exactly equal to that. The 12 (13 possible) tracks on Finding Forever find themselves overshadowed by the power work he did on the 11 tracks of Be. That being said, The album is still good enough that its easy worth more than any of the 10 dollar bills you will be using to pay for it.

Timm (aka Omniscion)

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