Infinito 2017 – She’s In The Wind

Infinito 2017

From Lust Came Hate Download
The Walking Blind Download
from She’s In The Wind (2007, Nephew of Frank Records)

Since we love us some Infinito 2017 over here, We thought we’d let you catch the one that dropped this week. Here are the liner notes from the album:

So they tell me it’s a learning experience.
Well I’ve learned that I’m not compatible
with the lady that chose me to be with.
I’ve written books, paid rents, created drastic
life changes to obtain “Love”. And at this moment
I feel like a fool with experience. I laugh and
make a new Album “She’s in The Wind”. Watching my own
Mother and Grandmother turn against me in the worst days of
Loves Energy in Motion. An E.P. of 7 great musical compositions detailing
my unclear actions. I learned from others that
this life is for a unique minded Man. A man that
has the capacity to set him self back and allow
some one else to gain energy from the Sun. When
we Ascend as Men we can not allow our lust for Woman to
destroy our Hearts. Production handled by Fathom 9 another
warrior in the struggle of this story helped to navigate
this experience and teach through the art of melody what happens
when you sacrifice for oneness. You end up in a bottomless pit
of impossible change. People have passed away from this
thing called love, we have watched men kill themselves
over this struggle and an ongoing story that will never end.
We have watched Tell Lie Vision detail the great story of He’s not the father.
Insecurity in the modern African woman has tainted her reality,
she believes in the media more then her Man, she learns about her
Man from those who either don’t have a positive reality or never
experienced true Love. Walking away from security into a depth of hell
that teaches her nothing in her immature existence. The Eye
sees all and her premeditated actions have lead us into what ever happens next.
If a Woman will not stand up for her Man through good and bad,
and if she’s afraid of reality and will not fight but run away then She’s In the Wind.
This is an Indirect reflection on my Life with many romances ….

Thank You,

Marcellous Lovelace b.k.a. Infinito 2017

Recorded Recently not on Reaction but Intelligent Action
We see what happens even in Darkness (when I’m at work).

  1. This album tells the story of LOVE FOREAL….

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