Serengeti & Polyphonic – Dont Give Up

Serengeti & Polyphonic

Lately I Havent Been Feeling That Well Download
Eleven Download
Puppydog Love Download
from Dont Give Up (2007, Audio 8 Recordings)

Genre defying rapper Serengeti hooked up with avant producer Polyphonic the Verbose to create a glitchy, electro futuristic rap album. Bursting with emotional vulnerability, Dont Give Up inhabits a space beyond the boundaries of traditional rap music – Polyphonic’s cut-up synths, beautiful cello melodies and rabid Atari rhythms perfectly complement Serengeti’s off-kilter verses.

The lyrics are seeped in introspection and nostalgia of past relationships, both romantic and familial. They also examine heavy political and social undertones. “Part raw confessional a la Rollins, part Kool Keith abstraction… with a touch of madness. Viva la weird,” is how XLR8R described Serengeti. The vocals are wrapped in Polyphonic’s sonically jagged, turbulent production that PopMatters labeled “a dreamscape of noise, where warehouse glitch and hip-hop bounce exist peacefully.”

Unique in a field saturated with golden-era traditionalists and hipster booty rap, Dont Give Up charts a course to an alternative future for hip-hop. Big thanks to Emile for providing the video clips by San Francisco-based abstract video artist A.M. Overtone.

Lately I Havent Been Feeling That Well



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