Iller Than Theirs – To Be Ill

Iller Than Theirs

To Be Ill Download
Razor Bumps
It Is What It Is (feat. Cool Calm Pete)
from Iller Than Theirs (2007, Embedded)

ILLER THAN THEIRS is a reaction to all things bloated & phony, boring & corporate, fancy & fashioned, and dead & robotic. It is a bar-room brawl of a record, honestly eccentric, somewhat instructional, wildly colored and a little bit ILLER than the rest of ya’ll. Iller Than Theirs is the group made up of MC’s Tone Tank and Krayola, and produced almost entirely by J. Howels Werthman. On this, their debut self titled album, producer/DJ Snafu from Embedded crew Junk Science contributed a beat and got busy with the cuts. Other guests on the record include label mates Cool Calm Pete & Baje 1 of Junk Science, Jah-C from the Project (Glow In The Dark Records) and the legendary Masta Ace even appeared long enough to bust a verse, poof! For more info, visit

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